Anelik Money Transfer Operator

Anelik system operates through accounts of participant banks

(correspondent accounts) based on agreements with CB «Anelik RU» Co., Ltd.

Serving as the main clearinghouse and technical support center.

Today the system covers more than 100 banks

Link to external site : Website for Anelik Money Transfer Operator
Class of Trade Cash Network/ Agent Network
Based in
Operates in
Geographic Reach
82 countries of the world: around CIS countries (Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan); Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia); Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Gibraltar, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro); North America (USA, Canada); Central and South America, Caribbean countries (Brazil, Argentine, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and many others); the Near East (Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan); the Far East (Hong-Kong, Singapore, the Philippines); Africa (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Morocco, Djibouti and others). Besides, money transfers are performed in Karabakh.
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Settlement through Anelik Ru, a bank subsidiary of Armenian bank Anelik.
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