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Catalog of Digital Money Initiatives
12pay m-payment serviceAustrian mobile payment services provider Dimoco has launched a new m-payment service called 12Pay, which is aimed at business customers. Using 12Pay, businesses can enable clients to pay for products and services via their mobile phone bills. Online PaymentsThis service is a white-labelled service that allows their customers to take online payments through different payment instruments and channels and for small value payments.
1Link Services1LINK provides a national payment network that allows Pakistanis to access their money through Automated Teller Machines and Point-of-Sale terminals across Pakistan.
24nonstop cash payments24nonStop provides web terminals, automatic self-service, POS terminals, kiosks and MPOS solutions. Allow for mobile top up, Internet payments bill payments, e-money and other services.
2C2P Payment Services2C2P is a Singapore-based startup that offers a range of services for accepting payments, making payment and enterprise solutions.
2C2P Payment Solutions2C2P offers payment processing, alternative payment solutions, one-time card and enterprise solutions.
2can (MPOS from Smartfin)2can is a Sqare like MPOS solution available from Smartfin in Russia.
3 Hong Kong Services3 Hong Kong supports a range of payment services on its network.
3V Transaction Services based WalletsA leading international consumer payment firm providing branded preloaded Visa numbers for online use.
42 CoinUnlike any other Altcoin, 42 will only have 42 Coins to exist, ever- and this is super rare even when mining
99Bill digital money services99Bill Corporation is a leading independent third-party payment service provider in China, offering a range of electronic payment solutions to all kinds of enterprises.
AasaanPayAasaanPay is a mobile-as-point-of-sale solution. It enables retailers to take payments from their customers in a safe and easy manner. AasaanPay is classified as a payment facilitator and platform provider.
Abagoos WalletAbaqoos is a non-bank card based payment tool or "virtual wallet" intended for use on the Internet, on mobile phones and with other digital channels.
Absa Online ServicesAccount to ATM service. CashSend allows Absa customers to send money to anyone in South Africa with a cellphone number, regardless of which mobile network they use or which bank they bank with. Send customer must have an ABSA bank account. Offers web
Accenture Mobile Wallet platformThe Accenture Mobile Wallet platform includes the Accenture Recommendation Engine, an integrated big data solution delivered via the cloud or on-premise through Accenture Analytics, which offers personalized recommendations to customers in real time.
AcceptEmail serviceDutch Electronic billing and payment solution utilizing the power of e-mail. Real-time generated images convey the current bill status, resulting in a comprehensive EBPP experience in the customers' inbox. In a 3-click process bills are paid straight
Access Bank servicesAccess Mobile is the Mobile Banking service of Access Bank Plc. With it, a Customer can do basic banking transactions from the convenience of the mobile phone anywhere anytime.
ACCORD Card SchemeACCORD is a national card scheme operating in France.
Acculynk Payment SolutionsAcculynk is a US-based technology driven payment solutions provider. It offers various payment solutions such as Payzur, a white-label solution that can be branded by financial institutions.
Accumulate Borica-Bankservice BulgariaAccumulate and Borica - Bankservice (BO-BS) have signed a strategic agreement to set the technology standard for secure and innovative mobile payment services in the Bulgarian market.
Acleda Unity serviceAcleda Unity offers access to financial services to the whole community across all mobile phone networks.
Activa SloveniaActiva is a card processor in Slovenia, managing Activa cards co-branded with Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and others.
Adaptu mobile wallet - CLOSED Feb 2013It's hard to take on the entrenched incumbent Mint when it comes to delivering personalized financial management tools (just ask Wesabe), but Adaptu thinks it has found a niche where it can compete. With today's launch of Adaptu's mobile wallet, the
Adyen Point of Sale solutionsAdyen POS solution integrates with their online payment platform, making it a fully omni-channel solution. It gives their client's customers the best experience across all channels, and the options to tailor a solution are almost endless.
Adyen Wallet ServicesOne of the most innovative and experienced PSPs currently on the market.
Affirm - payment platformAffirm will provide merchants with digital charge cards. It will be able to look at multiple data to check credit worthiness before confirming a transaction.
Afric Xpress Txtnpay mobile walletA txtNpay mobile wallet can be used to perform various local payment services. Open a txtNpay wallet to send money, and pay your bills. txtNpay is currently available in Ghana. Vodafone Ghana in partnership with New York -Based Afric Xpress is to ro
AfrikpayAfrikpay is a platform for remote payment by mobile and web with value added, optimized for Africa.
AfrimarketAfrimarket is a conditional cash transfer, mobile money and international remittance service startup that launched in March 2013.
Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) Digital Financial ServicesThe Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) offers a range of e-banking services across China.
Ahalia Payments
Ahorro a la ManoAhorro a la Mano is a mobile money service launched in Colombia by BanColombia in 2013.
AircashAirCash allows Celcom customers both 2G and 3G - to use their mobile phones to transfer money to other AirCash users, remit money to foreign countries (initially to Indonesia), and top-up mobile airtime for themselves and others by simply dialing *13
Aircel ICICI Mobile MoneyAircel partnered with ICICI to launch Mobile Money, a prepaid account for Aircel subscribers through which they can transfer funds, pay bills and enjoy other services from their mobile phones.
Airport Shuttle NFC trialA trial was held by the Airport Shuttle between November 2010 January 2011, where 40 participants used Nokia 6212 NFC phones and posters to buy tickets.
Airtel Africa NFC ServicesAirtel Africa announced in February 2011 that it will launch NFC services in Kenya, Tanzania, Gabon and a further nine African countries in early 2011. Oberthur will be its NFC Technology partner.
Airtel MoneyAirtel Money earlier called Zap is a mobile payments service that has been deployed by Airtel group (formerly called Zain in Africa) across a number of their African operating companies, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Niger, Ghana
Airtel Money India'mChek on Airtel' is a service that enables payments and other commercial transactions using Airtel mobile phone. End-users can download the 'mChek on Airtel' application on their mobile handsets and use it for "Anytime, Anywhere, Any-purpose" paymen
Airtel Money MarketLaunched by Airtel Ghana in May 2012, this is a platform that allows airtel money wallet holders to shop for various products. It can be accessed from any internet enabled device including mobile devices .
Akbank And Turkcell M-PaymentsAkbank And Turkcell held a 3 month NFC ayments Trial that allowed users to pay at locations where PayPass is accepted in Turkey.
Aktia ServicesFinnish bank owned by Finnish savings bank foundations, institutions, savings banks and private individuals. Aktia serves as the central financial institute for savings and local co-operative banks
Al Ghurair ServicesAl Ghurair Exchange offes remittances, payroll/ salary payment, utility payments and other services. It is approved by the ministry of labor to offer payroll services to companies operating in the UAE.
Al Rajhi Financial ServicesAl Rajhi has been one of the innovative banks in Saudi Arabia with a range of services for convenient banking and payments.
Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Wallet Service (MWS)Provides mobile payment and marketing services such as loyalty and coupons to operators and enterprises in a white labeled SaaS model.
alinma FSAlinma has a broad array of electronic services which include Alinma Phone, Alinma Internet, and Alinma Mobile. Thus Alinma is able to interact with all segments of society providing partners with the full range of Alinma products and services.
Alipay Wallet (Part of Alibaba Ant Financial Services)Chinese online payment services provider. Accepts most payment instruments but not e-wallets;
Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad E-MoneyAlliance Bank Malaysia Berhad, part of the Alliance Financial Group, is licensed as an E-Money issuer in Malaysia and offers a range of alternative financial products.
Allied Bank Branchless BankingAllied Bank, the second largest bank in Pakistan is to shortly launch branchless banking.
Allied WalletAllied Wallet enables customers to store, send, and receive payments. With over 52 million registered eWallet users worldwide, merchants can set up a free eWallet account and accept payments from this large and increasing global consumer base.
Allopass micropaymentAllopass is a leading micro-payments service in Europe since 2001. Allopass offers a range of payment solutions for merchant websites.
allpagoallpago international is a payment provider for Latin America supporting a range of Brazilian, Mexican and Latin American payment methods and payment processing.
Amar Xacbank Nomadic BankingXacBank, the Ulaanbaatar-based community development bank and microfinance institution, extends financial services to poor and underserved people, including nomadic groups, in remote and urban areas in Mongolia through cell phones and cash-handling a
Amazon CoinsAmazon Coin is a virtual currency from It can be used to buy software for the Kindle and Android at the Amazon Appstore.
