What our customers say about Shift Thought

"Shiftthought is a unique platform summarizing the developments in mobile payments across countries. To subscribers, it gives insights on competitors, products and services, recent news from many sources as well as legal infrastructure.

Charmaine who is the co-creator of this site has a lot of professional experience in telecommunication as well as mobile payments which makes her extremely helpful in training you how to use the site effectively. Charmaine has continuously been a great partner in my projects."

(January 12, 2017) Sylvia Ehgartner, Managing Director, Insights2Impact

"There are few companies in the world who are so expertly focused on the complex topic of mobile money. In addition to having a deep library of carefully curated materials to draw from, ShiftThought is also very up to date on the latest developments in this fast changing industry.

When we requested insight into the latest consumer attitudes around mobile money and where the underserved needs were concentrated, ShiftThought was able to assemble a tremendous amount of information, market by market, with daily briefings and presentations to help unpack all the various implications for our business. In the world of mobile money, I would be very surprised if there was a better source of information out there."

(May 28, 2014) Adam Lee, Chief Product Officer, Boku, Inc.

"I take this opportunity to give you some feedback on how we have utilized your Pakistan report:

  • The report has aided us in understanding the country dynamics beyond our client base
  • The report has assisted us in adjusting our tactical approach in market to market conditions
  • The report has aided us in advising our clients on strategic elements when commercializing their businesses
We look forward to doing business with Shift Thought in future."

(September 11, 2013) Gavin Krugel, Chief Strategy Officer, Fundamo,A Visa Company

"The Shift Thought Digital Money portal is a treasure trove of data, information and insight. It is by far the biggest and most comprehensive database on all things related to 'Digital Money' in the world today. It is managed and curated by a team with deep subject matter expertise and passion for the transformative potential of this topic. It is the essential resource for any organisation, investor or government body looking to develop plans for digitally-enabled financial services and commerce."

(March 26, 2015) Simon Torrance, CEO, Metaflight Limited

"My association with Shift Thought goes back a number of years, when I was first interviewed during Shift Thought research on the Bangladesh market in 2013. Since then I have followed their blogs and used their unique portal with information that helped me as a mobile operator providing financial services. It is an excellent information hub, with very rich content and I found it to be a useful source of data related to Digital Financial Services across the globe. I wish Shift Thought an excellent future and I recommend this Knowledge Hub especially to researchers, DFS Professionals and others who would like to successfully launch DFS in any part of the world."

(September 1, 2016) Ruhullah Alhusain, Head of mCommerce Operations, airtel Bangladesh Ltd

"Shift Thought provided invaluable input and ideas towards our project for digital banking privacy and security, helping us discover new opportunities, dramatically expand our vision and define innovative products to extend into new areas.

We have been immensely impressed with the professionalism and knowledge your company has and we would like to stay in contact for future projects as it has been a pleasure dealing with all of you."

(June 24, 2014) Paul Sercombe, Director, CD Europe Ltd

"I have had the pleasure of working with Charmaine over a number of years, on nearly every continent! Her passion for furthering payments is infectious - a great leader in the mobile money space!"

(June 25, 2014) Zehra Chudry, Senior Conference Director, Clarion Events

"The Pakistan report on Digital Money is a useful report for concise and detailed information about the market landscape and current market players in Pakistan. The competitor profiles provide insightful context about their market position and product information in the market . The information about the payments infrastructure - especially the banking channels - was particularly well researched. The report outlines the types of services offered and the product gaps. Potential areas for further research include: the impact of over the counter (OTC) transactions through agents on the mobile money landscape in Pakistan."

(September 11, 2013) Chantel Lindeman, Customer Strategy and Market Activation, Fundamo, A Visa Company

"ShiftThought is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for detailed information on the digital money space. It has become a go-to product for many of the industry's main players, top academic research institutions and policy makers. ST's main product, S.A.G.E, is much better than most other information technology research firms, because its data is much more uptodate. This is made possibly by its in-house developed data-mining technology, that continuously processes the latest news from the web."

(July 23, 2013) Paul van der Boor, PhD Technological Change & Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University, Lisbon Area, Portugal

"Having known Charmaine for many years, I can highly recommend this set of resources on mobile money and payments. There is a comprehensive set of information available from ShiftThought, and its invaluable information to anybody considering launching mobile money or payment services in any region."

