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Catalog of Views
Analysis of events in a timelineThis analyses the events around the world in terms of a timeline.
Analysis of News relating to the Digital Money EcosystemYou can see the latest news, recent news or all top news, going back in time. Please share your valuable thoughts on the news with the community using the Comments box (register and log-in).
Catalog of products and servicesShift Thought™ catalog of products and services.
Digital Money - Group AnalysisThe Group analysis provides graphical comparisons of the big mobile operator group presence and initiatives.
Digital Money Analysis
Digital Money Dashboard
Digital Money LaunchesThe Launch Analysis provides a graphical representation of launch activity with a drill down that main regions into sub-regions.
Digital Money S.A.G.E.Powered by our proprietary Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere technology, the Shift Thought™ community continually monitors and analyses digital money markets, to offer actionable insights to practitioners around the world.
GlossaryShift Thought™ provides the definitions used by us in our analysis, as refined through discussions with experts in the industry.
Group and Operator Prioritisation AnalysisThe Shift Thought™ Group and Operator Prioritisation Analysis classifies groups and operators worldwide.
Players in the Digital Money EcosystemOver recent years, traditional players such as banks and financial service providers have been joined by mobile operators, schemes, large online brands, retailers, handset manufacturers and payments startups.
PublicationsShift Thought™ has coined the term Viewport to refer to publications that are designed to have some of the features of a portal in a report.
Shift Thought ConceptsConcepts developed by Shift Thought™ in the Digital Money Space
Wallets By CountryThis view offers an analysis of initiatives based on the country of launch.
Wallets By LaunchThis view offers an analysis of initiatives based on their launch date.
Wallets By PersonaThis view presents initiatives based on their characteristics, for which Shift Thought™ has coined the term "Persona".
Wallets By PurposeThis analyses the initiatives based on the main driver for the consumer to use them.
Wallets By RegionThis analyses the initiatives that are launched at a regional and sub-regional level.
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Knowledge CatalogThe Knowledge Base catalogue

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