Amazon PaymentsAmazon TextPayMe enables users to send and receive money using their mobile phones. You can send and request mobile payment, check account balance, and perform other account management functions. You must activate your mobile phone number before you
AmBank - FSThe AmBank Group is the fifth largest banking group in Malaysia. It offers a range of digital banking and digital money services, thanks to its e-money license.
AMC TransferAMC subscribers can transfer a certain amount of money as airtime between subscribers in Albania.
America First Credit Union - Mobile BankingAmerica First Credit Union Mobile banking. After downloading the mobile banking application to their phones, customers are able to see current balance information. They have also access to their transaction history, they can pay bills electronically
Amex ServeAmex Serve is a peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payment app that incorporates features and benefits found in many of American Express’ credit cards. With the Amex Serve app on your phone, you can pay friends, family and merchants.
Anam - ServiceAnam Service
Android Market AccountAndroid Market is an online software store developed by Google for devices running the Android operating system. Its gateway is an application program ("app") called "Market", preinstalled on most Android devices, which allows users to browse and dow
Android PayAndroid Pay is Google's digital wallet platform that replaced Google Walletin 2015. It powers in-app and contactless purchases on Android phones, tablets and watches.
Anelik - ServiceMoney Transfer Operator
anoncoinAnoncoin is mainly targeting to be used through the invisible internet i2p and tor.
ANZ GomoneyiPhone application that allows customers to send money to anyone with an Australian bank account using only their mobile phone number as an identifier. It is the first application launched by a major Australian bank that offers a "pay by mobile" fun
ANZ Mobile Wallet Commercial LaunchThe ANZ mobile wallet utilises NFC, enabling customers to make purchases using their Android mobile phone wherever contactless cards are accepted.
ANZ Pacific Money Transfer cardPrepaid twin cards targeted at migrant money transfer.
Apple PayApple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc.
Apple Wallet servicesRecently received patent and provided a peek at a likely e-wallet icon for the i-Phone. Currently iTunes Sales $4.1b - plan to launch NFC
Arab Link Remittance and mobile servicesArab Link provides a range of currency exchange and money transfer services for individuals and businesses. It claims to be the first exchange house in UAE to offer real-time account-to-account money transfer services via mobile.
ArCa card unified payment systemThe ArCa card unified payment system (hereinafter ArCa) was introduced by the Armenian commercial banks and the Central Bank in 2001.
Arctic Trial Tests Mifare DESFire on BusesTelenor developed a transit application with Mifare DESFire for use on buses in a trial in the Arctic region.
Arias RemittanceMoney Transfer Operator
ARIE Money Transfer ServicesAl Rostamani International Exchange (ARIE) offers a variety of services for cash to cash money transfer as well as online transfer.
Artajasa Financial servicesMobile banking platform managed by Artajasa as lead bank and subscribed to by other banks. ARTAJASA were the first to set up the first Shared ATM network in Indonesia.
Arvest Mobile BankingAfter downloading the mobile banking application to their phones, customers are able to see current balance information. They have also access to their transaction history, they can pay bills electronically and transfer funds from one account to anot
Asda UK Payments and Financial ServicesAsda, the UK's second largest supermarket retailer, has launched a number of payments and financial services including contactless payments and foreign exchange.
ASEC NFCOn Track Innovations Ltd expanded the capabilities of the 84 transit ticket vending machines operated by its electronic ticket systems subsidiary, ASEC S.A., for the Mazovia Railway System in Poland in April 2014, to support NFC.
Asenso KardThe Asenso Debit Kard is a prepaid Visa debit card offered to Filipino diaspora in the UK.
Asiacell Iraq - ServiceAsiacell services
AstrocoinAstrocoin is a new generation coin reared out of Litecoin. Like Litecoin, Astrocoin is open-source, uses peer-to-peer technology to function with no central authority, and relies on scrypt algorithm for proof of work.
AT&T - Service USAA wide variety of mobile banking options exist for AT&T users. August 2010: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile plan to create a new mobile payment system that may replace credit cards and debit cards soon in America and later across the world. Thi
AT&T Mobile BankingA wide variety of mobile banking options exist for AT&T users. August 2010: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile plan to create a new mobile payment system that may replace credit cards and debit cards soon in America and later across the world. Thi
ATMCASH Network International Money Transfer - ServiceWith ATMCASH consumers can easily send money online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the money can be withdrawn at more than 1.6 million ATMs in over 150 countries and in all 50 United States. ATMCASH enables consumers to send money using a credit c
Atom AppAtom is an app based bank without any branches. It uses biometric security such as face and voice recognition (with fingerprint ID expected) to log-in to the App.
Atom Prepaid PaymentAtom Technologies offers mobile based payments, voice based payments and net banking services.
Auchan Retail InnovationsAuchan Flash N Pay is a solution for mobile retail shopping that allows customers to use smartphones to store loyalty cards, coupons and shopping lists and make payments.
AuroracoinAuroracoin is a cryptocurrency for Iceland. It is based on litecoin and is 50% premined. The premined coins are to be distributed to the entire population of Iceland, commencing on midnight 25th of March 2014.
Australia Low Value Clearing Service (LVCS)A switching facility provided by the Reserve Bank of Australia to facilitate the exchange of clearing files for the retail payment streams between participant institutions, including those operating on different networks.
Authorize.netThe Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. Connecting a Web site to the payment processing networks is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technic
Avantgard Payments SolutionsOffers payments suite. Corporate tansaction banking solution with focus on security, compliance (SEPA)
Avea Turkey Mobile PaymentAvea Turkey Wallet Services
Axiata Mobile Financial ServicesAxiata Group Berhad, one of the largest Asian telecommunication companies has several initiatives underway to provide financial services through the mobile.
AXIS Financial ServicesMobile operator AXIS has launched a number of financial services ranging from tirals related to airtime transfer, IOU service, Sinar SIP to remittances, branchless banking, digital purchases and full PSP digital wallet services.
Ayudhya Cardless ATM (Krungsri Bank)Cardless ATM, provided by Bank of Ayudhya, is money transfer service without any ATM card or other cards. Recipient can withdraw money from 2,600 ATMs (Bank of Ayudhya) everywhere in Thailand.
Azimo Online Money TransferNew online money transfer service based in UK.
B-Pesa cardThe B-Pesa card was launched in Tanzania in January 2014 by Smart Banking Solutions Ltd. The service allows a customer to transact at any B-PESA branded merchants, member banks or ATMs.
Baidu WalletBaidu Wallet is offered by the Chinese search giant and includes a cloud based purse, API, mobile payments, online payments and other services.
Banamex Financial ServicesTo use the mobile banking service, Telcel users are required to change their SIM card with a special card with security settings available at Banamex branches. By linking the phone number to their Banamex credit card account, Telcel subscribers can r
Banca de las Oportunidades - SeviceBanca de las Oportunidades is a government agency that lobbies for financial inclusion, about their new G2P pilot for "Familias en accion". FEA is a conditional cash transfer program started in 2002 by the Colombian government as a result of a seri
BancamigoBarural Virtual Banking. Source of Micro-loans In Rural Guatemala
Bancard PayAnywhere MPOSThis is a mobile payments solution that offers credit card payment acceptance anywhere, anytime, and from anyone.
BancNet Financial ServicesBancNet is the largest ATM Consortium in the Philippines and offers services that allow consumers to send money, pay bills, do cashless shopping, online shopping, mobile banking and earn rewards and promos.
Banco do Brasil FSBanco do Brasil has successfully launched branchless banking and other innovative financial services. anco do Brasil is the largest public bank in Brazil. It had 15,300 agents as of 2011.
Banco Estado Mobile BankingBancoEstado is Chile's only state bank and the country's third largest lender. Most of BancoEstado's clients are low-income individuals that tend to have basic mobile phones and limited experience in using them for other than calls, the m-banking ser
Banco Popular Espanol - ServiceSpanish bank Banco Popular Espanol and Telefonica launched a web-enabled mobile banking service for 3G iPhone and iPod Touch users. The service enables Telefonica subscribers to check their Banco Popular Espanol bank accounts, send money, make purcha
Banco Postal Financial ServicesBanco Postal Conta Mais Branchless Banking is a deposit account offered by the Postal Bank that can be managed through agents.