(July 5, 2013) James Daniel, Director, Product Management at Mi-Pay Ltd, Guildford, United Kingdom

"Lovely site with lots of infomation. I have not managed to look at everything. Waiting for you to come to Kenya. We have "Mpesa via mobile" and now Standard Chartered are only just beginning to register clients for mobile banking."

(June 13, 2013) Denise D'Souza

"Looking for exceptional research and insight into mobile money deployments, policy and market movements? Look no further! I can thoroughly recommend ShiftThought's S.A.G.E as your comprehensive bible to all things mobile!"

(July 1, 2013) Emma Pearce, Conference Director at Clarion Events, London, United Kingdom

"Very valuable, much needed and well structured content on a fast-moving industry. I like your definition of digital money."

(June 28, 2013) Keith Fernandez, Enterprise Application Developer, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

"I must say its really useful information for Telecom, Banks & Payment industries people. The biggest challenge for Mobile Money players is to target the RIGHT customer with RIGHT products/services and this info can be very useful to build the business case/strategy for different industry players.

(July 1, 2013) Asad Hussain, Business Development & PreSales Manager

(RMEA) at Oberthur Technologies, United Arab Emirates"

"I have worked with Raju for 8 years. In my 27 years in IT I have never met anyone else with his unique talents. Brilliant insights in human behaviour coupled with an outstanding understanding of the technology markets mean he is both an instinctive and intellectual strategist. Working with him is a pleasure and a learning experience.

(February 4, 2006) Gary Bowles Chief Technology Officer, Kleinwort Benson"

"Raju demonstrates a huge depth of knowledge and applies this knowledge with incredible attention to detail. I would highly recommend him for any project activity you may be considering..."

(June 11, 2013) Jim Harlow Managing Director at Qlog Limited

"Raju is one of the most incisive thinkers I have met. His ability to analyse a complex problem and distil into understandable, component parts is uncanny. I would thoroughly recommend Raju to anyone needing fresh and challenging thinking. Whether it's a formal BCP programme or just clarity around what is making your organisation tick I suggest that you talk to him."

(July 9, 2006) Andrew Wicks IST Operations Manager, Mourant Services Ltd

"Raju is a genuine thought leader in the area of Business Process Management and a pleasure to work with. Raju and I worked together on the same change programme for a mutual client and his approach to BPM was refreshing and challenging, but critically lead to tangible benefit for our client."

(January 12, 2006) Rob Walsh Managing Director, DCE Consultants Ltd

"One of the most creative thinkers who is always ahead of our time! Great individual and mentor!"

(December 22, 2005)Titus Sequeira Executive Director & Entrepreneur, Millennium Care Inc.

"Raju is a clear thinker and provides great inputs to refine business objectives and plans. He is not in awe of anyone and can manage a room full of politics. He does what he knows and he's very good at it. Raju helped us very quickly grasp what we wanted and what was important to achieve success"

(July 5, 2006) Damo Baliga Vice President - Strategic Initiatives, Ness Global Services Limited

"I have worked with Raju for some 3 years helping with our business strategies which has added great value to the business. From the start Raju has been a inspiration and a great help to our team. I would highly recommend a chat with Raju to find out how he can help you."

(June 15, 2006) Charles Halden Managing Director, Versent ltd

"We engaged Raju to seed a strategic approach to business and organisation development and he made a valuable and tangible difference to us and our clients. With his unique combination of knowledge, experience and deep insights into human and organisational behaviours, Raju is a visionary strategist."

(February 22, 2006) Bharat Adodra VP Business Development, Rave Technologies UK Limited

"I spent a year working with Raju, which I consider one of the most educational of my career. His perception of the dynamics and his ability as a mentor to coach others in achieving similar perceptive skills, along with his detailed knowledge of the application of technology, make him an invaluable resource in any working environment."

(February 15, 2006) Neil Woodvine Solution Architect, Mourant

"Raju enables people to achieve, through uncanny insight into the causes of issues and pragmatic advice on how to overcome them. In the time we worked together he managed to open my mind to new ways of perceiving situations and offered new tools and techniques for managing them. Raju is an invaluable asset to any situation that values clear good quality thinking and strategy."

(February 13, 2006) Eliot Lincoln Product Manager, Mourant

"I have had innumerable experiences of reaching out to Raju, for his uncanny ability to deal with abstracts and break it down into specifics, which operational Managers can deal with. He would always connect theory to practice, bring in those elements which normally one misses, and create long term, out of the box solutions for you."

