Catalog of Personas that describe Initiatives

Personas of Digital Money Initiatives

Catalog of Personas that describe Initiatives
Airtime Top-upThis describes services that support domestic and international top-up and transfer of prepaid airtime.
All PersonasDigital Money refers to the digitisation of value and subsequent utilisation for a wide range of products and services.
Bill PaymentBill Payment refers to services that allow for payment of utility bills.
Branchless BankingBranchless Banking leverages technology and non-bank agents for providing account opening and cash services.
Carrier BillingCarrier Billing refers to payments taken from prepaid mobile airtime or mobile operator bills.
Digital BankingDigital Banking includes various forms of banking that leverage technology to supplement services provided by traditional bank branches.
Digital NetworkDigital Network includes cash in-cash out exchange points, kiosks, POS devices and other systems forming part of the value transfer network.
Digital PaymentDigital Payment refers to a model for a set of electronic payments such as online and mobile payments.
Digital TechnologyThe persona for Digital Technology describes a model for provision of technology innovations and white label services.
Digital WalletThe digital wallet persona represents the use of an account and stored value or e-money across multiple channels and services.
Local PaymentTransacted locally using non-NFC, for example biometrics
Mobile as POSMobile as point-of-sale includes services that allow acceptance of payments using mobile devices.
Mobile BankingThe mobile banking persona models services that offer the ability to use a mobile device to conduct a range of banking services.
Mobile MoneyFinancial services, often led by mobile operators, typically providing a stored value account associated with a mobile subscriber.
Mobile Money TransferThis refers to the use of a mobile device to initiate or receive payment of money.
Mobile PaymentUse of a mobile device as a channel to initiate payment, whether local or remote.
Mobile WalletA mobile wallet refers to the use of an account and stored value or e-money associated with a mobile subscription.
Money TransferThe Money Transfer persona models services that allow the use of a mobile device to initiate or receive payment of money.
Near Field Communication (NFC)Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters.
Online BankingOnline Banking refers to the ability to use the internet to conduct a range of banking services.
Online Money TransferOnline Money Transfer refers to the use of the Internet to initiate or receive payment of money.
Online PaymentOnline payment refers to the ability to use a mobile device to conduct a range of payment services over the internet.
Payment HubThis covers infrastructures and interfaces to facilitate functions involved in the transfer of value.
Payment Service ProviderA payment service provider offers merchants online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods.
Prepaid CardA payment card that is pre-loaded with money for use where the payment card is accepted, including online and abroad.
Remote Mobile PaymentTransacted remotely using a mobile device
Technology ProviderA technology provider offers the platform or software technologies required in order to offer digital money services. This is often provided as a white-labelled service.
Virtual CurrencyVirtual currencies, also known as crypto currencies are a form of digital means of value transfer.
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