Banco Sabadell Digital ServicesBanco Sabadell offers mobile banking through BS Mobile, the service that enables consumers to operate and check their accounts from a smartphone or tablet.
Bancomer FSBancomer Movil service allows users to check their account balances, transfer money between accounts, and pay for goods purchased at retailers affiliated with the Nipper mobile payment system.
Bancontact/MisterCashBancontact/Mister Cash offers an effective, online, real-time product, which is suitable for all forms of card payments. Bancontact/Mister Cash is the leader in the Belgian electronic card payments market.
BancoPosta Mobile and Online ServicesSMS Notifications service called "Simply BancoPosta" allows you to keep an eye on your BancoPosta account.
Bangkok Bank payWave TrialA small NFC payWave trial was conducted by Bangkok Bank.
Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH)A number of remittance and payments projects are expected, enabled by BACH, in 4 rounds, beginning with NCC Bank, BURO and BRAC Bank.
Bangladesh Post EMTS The government will launch money transfer services through mobile phones at all post offices from June next year. He said people will be able to send money to the remotest corner of the country by utilising the postal electronic centres cum post of
BanglalinkDhaka Bank Ltd has been approved to use Banglalink outlets for disbursement of foreign remittance. Under the approval, the bank can disburse foreign remittance through designated Banglalink outlets, which must be approved by the bank's board. In the
BangoThe Bango technology determines how and when to collect payment based on how cost-effective it is to process using that method. Micro-transactions work particularly well processed through the phone bill, but the tickets will be billed to a user's pay
Bank Asia FSThe Bank offers online banking with added delivery channels like ATM, Tele-banking, SMS and Net Banking. It has received permission to launch full Mobile Financial Services.
Bank Central Asia (BCA) Digital Financial ServicesBCA offers m-BCA for mobile banking as well as a range of mobile and online payment services.
Bank Mandiri Services24-Hour Service is an electronic distribution channel of Bank Mandiri which consists of Mandiri ATM, Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Internet and Mandiri Call.
Bank Millennium Digital BankingBank Millennium has seen a strong growth in digital channels usage in retail over 2013.
Bank of America Digital BankingBank of America grew mobile users by 4% in the first quarter of 2014, and shed 1% of its branches. Mobile users stand at 15 million, having grown by 20% within one year.
Bank of America M-Payment trialBank of America launched a mobile payment trial with microSD Cards for customers who paid with BlackBerry phones in three cities. The payment applications were MasterCard PayPass or Visa payWave.
Bank of Asia Nepal iTouch Financial ServicesBank of Asia provides online services that include eAlert (email based service), malert (SMS based service), iTouch (Web based service), iTouch Mobile Banking and eSewa Services.
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Financial ServicesBank of China (Hong Kong) has launched mobile banking and other innovative financial services for customers in Hong Kong (China).
Bank of China Malaysia FSBank of China (Malaysia) Berhad (BOCM) recommenced business in Malaysia on 23rd February 2001. It offers an innovative e-money service.
Bank of Commerce and Development Mobile BankingDomestic account to account transfer launched and very popular
Bank of Ireland Digital BankingBank of Ireland offers online banking and mobile banking to supplement the 250 bank branches across the country.
Bank of Kigali Rwanda Financial ServicesBank of Kigali launched and agency banking platform in June 2013.
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) FSBank Rakyat Indonesia(BRI) results published in April 2013 show a strong focus on new digital channels and micro banking services.
Bank Zachodni WBK and Polkomtel NFC TrialBank Zachodni and mobile operator Polkomtel coducted an NFC trial were 500 customers made low-value purchases in three cities using Samsung NFC phones with a Visa payWave debit application stored in SIM cards.
Banka Koper and MasterCard NFC PayPass TrialBanka Koper and MasterCard conducted a PayPass NFC Trial. Users downloaded Banka Koper's PayPass application to the SIM card for use in mobile payment.
BankAxept national payment scheme NorwayBankAxept is the national payment scheme in Norway. It was established in 1990 to replace costly cash and check payments with an electronic service.
Bankgirot Retail Payment SystemsOne of the two major retail payment systems in Sweden
Banki Mmanja Mobile BankingOpportunity International Bank of Malawi (OIBM), the leading provider of microfinance services in Malawi, has launched a mobile phone banking system named 'banki m'manja' to enable its customers to check their account balance, transfer funds, conduct
BankIslam - FSBank Islam, established in 1983, is the first Shariah-based institution in Malaysia. It offers a range of innovative banking services and is an e-money issuer.
BanknetBanknet is MasterCard’s global telecommunications network. It is the foundation of their payments processing platform and is built as a virtual private network (VPN).
BanKO Mobile Microfinance ServicesBPI Globe BanKO (BanKO), the country's first fully mobile savings bank advocating financial inclusion for the country's unbanked, rolled out microfinance services targeting the lower income segments.
Bankomatowy (Przekaz Bankomatowy) Ria-EuronetBankomatowy is a money transfer service that since 2010 allows people from UK, Ireland, Italy and Sweden to sent money to Poland, for direct withdrawal at a Euronet ATM.
Bankplus Mshift Mobile BankingBankPlus Bank has launched Mshift mobile banking from Digital Insight
Banorte Financial Services (MiFon)Banorte has positioned itself as a major player in the correspondent banking segment, with Telecomm-Telégrafos and 7-Eleven as two of it's major agent networks.
BANSEFI Financial ServicesBanco del Ahorro Nacional y Servicios Financieros (BANSEFI) Developing bank is the state bank that promotes transformation of the semi-formal sector and offers services for the unbanked, lower income population in Mexico.
Baoshang Bank FSSince 2002 Baoshang Bank has focussed on micro and small enterprises as their core clients and has developed branchless banking services.
Barclays Payment ServicesPerson-to-person payments service that enables customers in UK to send and receive money using mobile phone numbers.
BASE WalletThe BASE Wallet is a digital Maestro card and mobile app provided by E-Plus Wirecard has been supporting the mobile phone brand BASE as it launches the mobile BASE Wallet with a prepaid payment card on the market.
BBM MoneyBBM Money offers BlackBerry customers the ability to create and access a mobile money account from their BlackBerry smartphone and make real-time payments to BBM contacts who are also signed up to the service.
BBVA Compass Bank servicesCompass bank services
BBVA Dinero ExpressDinero Express is a group subsidiary in the immigrant segment that operates a chain of one-stop shops exclusively for these customers.
BBVA NFC trials in SpainBBVA held a number of NFC trials in Spain. In August 2009, the bank trialled microSD cards in an employee trial. The trial had some negative feedback dues to lack of contactless terminals in Spain and dissatisfaction with the phone models used.
BBVA Wallet (extended to HCE)
BCR Romania Financial ServicesBCR Romania offers a range of digital banking services including mobile banking and Internet banking.
BDO Financial ServicesBDO Unibank, the largest bank in the Philippines, is a full-service universal bank. It offers a variety of innovative digital banking services.
Beam - ServiceSuvidha Payment service in India
Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card (Yikatong)The Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card (Yikatong) is a stored value contactless card used for public transportation and other services in Beijing.
BelfiusWeb Mobile/ Belfius MobileBelfius (formerly Dexia) has launched several mobile and web based banking initiatives.
Belgian JV mobile payments serviceBelgium's mobile network operators launched a joint initiative with the financial sector to introduce SMS and NFC based mobile payments by the end of 2011.
Bespoke Offers from BarclaysBespoke Offers gives consumers a wide range of offers which are advertised and made availabel by the service from Barclaycard, on behald of third party merchants.
BICS HomeSend Remittance HubHomeSend Remittance hub; The HomeSend solution is the only mobile-centric international remittance hub to gain endorsement from the GSM Association. The HomeSend Certification Program ensures security and interoperability by certifying domestic mobil
Bill Me Later - ServiceBill Me Later, a PayPal service, is a convenient and secure payment method designed for purchasing on the web or over the phone. As an open-end credit account, Bill Me Later provides you with the flexibility to purchase without using your credit card
Billetera Personal - ServiceElectronic wallet which allows users to make money transfers, merchant payments and bill payments. Billetera Personal operates over a linked no frills bank account, provided by partners Banco Atlas and Banco Continental.