(April 25, 2006) Raj Shekhar Head - Operations, Mastek Ltd

"I worked with Raju in several engagements and also in working out global Strategy for Insurance vertical. His methodical approach, structured thought process, clear communication, out of the box thinking ability and last but not least ability to work in team always resulted in excellent results. I would like to work with Raju anytime and every time."

(April 10, 2006) Vijay Chavan Vice President - Global Insurance Practice, Majesco Software Inc

"Raju and I worked together on a number of initiatives. He is an extremely intelligent and cerebral person and it was always a pleasure gaining insights into his knowledge. He deconstructs problems easily and I look forward to opportunities of working with him again."

(February 14, 2006) Ajay Saluja Controller (EAME), Pitney Bowes International

"Raju's strength is his ability to understand the dynamics of business environment and challenges it faces; to visualise the way forward and build a strategy to achieve the desired outcomes. Raju provides an 'ideas centrifuge' to separate problems from symptoms thus focussing on solving real issues. As a coach his experience and intellectual depth provides a stimulating environment for his team."

(February 8, 2006) Sharad AgrawalProgramme Manager, Mastek

(UK) Ltd

"Raju makes the job of capturing thoughts and ideas in models look really easy. His sharpness of intellect and felicity of expression have left me impressed, time after time ..."

(January 12, 2006) Dileepan Raghunathan Head, Delivery Unit, Mastek Ltd

"Raju was instrumental in single-handedly transforming Mastek's engagements from pure technology based assignments to the assignments with business strategy flavour at every opportunity."

(January 11, 2006) Vikas Keni Transition Director, Mastek Ltd

"Raju seeded the Strategic Consulting practice at Mastek UK, which in itself was quite a change for an organisation that was focused on IT delivery."

(January 10, 2006) Vijay Chandiramani Senior Client Manager, Xansa

"Raju has an uncanny ability to see straight through the complexities of any business problem to the underlying conflict or bottleneck. He also has the technological skills to craft an elegant solution which will turn a weakness into a strength."

(November 5, 2004) Tony McKenna Owner, McKenna Smith Wessex Ltd

"Raju provided the inspiration, guidance and thought leadership that matured Visionix from a single person start-up to an IT services provider of choice to premier Indian corporations, a software development partner to outsourcing companies, and among the first companies to offer mature 4GL code generation products and technologies."

(June 24, 2006) Beniefer Kavarana, CEO, Visionix

"Raju was a great talent we spotted in WIPRO. Challenged him to design, develop, deliver and manage an Integrated Enterprise System covering 5 locations and all functions. Exhibiting his conceptual strength and innovativeness, he shouldered full responsibility in steering the assignment to success. Users were all praise for him.

(April 24, 2006) M V Narayanan Management & IT Facilitator, Fine Jewellery Manufacturing Ltd"

"It was a great opportunity to work with Raju in NPL. He was a Manager with a great vision as he improved the level of Corporate Services role in the decision making process for the management of NPL. He was able to bring in a high level of standardisation in the business applications. He is a person with a very high standard of ethics in the working environment."

(February 13, 2006) Sachin Joshi Manager, BearingPoint Australia

"The image that Raju generates in my mind even now, is that of a very methodical and meticulous person. He was very good at strategising for various situations. He was also excellent at conceptualising, and the code generators that he designed & developed in those days made him 'ahead of his times. In my opinion, he is definitely a thought leader."

(May 15, 2006) Jayesh Shah Head Organisational Process Group, Mastek Ltd

"Raju was an excellent programmer/systems analyst and a mentor to other engineers at Wipro. He was excellent at developing and sustaining relationships with several key customers. He developed a set of language utilities that were used by many programmers and several systems that were used by well known companies."

(April 21, 2006) Sadanand Warrier Member of Technical Staff, Savaje Technologies

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  1. Lovely site with lots of infomation. I have not managed to look at everything.

    Waiting for you to come to Kenya. We have “Mpesa via mobile” and now Standard Chartered are only just beginning to register clients for mobile banking. Denise
    Link to page

  2. New Payments Products and Services (Digital Money) is the focus of the 21 century. I think we should all pay closed attention, especially our banks and other financial services . I have just completed a Specialist Certificate.
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