Mobile Money in Malaysia

At the confluence of multiple markets, Malaysia is the “Turkey of the East”.

As it is both a Sender and Receiver of remittances payment providers from multiple industries find it a perfect testing ground for innovative new services.
With enabling regulations having been in place for some time, I thought I should discuss why it is that traction has not been greater.  And is this a hiccup, an initial inertia, possibly the calm before the storm? Is the tipping point going to come, although later than expected, and if so, is 2013 going to be the year?

Whether or not consumers will adopt is an outcome determined by a complex set of circumstances. Explore the Malaysia profile on our SAGE site and let me know what you think.  We have an interesting free whitepaper on Mobile Money in Malaysia here. Over the next few months I shall share my thoughts, considering the determinants, the survey results and more, so we can together get a better sense of what is likely to happen.

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