Billtomobile - ServiceDirect Carrier Billing service -buy on web or mobile; BlltoMobile is the premier provider of mobile payments for web purchases in the U.S., and the only company who has directly connected its mobile payments platform to all Top 3 US carriers. In 2010
Bim - asbanc, EricssonASBANC, Peru's National Bank Association, and Ericsson have launched mobile financial services that aim to include 2.1 million unbanked Peruvians by 2019.
Bit$ from Ancel(Antel) UruguayAntel and Banco de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay have launched this service for mobile payments
BitBarBitBar claims to be a unique alternative to bitcoin. It is a compilation of two projects by the RareCoin project and FairNova project,attempting to join all features in one coin.
BitcoinBitcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collect
Bitcoin-CentralBitcoin-Central claims to be working through LEMON WAY, payment institution responsible for keeping PAYMENT ACCOUNTS in Euro under the provision of the PAYMIUM payment SERVICE.
BitGoBitGo claims to be the world's most secure wallet. It claims to offer bank-grade security for Bitcoin. It provides three keys to secure each wallet, with BitGo holding one and users holding two.
BitPesaBitPesa claims to offer remittance services by allowing senders to send bitcoin, which is converted by BitPesa into Kenya Shillings. They claim this is cheaper than competitors.
bKash Mobile WalletbKash payment facilities will be available at Rahimafrooz Superstores (RSL) Agora outlets. Agora now comes together with bKash with a state-of-the-art payment platform that allows transactions via mobile phones, such that customers will not need cas
BKM Digital Wallet for e-commerce Turkey gets digital wallet for e-commerce BKM (Interbank Card Center of Turkey) has launched "express" digital wallet platform for all cardholders to make e-commerce purchases easier and faster.
Bling Nation - ServiceBling Nation teamed up with Paypal to provide the Bling Tag to consumers and retails stores. However after some trials the partnership was brought to a close, but Bling Nation now continues with other partners.
Bling TagBling Nation teamed up with Paypal to provide the Bling Tag to consumers and retails stores. However after some trials the partnership was brought to a close, but Bling Nation now continues with other partners.
Blockchain My WalletBlockchain offers My Wallet as a free online bitcoin wallet which consumers can use to make worldwide payments for free.
BluebirdBluebird is a financial account designed in partnership by American Express and Walmart. Bluebird is not a bank account and is not issued by a bank.
BMO WalletBank of Montreal launched their BMO wallet based on the MasterCard MasterPass wallet in April 2013.
Bmobile Trinidad - Gimme a BlighThe company allows consumers who are overseas looking for an authorized bmobile store in their area to select their location and obtain a list of stores in their area.
BNY Mellon SWIFTHave positioned themselves as white-label utilities, enabling others to compete in money transfers with their own brands. Added Mobile Access to its Remit Worldwide(SM) Service.
BOFA Mobile BankingBank of America has launched the 'Bank the Way you Live' online banking micro site. The micro site features information on tools that allow its customers to control and manage their personal finances online, via mobile handset or smart phone. Persona
Boku PaymentBOKU lets you buy online with your mobile phone number. The charge goes to your phone bill. Boku is a payment method for online purchases. Soon after launch of the service, Boku acquired competitors MobilCash and Paymo. At the merchant's website, use
Boleto BancarioOne of the fastest growing online payment options in Brazil. It has gained more than 20% of the ePayments marketshare in less than 2 years. Boleto Bancário is an end-consumer push payment method which processes around 20 percent of the ePayments in B
Boleto Bancario EBANXBoleto Bancario EBANX is a Brazilian payment method tailored for international e-merchants who need to receive payments from Brazilian customers.
Bolsa Familia Citizen CardsBolsa Familia is a social welfare program of the Brazilian government and as of October 2012 it is the largest conditional cash transfer program in the world.
Boom (Formerly M-Via)M-Via is a mobile payment service that lets you send or receive money internationally on any type of phone — even if you and your recipients don't have bank accounts. m-Via's tagline is "Sending cash, now as easy as making a call," or, alternatively
BORICA Payment ServicesBORICA is a system servicing payments initiated by bank cards within Bulgaria as licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank. It offers a range of electronic payment services.
BOSS Revolution International Money TransferIn August 2013 IDT subsidiary, IDT Payment Services, a licensed money transmitter launched an international money transfer service over its flagship Boss Revolution payment platform.
Bouygues NFC Navigo Transit trialBouygues conducted NFC transit trials in in France. These public trials enabled users to pay fares at gates and at buses that accept the Navigo contactless fare card by using mobile phones.
Bouygues Telecoms trial of Calypso ApplicationBouygues Telecoms conducted a small internal trial that claims to be the first to test the over-the-air download and personalization of a transit application complying with the international Calypso specification.
BPAY Bill Payments - ServiceBPAY aims to allow consumers to pay bills quickly and securely, 24/7 through Internet or phone banking service.
BPI Mobile BankingBank with your cellphone, whenever you want, wherever you want. Enjoy full mobile banking convenience using selected Globe SIMs.
BPR Mobile BankingAccess to banking services anytime, anywhere just with your mobile phone. Insight into, flexibility with and control of your bank account 24/7. You don't need to queue anymore for basic banking services. It is Modern and smart – uses the latest tec
BRAC Alternate Financial ServicesBRAC Bank has implemented a number of alternate delivery channels for providing electronic banking.
Bradesco Claro Mobile WalletClaro has partnered with Bradesco to launch an NFC-based mobile wallet that supports payment for goods at retail outlets. It is to first launch in Sao Paulo and will work at over 200,000 payment points when it launches in the first half of 2014.
Bradesco Financial ServicesBanco Bradesco has launched branchless banking operations at mass scale in Brazil, through 24,200 of it's own agents and Banco Postal outlets.
Braintree Payments GatewayBraintree helps online and mobile businesses around the world accept credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing and credit card storage.
BSNL India Post Mobile money transferIndia Post had already launched the iMO web based Instant Money Transfer. This is now the mobile initiative. In the first phase of BSNL s plan, anyone who wishes to send a money through the money (order) transfer service will have to go to his neares
BTC China servicesBTCC Voucher is the new CNY deposit method of BTC China that can be instantly credited into a BTC China account. The BTCC Voucher escrow function allows people to trade the BTCC Vouchers with others.
Bualuang IbankingThe bank is one of the only banks in Thailand using an international mobile banking solution. Customers can now access Bangkok Bank's internet banking platform, Bualuang iBanking, securely on their mobile phone, enabling them to view account informat
Bumiputera Digital Banking servicesBumiputera offers internet banking, mobile banking, bill payment, ATM and telephone banking services.
Bump Pay from Bump LabsBump Pay lets you pay a friend by typing in the amount of money you'd like to send, and then tapping your phone against your friend's phone.
Buyster online shopping with mobileThe four companies are in the progress to establish the company Buyster S.A. as a new payment institution in France. The Buyster payment facility will be a simple, quick and secure remote payment solution from fixed and mobile Internet in France. Thi
BZWBK24 Digital BankingBZWBK24 is a digital banking service from Bank Zachodni WBK.It has internet and mobile services that allow customers to manage banking and payments.
Canada epost Online Bill PaymentFree online bill presentment service offered by Canada Post to view, pay and manage selected bills online.
Card Case SquareA way for shoppers to pay by simply giving their name to the merchant. Customers would use a new feature on Square's iPhone or Android apps, called Card Case, to make payments. Merchants would use one called Register to ring up and track purchases. W
Card Complete Service Bank - ServiceCard Complete Services
Cardis Plugin for Low Value PaymentsThe Cardis plug-in claims to be the first solution of its kind designed to significantly reduce the cost of using the existing payments infrastructure to drive electronic low value payments.
Carry Cash in Card (C3)C3 (Carry Cash in Card) card is offered by Transaction Analysts (TA) in India, with RBI authorisation for PPI business.
CartaSiCartaSi Card Scheme is a leader in the credit cards market in Italy.
Cartes BancairesCB is the the national interbank network of France. It combines around 130 credit and payment institutions.
Cash on Tap (EE)Cash on Tap is provided by EE for paying for goods and services using mobile phones.
