The Republic of Zimbabwe, is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east.

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Development Developing
Send or Receive
GDP ($m)
HDI classification Other
Mobile Connections (m)
Currency ZWD
CountryISO ZW
Sovereignity Country
Territory of - NA -
{"type":"PieChart","data":[["Operator","Connections"],["Econet Wireless",4598510],["Telecel",1335000],["NetOne",1299980]],"options":{"title":"Connections","is3D":true}}
{"type":"ColumnChart","data":[["Year","Connections"],["Q4 2000",275800],["Q4 2001",320942],["Q4 2002",350922],["Q4 2003",376108],["Q4 2004",458799],["Q4 2005",591317],["Q4 2006",748785],["Q4 2007",1066812],["Q4 2008",1557456],["Q4 2009",2182308],["Q4 2010",2156596],["Q4 2011",2425189],["Q4 2012",2670983],["Q4 2013",2892264],["Q4 2014",3088638]],"options":{"title":"Connections"}}
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Channel Analysis
{"type":"ColumnChart","data":[["Category","Initiatives"],["Agent",1],["Mobile",5],["Web",1]],"options":{"title":"Initiatives ( 5 of 5 )"}}
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COT Analysis
{"type":"ColumnChart","data":[["Category","Initiatives"],["Bank",2],["MNO",2],["PSP",1]],"options":{"title":"Initiatives ( 5 of 5 )"}}
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Persona Analysis
{"type":"ColumnChart","data":[["Category","Initiatives"],["MB",1],["MM",2],["MMT",1],["MW",1]],"options":{"title":"Initiatives ( 5 of 5 )"}}
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{"type":"ColumnChart","data":[["Category","Initiatives"],["AT",2],["BOP",1],["BP",3],["DAT",3],["DMT",4],["IMT",2],["MM",2],["MP",2],["MW",3],["Trade",1]],"options":{"title":"Initiatives ( 5 of 5 )"}}
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PI Analysis
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Central Bank
Key Regulations
In March 2014 RBZ Directive said that mobile money agents can conduct services for multiple mobile financial service providers. No exclusivity except if special waiver requested.
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Type of law
Legal System
Mixed legal system of English common law, Roman-Dutch civil law, and customary law
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Law is based on
Sectors active in Digital Money
Allowed Models
{"type":"Gauge","data":[["Label","Value"],["Mobile Penetration",35.75],["Banked",34],["Internet",10],["Urban",37],["Adult",62],["Literate",91.1691]],"options":{"scaleHeight":0.5,"min":0,"max":100,"redFrom":76,"redTo":100,"yellowFrom":26,"yellowTo":74}}
Population m 13.40
Adult % 62.00
Migrants %
Stock Immigrants ('000)
Emigration Rate %
Internal Migrants ('000)
Internal Migration Rate %
Intl Movement Rate %
Urban % 37.00
Female % 37.80
Literate % 91.17
Annual Growth %
Mobile Penetration % 35.75
Banked % 34.00
Access to FS % 34.00
Internet % 10.00
Branches per 100k adults 7.66
ATMs per 100k adults 0.00
POS per 100k adults 0.00
Prepaid % 98.20
Prepaid SIM Registration
MobileUnbanked (m) 3.16
Monthly ARPU
Cards 2010 ('000)
Propensity %
On Remittance Sent
On Remittance Received
Mobile Unbanked
Migrant %
MP %
Banked %
Can Provide Payments?
Can Market under Brand?
Can issue E-Money?
Can Open Customer Account?
Can Own Customer?
Can do Cash In/Cash Out?
Can offer Domestic Money Transfer?
Can offer International Money Transfer?
Importance for Digital Money
Digital Money Adoption
Prime Candidate
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Registered Wallet Users
Top Wallets
Informal Market
Cost To Remit
Key Players

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