CASH Switzerland e-walletNational rollout of a Proton-based scheme, called CASH by banks in Switzerland in January 1997. belgium.png
CashcloudThe cashcloud solution on smartphone (iPhone, Android) offers payments services in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands.
Cashless BetalenMulticard, a supplier of credential solutions, identity management and system integration services and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc., has announced the expanded roll out of its Cashless Betalen mobile payment solution across Holland. Cashle
Cashlog Mobile Payments - ServiceCashlog Mobile Payments
CashnaCashna a privately-held Business in New South Wales, Australia and headquartered in the Middle East.
Cashu online payment - ServiceCredit cards have been the traditional way to pay online, but culture reluctance to use credit cards has resulted in a very low penetration in almost all MENA countries. cashU claims to be the innovative and leading online payment gateway in the Midd
Cebuana Lhuillier Financial ServicesCebuana Lhuillier, the largest pawnshop network in the Philippines, offers a range of Financial Services.
CelexpressCelExpress has announced its official launch as the first company to provide commercial transactions via mobile and virtual platforms. The company will allow US consumers to perform commercial transactions, transfer money abroad, and download applica
Cell South and Kyocera USA multi-city NFC trialOne of the first multi-city NFC trials in the USA was conducted by Cell South and Kyocera. Cell South had previously introduced P2P money transfer through Obopay.
Cellcard CashMay 2010: Grantee from the Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) Fund. Cambodia has a population of over 14.5 million, 22 per cent of whom live in urban areas, but less than 4 percent of the population has a bank account. In addition to this, the major
Cellcom Mobile Financial ServicesCellcom Israel Ltd.and Israel Credit Cards-Cal Ltd (ICC-Cal) (Visa) are to sign a cooperation agreement to turn the mobile phone into an e-wallet using NFC.
CellmoniCellmoni is a financial service like a bank where you use an ATM machine to withdraw cash from a private account. With Cellmoni, Digicel Financial Services Ltd is like the bank and your mobile phone is the ATM card. It's completely free to register a
Cellulant SolutionsCellulant Nigeria Limited is a leading mobile commerce network operator in Nigeria. In October 2012 Cellulant was granted a licence by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate Mobile Payments Services in the country.
Cellularizate cashless payments - mobile BancomerThese are small payments initiated from the mobile and paid from the new Bancomer Express Accounts.
CelpaidCelpaid is an authorised Electronic money institution and mobile payment provider with a national network of agents in Côte d'Ivoire.
Celpay - ServicesCelpay was puchased by First Rand Bank so it is a bank. It has operations in Zambia, DRC (not yet Tanzania) with offices in The Hague; Netherlands and in London. Celpay facilitates banking services and payment solutions using cellular network infrast
Central Bank of Ecuador mobile walletCentral Bank of Ecuador to launch mobile wallet this year, to allow users to receive money, pay for taxi and make small payments through SMS
Central CoinCentralCoin is an active and safe method of online payment for internet financial transactions. It is owned and managed by Gateway Financial Services Limited. It provides its customers a quick, reliable and secure method of transferring fund over the
Centtrip Prepaid Card
Century Commercial Bank (CCBL) FSCCBL introduced mobile banking in August 2012.
CEPAS Singapore e-PurseCEPAS, or Contactless e-Purse Application, is a Singaporean specification for an electronic money smart card. CEPAS has been deployed islandwide, replacing the previous original EZ-Link card effective 1 October 2009. The vision of CEPAS is for Singap
CetelemCetelem is a national card scheme operating in France.
CGD Portugal and Visa Europe Mobile AlertsVisa Europe is working with CGD, one of Portugal's largest Visa issuers, to enable Visa alerts. Visa cardholders receive a real-time text alert to their mobile phone when they use their card to purchase goods and services.
Charge Anywhere Mobile PaymentCharge Anywhere Mobile Payment is an MPOS solution from Charge Anywhere LLC.
ChargifyChargify is a web service that manages the recurring billing for their customers' subscription-based business.
Chase Paymentech - ServiceGlobal leader in payment processing and merchant acquiring and a specialist in customer-not-present (CNP) transactions.
Checkout Finland Oy - ServiceCheckout is a payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Checkout for payment transfer service transmits consumer payments to the seller.
Cheers MobileCheers Mobile Service is here to help you connect with life. Let's celebrate life together, explore opportunities waiting to be conquered and enjoy every moment of it. Cheers Mobile Service is brought to you by Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt. Ltd. E
ChessChess PURE Payment platform is the combination of PSP payments and Cashless terminal transactions. Focus on cost reduction and integration. PURE ROUTER, the intelligent business rule driven payment module for Online payments. PURE VAS, virtual acco
China Bank FSChina Bank has a range of innovative financial services. In 2005 the Bank launched China Bank On-time Remittance and China Bank Online.
China M-worldChina's largest mobile banking provider. Would not reveal numbers but claims monthly transaction volume of 5-6 billion in 2008.
China Mensheng FSChina Mensheng offers personal online banking, mobile banking and mobile wallet services, as well as other self service banking. It also offers corporate online banking.
China Merchants Bank (CMB) Digital Banking ServicesChina Merchants Bank (CMB) has launched a large number of innovative products that are highly competitive, including cards, online banking and mobile banking.
China Mobile Hangzhou Mobile Payments TrialChina Mobile launched an NFC trial in Hangzhou.Users of the Hangzhou citizen card used their mobile phones to pay for transport (buses, taxis, parking), prepaid topup and for other purchases.
China Mobile NFC Commercial LaunchUnion Pay and China Mobile venture to allow consumers to "swipe" their mobile phones to pay at POS terminals labeled with the "Quick Pass" NFC payment logo, but also to be able to pay via Remote Payment.
China Telecom and China UnionPay Joint ventureMay 2010: China Telecom signed agreement with China UnionPay to cooperate in bank card payment in the telecoms and e-commerce sectors. China Telecom and China UnionPay will promote mobile phone payments and will pilot mobile payment-related service
China Unicom financial servicesChina Unicom is working with China Merchant Bank to roll out the Unicom Merchant Bank mobile wallet. This is to to use Gemalto's UpTeq NFC SIM to secure the service.
China Unicom Wo-WalletChina Unicom along with three partners, CITIC Bank, EverbrightBank and GuangfaBank released their mobile wallet product Wo-Wallet in September 2013.
China Unionpay ServicesChina Unionpay is the bankcard association founded in 2002 and supplies bank cards to all banks in China and for cross-border use. They also offer online payment and mobile payment services. unionpay.png
Chipknip (To be discontinued from Jan 1, 2015)Smartcard-based prepaid instrument (reloadable and non-reloadable) that provides instant and irrevocable offline low-value payment transactions at the POS
ChirpifyChirpify is a social commerce and payments company that has recently launched payment services associated with in-stream mobile media transactions.
Chunghwa Mobile Payment With Visa and ChinatrustChunghwa Trials Mobile Payment With Visa and Chinatrust
Chunghwa Telecom NFC DongleChunghwa Telecom , Taiwan's largest mobile operator developed its own NFC bridge device or dongle, to showcase NFC technology at a large flora exhibition in Taipei starting in November.
CIBC Mobile WalletCIBC in partnership with Rogers Communications launched a joint mobile payment solution in Canada in November 2012, allowing Canadians to pay for small ticket items with their CIBC credit card
CIMB Bank FSCIMB bank offers a range of innovative financial services products. CIMB Bank is one of 7 banks with an E-money license as of March 2013, so we expect to see more innovative services announced in the near future.
CIMB Niaga FSCIMB Niaga was first to introduce ATM access and online banking and now offers a range of banking and payment services to consumers in Indonesia.
CimbalCimbal is the first electronic mobile payment solution that works in-store, online and person-to-person. Cimbal's server-based solution ensures secure transactions at every level for stores, e-commerce transactions and between individuals. Because Ci
Citi - M1 payWave TrialCiti's tested Visa payWave on Nokia 6212 phones from M1 in a 3 month trial across 750 locations in Singapore.
Citi Bangalore NFC Mobile Payments TrialOne of the first NFC trials in India took place in the garden city of Bangalore. The six-month "Tap and Pay" trial was one of the largest to date in terms of planned handset numbers.
Citi Bank Malaysia FSIn Malaysia, the locally incorporated Citi Bank offers a range of innovative services. It is one of only 7 banks in Malaysia with an E-money license.
Citi Cash-To-Mobile m-payments service for corporate clientsCiti India, a subsidiary of Citigroup, has launched a service dubbed Cash-To-Mobile. The product is designed to enable Citi India corporate customers to collect receivables from their retailers or customers using mobile payment technology.
Citi Contactless Sticker RolloutCiti To Launch Contactless Sticker Rollout. Citi plans to roll out passive stickers to credit card customers, which they can attach to their phones or other devices to tap to pay wherever MasterCard PayPass is accepted.
Citi New York Subway Trial - 2006Citi conducted a six month trial in 2007 in New York to allow their credit and debit card holders to pay for New York underground fares and some retail purchases using Nokia 6136 NFC phones.
Citi Prepaid CardsCiti is the largest global provider of corporate and government prepaid card solutions and enjoys a 13-year history in this space.
Citi Prepaid Cards - ServiceCustom electronic prepaid. Branded, reloadable and Virtual cards. Predetermined limit. Can be used by anyone. Issuers: Reduce per payment cost, mitigate risk. Consumer: Faster access, online management tools; end-to-end solutions. In 2011, Citi Prepa
Citi Quikremit white label Global Remittance ServiceMobile Money Ventures (MMV) , a joint venture of Citi and SK Telecom, announced its first customer implementation with Citibank Hong Kong to deliver mobile financial services to its customers in Hong Kong in Q3 2008. The first batch of services avai
Citi Tap & PayNFC Mobile Payment Servivces
Citi Wallet
Citibank World Money Card - ServicePrepaid Card for Travel
CitiDirect BE Mobile - ServiceA mobile browser-based application allowing clients to receive notifications and authorize payments using their mobile phones. At launch, CitiDirect BE Mobile has been made available to over 50,000 clients and 300,000 users worldwide. Developed by C
CitiDirect Online Banking for Corporate BankingCitibank's Web-based banking platform. CitiDirect puts all your corporate banking functions in one security-protected place, giving you around the globe, centralized access to your account information in real time right from your desktop.
Citizens Branchless Banking (BLB)Citizens offers Branchless Banking (BLB) in Nepal, which is a means of providing banking services without setting up a bank branch, by providing services through an agent of the bank.
Citrus CashCitrus Cash is the mobile payments app launched by Citrus pay, a payments startup in India. Launched in March 2014, hte app enables consumers in India to transfer money and make payments.
Civil Bank Nepal Financial ServicesCivil Bank Nepal has a range of services that include mobile banking and internet banking. Regarding remittances, the bank works with Prabhu Money Transfer.
Claro PayWave TrialClaro and two banks testd NFC mobile payments with PayWave. Bank credit cardholders were to be able to make purchases of up to BRL100 (US$55.44) using mobile phones.
clearXchange - Service (CXC)Online banking move money more conveniently and safely using a mobile number or email address
Click2payClick2Pay is a secure web wallet that can be funded instantly by a variety of different ways, inlcuding ACH, Credit Card, and Direct Debit. Click2Pay allows users to prefund their accounts and use the balance to purchase credits online. In the event
ClickandBuyClickandbuy Mobile Payment
ClinkleClinkle is a new mobile payments startup in USA. It claims to be different as it does not require the NFC chip in the phone and stores can take payments without modifying point-of-sale terminals.
cMoneycMoney is a Houston-based technology company that has developed a new and innovative way to send money and pay for goods and services using a mobile phone and the text messaging system. Scheduled to launch in 2011, the pioneering technology will crea
CofinogaCofinoga is one of the major players in consumer credit in France. Cofinoga is jointly owned by Paris-based BNP Paribas and Galeries Lafayette.
CoinbaseCoinbase is a bitcoin wallet and platform provider founded in June 2012 and based in San Francisco, USA.
Coiney MPOS
Coles Mobile WalletThe Coles Mobile Wallet claimst to offer a smart way to pay, that is quick, secure and simple to use. It consists of a Coles Pay Tag that lets consumers pay by phone through the Coles Credit Card App that keeps track of purchases.
Comium - ServiceComium services is testing a mobile money service. As of January 2012 this was at the stage of a trial.
CommBank Alternative Financial ServicesCommonwealth Bank has launched innovative online banking and mobile banking services including CommBank Kaching, an iPhone app that offers mobile banking and payment services.
Commercial Bank of Qatar Mobile BankingFirst open mobile payment system in Qatar is launched. It offers Qatar's consumers a simple and secure way to manage their financial services. In the first phase, the service enables the bank's customers anytime anywhere – to remotely and securely ac
Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBNL)Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBNL) provides a range of services that include mobile SMS banking (only non-transactional), e-banking, remittance and utility payment services.
Commerz Nepal Financial ServicesCommerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd have launched Mobile/SMS banking services.
Comviva Mobiquity - MFSMobile Financial service platform for banks, operators and Fis. Includes mWallet, Remnittance, Payments and Banking
CONEC Mobile WalletCONEC Mobile Wallet is a mobile money service launched in Jamaica by Cooperative Credit Union League.
CONTACT System Money TransferCONTACT System provides Money Transfer services in Russia and CIS.
Contactless E-Purse Gets Tryout - BordeauxThe Moneo purse was utilised in a contactless trial in Bordeaux. About 100 users were involved in a six-month trial where they paid at shops using their mobile phones.
Corduro PayMobileCorduro is not just another way to accept credit card payments but it uses member social networks to provide retailers and others with network reach.
CPS China ecommerce payment gatewayChina Payment Services (CPS), an Australian-based China ecommerce payment gateway provider overcomes barriers for international merchants to trade with China by establishing a partnership with ChinaPay (part of China UnionPay) and banks across China.
CQR Payment SolutionsPayment management company. Supports 90 of the world's most commonly used payments options.
Creditcall - ServiceCreditcall services
Creova Mobile Payment (CMP)Mobile payment platform, designed for financial institutions, mobile operators and e-commerce and catalog retailers. The platform is the CMP: Creova Mobile Payment. Their platform has been successfully deployed banks and mobile operators. The platfor
Croatian Bank HCE pilot with American ExpressPrivredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ, Intesa Sanpaolo Group), Intesa Sanpaolo Card Ltd. and American Express have launched a pilot to test HCE (Host Card Emulation) for mobile NFC (Near-Field Communication) payments at POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals in Croatia.
Cryptex Bitcoin Debit CardIn April 2014, Cryptex launched a UnionPay card in Hong Kong, that it claims works at 90% of US ATMs via Discover, and in selected ATMs in 80 countries around the world.
CryptsyCryptsy provides an online tool that allows users to freely trade between a number of different cryptographic currencies worldwide.
Crystal MFI Georgia Mobile Finance PlatformMicrofinance company Crystal and partners have developed an integrated approach to the financial needs of rural households. It is made up of three components working in parallel with each other: i) providing access to electronic payment infrastructur
CSI globalVCardCSI globalVCard is a Virtual MasterCard app designed for B2B use only as an alternative payment method with mobility to create secure single and multi-use MasterCard account numbers. A unique one-time use Virtual MasterCard account number is generate
CSI Wari GatewayCSI has launched a shared multi-country interactive platform as a whitelabel service for financial services provided by Postal networks, Financial Institutions, Mutual Credit and Savings Companies, petrol stations, shops and businesses.
CST Sao TomeCST Services
Cuenta Movil"Cuenta Movil" (Mobile Account) service, working in an Alliance with Banco de Chile and Entel PCS, allows mobile phones to do several financial transactions. Anyone in Chile can have a "mobile wallet" to do real time Money transactions. The mobile p
Cuentas Simplificadas o de Bajo Riesgo - BBCuentas Simplificadas o de Bajo Riesgo are simplified or low-risk accounts. They are mobile bank accounts with simpler account opening requirements, based on the new rules for branchless banking.
CurrencyFairPeer-to-peer marketplace that claims to provide big savings on exchange rates and fees, and puts the consumer back in control.
CVS Pay - CVS mobile walletCVS announced the launch of CVS Pay in August 2016. This is a proprietary mobile wallet accessed through the CVS Pharmacy app.
Cyberbucks Digicash or eCashDigiCash Inc. was a pioneering electronic currency corporation founded by David Chaum in 1990. DigiCash transactions were unique in that they were anonymous due to a number of cryptographic protocols developed by its founder. DigiCash declared bankru
Cybersource SeviceGlobal payment management company serving over 300,000 customers. Wide range of services and accepted payment methods
Dahabshiil - ServiceDahabshiil, the largest international money transfer business in the Horn of Africa, has launched the first ever debit card service in Somalia to help individuals and businesses make and receive payments. The service, called Dahabshiil eCash, will en
Dairy Queen and Teherball Contactless Loyalty StickersFranchise owners of four locations of the Dairy Queen ice cream and fast-food chain in the Indiana home base of loyalty provider Tetherball undertook an NFC trial aimed towards customising orders based on buying patterns.
Dallas Trial Tests One of the First OTA DownloadsDallas Trial Tests One of the First OTA Downloads
DankortThe Dankort is the most widely used and least expensive national payment card in Denmark. In September 2014 an agreement was reached involving, retail, banks and Nets, to make the Dankor contactless as of summer 2015.
Dansk Sumermarked ContactlessDenmark's largest retailer, Dansk Sumermarked took a major step to convers all payment terminals to contactless. As of 2014, payment terminals in all 550 stores (4,500 terminals) were made contactless.
Danske MobilePay and E-BankingDanske Bank offers online banking to its' based of over 1.2 m customers in Denmark. It has had over 1m downloads of the mobile payment service MobilePay since launch in Denmark in May 2013 and in Finland in Q4 2013.
Darkcoin (DRK)Darkcoin claims to be one of the next generation of digital currency, and the first truly anonymous one. It is engineered to be a digital version of cash.
Dau-PesaDAU-PESA was established with the aim of becoming the Tanzania financial institution of choice in the provision of financial services to the micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSME).
Daviplata m-wallet serviceMobile wallet service from Colombian FI Banco Davivienda
DBS digibankSingapore's DBS has launched a mobile-only bank in India, incorporating a host of ground-breaking technology, from AI to biometrics.
DBS mBankingMobile Banking. Transfer funds between accounts and trade on the stock exchange.
DBS One.TapDBS One.Tap is the first virtual credit card on a mobile phone in Singapore, first launched in August 2012. In April 2013 it became available to all mobile subscribers in Singapore.
DBS PayLah!DBS Paylah! is a mobile wallet app that lets people pay other people with their mobile phone.
DBS, Starhub, EZ-Link Transit-Purse TrialGemalto's N-Flex NFC add-on was used in the Singapore trial by DBS and SmartHub. Around 1,000 customers of the 2 partners participated in the eight-month trial.
DCMX Osaifu KeitaiEdy provided by bitWallet, Inc. Prepaid e-money. At 68000 stores. Launched Nov 2001 Nanaco - Seven- Eleven Japan -Prepaid e-moneyservice. Mobile Suica: Ticketing & prepaid e-money launched Jan 2006. DCMX service launched on mobile NFC in 2004 - allow
DD DedoIn the process of consolidating largest network of agents in Colombia. Focused on stores used by all including bottom of pyramid - Mom and Pop stores. DD Dedo is bank correspondent for the bank. DD Dedo provides mobile secure technology to manage tra
Denarii Arias - ServiceDenarii Systems LLC and ARIAS Financial Solutions, a product division of Microfinance International Corporation (MFIC), today announced a partnership wherein Denarii will utilize the ARIAS remittance platform as the back-end remittance processing and
Denmark mobile operator JV for NFCDenmark operators TDC, Telenor, TeliaSonera and 3 have created a JV to create a common platform for NFC.
Desjardins Mobile PaymentsDesjardins Mobile Payments allows consumers to make small payments via a smartphone.
Deutsche Bank Digital BankingDB24 Mobile Banking. Deutsche Bank is to re-brand and re-integrate its DB24 online banking offshoot into the mainstream of the bank.
Deutsche Bank Mobile Payments InitiativesDeutsche Bank Mobile Banking Services
Deutsche Telekom Mobile WalletDeutsche Telekom has announced it intends to launch a mobile wallet initiative in 2013 and has selected Wirecard as a partner.
Deutsche Telekom-PayPal Carrier BillingPayPal and Deutsche Telekom entered a direct carrier billing relationship in February 2014 which enables Deutsche Telekom users to make purchases directly to their mobile phone account.
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) FSThe Development Bank of the Philippines offers a wide range of products and services that address specific funding and banking needs of its various clients.
Dialog Axiata eZ CashThe service allows users to maintain a mobile wallet and send or receive cash from other Dialog customers.
Diamond Yello AccountDiamond Y'ello Account is a mobile money service launched by Diamond Bank in Nigeria in August 2014.
Digicash (S-Digicash) from BCEEDigicash is a mobile payment solution offered by BCEE for payments via smartphone.
Digicel Mobile MoneyWith Digicel Mobile Money you can send money to any Digicel phone in Samoa, Tonga or Fiji. With the online portal it only takes a few clicks to deposit money using internet banking and you can transfer instantly. Aims to provide low fees and great ex
Digiraha WosbeeDigital purse for internet payments
DigiremitA mobile remittance service by Citi and DiGi. Personal money transfer service on a mobile phone. Available to all individual DiGi prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Money held in a DiGiREMIT virtual wallet for transfer anytime, from anywhere. Remitt
Digital River World Payments (formerly Netgiro)Digital River World Payments is a global full service payment provider with portfolio of more than 200 global and local online payment methods. Netgiro was acquired by Digital River World Payments in September 2007.
Digitel Venezuela DiemoVenezuelan start-up company Diemo has teamed with provider of service to MVNOs XIUS-bcgi, a division of Megasoft, to launch mobile banking with GSM network provider Digitel. Diemo is short for Dinero en Movemiento (Money on the move). Subscribers nee
Dimoco - ServiceDIMOCO develops, operates and markets a mobile messaging and payment transaction hub. In this "hub" DIMOCO bundles connections to mobile network operators in Central and Eastern Europe as well as connections to messaging hubs around the world. With t
Dinero Mail online paymentLatin America's response to Paypal. Received World Bank IFC funding (June 2010). This is to encourage merchant companies to accept Dinero mail. Target audience is internet merchants, people who sell goods on the internet. DIneromail is the leading in
Dinero MovilDinero Movil is the Mobile Money service of BBVA Bancomer launched in September 2012. Through it account holders can make transfers to recipients without a Bancomer account.
Directo a MéxicoDirecto a Mexico is an international fund transfer service between USA and Mexico. It is provided jointly by the US Federal Reserve Banks and the central bank of Mexico.
DirectPay CardDirectPay offers consumers the ability to send money online. They utilise Translink Global Processing. They claim to provide merchants with payment access to 36 Countries and over 700 million European consumers.
Discover and Motorola Zip trial in USADiscover and Motorola conducted a trial using Discover's contactless Zip credit application on the embedded chip of passive stickers.
Discover contactless Zip credit application TrialDiscover conducted a trial where they offered their contactless Zip credit application that consumers can attach to their phones or other devices and tap to pay wherever Zip is accepted in USA.
Discover MobileDiscover mobile services
Docdata PaymentsOffers five services that together provide a complete service offering for the financial part of the order-to-cash process.
DoCoMo Contactless WalletsDoCoMo Drives Nationwide Rollout of Contactless Wallet Phones. NTT DoCoMo launched its Osaifu-Keitai, or contactless wallet phones, in July 2004, mainly as a platform for its ambitious plans to establish a new payment brand in Japan via its phones.
docomo Money Transferdocomo Money Transfer enables consumers to remit in a local currency or U.S. dollars from their docomo kouza (account) to bank accounts around the world.
DogecoinDogecoin allows people worldwide to instantly send each other payment. It is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.
DOKU Payment SolutionsDOKU is one of the pioneering online payment service providers in Internet and offers a suite of products and services for enabling online payments.
Dompetku from IndosatEnvisions providing user with an interest-bearing bank account, m-banking application, and access to all ATMs and Bank Sinarmas' remittance services. Soft launched for a limited group of people of Sinarmas Group employees. As on Jan 2010 not yet lau
Done CardDone Card is a stored value card and predominantly used for online payments. Unlike Credit/Debit Card transactions, Done Card transactions are carried out without accessing banks' interface.
Du - ServiceAll du customers can enjoy Mobile Payments at no extra cost.
Dubai Islamic Bank Branchless BankingDubai Islamic Bank Branchless Banking
Dutch Payments Association (Betaalvereniging)The Dutch Payments Association organises the collective tasks in the national payment system for its members.
Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) mobile bankingDBBL provides branchless banking, leveraging mobile, to extend banking to the unbanked with a range of services including cash deposit and withdrawal, remittances and topup.
Dwolla FiSync Money Transfers using ACHUSP: ACH payment, not card; SOCIAL: At Dwolla we recognize that you want to exchange funds with people you know, without having to create yet another contact list. That's why we use social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, to help build your datab
E-bank Rakuten Mobile BankingRakuten is a highly popular Japanese shopping destination online, where you can get anything, from laptops to shoes to travel, you name it. The have now added their own bank in 2010. The aggregated model exemplified by Rakuten works well in Japan, a
e-Debite-Debit is a pin-based payment system that allows consumers to use their ATM cards for purchases.
e-Dirham G2The Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Abu Dhabi launched the Second Generation of e-Dirham (e-Dirham G2), an easy and safe method of electronic payment and collection of revenue for both government and non-government fees.
e-maal Mobile Money Solutionse-maal is an innovative means of payment by mobile phone that allows NationLink customers who subscribe, do the following financial transactions: Deposit money into E-maal , Withdraw money from their E-maal account, Transfer money to Nationlink othe
E-port Payment SystemE-wallet mainly developed for Russia. 201201 UPDATE: This may have merged with in 2008. Mail.Ru Group is the largest Internet company in Russia
e-Sahulat - NADRAe-Sahulat is a low cost e-services platform designed to provide online payment and collection facility for the general public as well as organizations.
E-zwich Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement SystemsThe Bank of Ghana has formed Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement Systems Limited (GhIPSS) to manage the new and modern Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement System (e-zwich). The National Switch, e-zwich will provide a common platform for most retail
Early Trial Tests M-Ticketing - NiceAn NFC mobile ticketing trial was conducted in Nice.
Earthport - ServiceIPS for small businesses, corporate clients and banks. Range of white label payment services.
Eastern Bank MFSInternational Remittances services jointly launched with Banglalink to receive money from abroad into mobile wallet accounts opened at the bank or banglalink cash points.
Easy Cash for Cash DisbursementPrepaid card issued with the Maestro brand, used by organisations such as migration authorities, consumer credit companies and airlines, to credit their beneficiaries with a prepaid card balance instead of cash or cheque.
Easy Pay - MTS (Legkiy Platezh)Launched by MTS a leading operator in Russia. Accessible via Internet and mobile devices, accounts on the system can be replenished using MTS mobile accounts or bank cards.
Easy Pay System (EPS)EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited is a consortium of 20 major banks in Hong Kong. ATM cards issued by these banks and credit cards with ATM functions are accepted to process EPS transactions.
EasyPaymentGateway (EPG)Easy Payments Gateway is principally an online gateway for multiple payment solutions and credit card acquirers.
EazeEaze is a wearable wallet launched in May 2014 in beta mode, for use with Google Glass.The app uses voice and image recognition for activation and head gestures to confirm and complete payments.
EazymobileFinancial services provider Qatar National Bank (QNB) has introduced a mobile banking application for BlackBerry mobile users. Dubbed eazymobile, the application is an extension of the bank's eazylife set of electronic banking services (e-services),
EaZyMoney from Zenith BankZenith Bank and Visafone Communications Limited Wednesday launched a product called EaZyMoney in Nigeria in September 2012.
Eazzy 247 Mobile Banking Service from Equity BankEazzy 247 is a mobile banking service that allows you access to bank services using your mobile phone. The name represents "Easy 24*7 Mobile Banking" and is provided by Equity Bank.
Ecobank EB-ACCION Branchless BankingEcobank Group has used Branchless Banking to extend financial inclusion to the unbanked
Econet Wireless EcocashEcoCash, will allow users to send and receive money, buy airtime, and make other payments using their mobile phones. Unlike other mobile banking offerings that have emerged on the market, customers using EcoCash are not required to have a bank accoun
ecoPayz/ ecoCard/ ecoAccountecoPayz is a brand name of PSI-Pay Ltd (UK). The brand was launched in May 2013 with their product range of ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, ecoPayz Business Account and ecoPayz Merchant Account.
Edenred Vouchers - Ticket Restaurant and moreEdenred currently operates in 40 countries. In most of these countries, Edenred created the market by impelling the passage of legislation enabling the introduction of employee benefits solutions.
EficashEficash is a mobile based e-wallet service for banks and mobile operators in the US and Latin America. Eficash is a mobile application based on a prepaid model that allows consumers to make and receive payments as well as manage bank accounts by lin
EFTPOS KoreaEFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) in Korea is a pin-based system for locally issued debit cards.
EgopayEgoPay is an online payment gateway launched by BTC- E a Bitcoin Exchange. EgoPay claims to be registered in Seychelles and offers an online way to purchase goods, pay for services, subscriptions and entertainment using e-currency.
Egyptian Banks Company (EBC) FSEgyptian Banks Company (EBC) has introduced the national debit card brand 123 in Egypt and continues to launch and support innovative services.
EIDA Etisalat NFCEtisalat with Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) to use NFC technology to enable Emirates ID card data to be identified and transferred using NFC-enabled mobile phones.
Eika Contactless Mobile PaymentEika Kredittbank entered into an agreement in March 2014 with Nets regarding contactless payment solutions using smartphones. The plan is to launch a pilot project during 2014.
Eko BbBranchless banking service managed by Eko on behalf of State Bank of India
Ekonto Wallet - For Merchants and Customerswire transfer system based in Finland that provides instant online banking services for Finnish players
Elavon MobileMerchant - ServiceElavon services MobileMerchant allows mobile devices to be used as payment terminals.
Electronic Funds Transfers at Point of Sale (EFTPOS)EFTPOS launced in 1988 is Australia's most widely used electronic payment system.
Elma from Craft SiliconElma is a mobile /online payment gateway for Kenya, done by Craft Silicon in conjuction with some selected banks. mobile application (that you download) that would allow you to shop and make payments (cable TV, power & water etc) from your mobile pho
Emida Cash and Transact wallet and Prepaid ServicesThe Emida Cash and Transact mobile wallet solution is a stand-alone mobile wallet with no need for a bank account or collateral. Users add cash onto their mobile handset at supported merchant locations.
Emirates International Exchange Powered By LuupLuup International Ltd., a leading mobile payments solutions provider of Norwegian origin, and Emirates International Exchange (EIE), a leading exchange house in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), today signed an Agreement to roll-out a mobile phone bas
en.MoRes mobile remittance solutionThe new en.MoRe mobile remittances solution from EastNets is designed to enable cross-border person-to-person mobile initiated payments. It interconnects global Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and banks over en.MoRe's unique platform using SWIFT work
Enstream NFC InitiativesIn 2010 EnStream tested a passive sticker to enable subscribers of its Zoompass P2P mobile-commerce service to tap their phones at merchant locations that accept MasterCard PayPass.
Enterprise Payment Hub (EPH)A major initiative from BNY Mellon, Treasury Services business will result in the development of an Enterprise Payment Hub (EPH) for clients globally.
epaybg MicroaccountEvery customer registered in has the right to use a Microaccount free of charge. To become eligible, you must sign in for the service online.
ePayLinks Online Payments GatewayePayLinks Online Payments Gateway was introduced by ePaylinks for online acquiring services, as a virtualized online POS. It can currently do real time transaction T+0 account settlement.
Epdirect EarthportEarthport plc is a provider of cross-border electronic payment services. 2010 Sept: epDirect provides a simple to use online interface enabling payments to be made to more than 200 countries in the world for a flat per-transaction fee. These transac
Equitel from Finserve Africa Ltd (Equity Bank MVNO)Equitel is the brand of Finserve Africa Limited, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Kenya, owned by Equity Group Holdings Limited focussed on delivering mobile money services.
Ericsson Mobile MoneyEricsson, a Sweden-based telecommunications company, has launched an international money transfer and payment service via internet and mobile phone. Ericsson began a pilot program in September 2010 involving 50 service delivery partners in six Europe
ERPLY LikePOS Cloud-based POSAccept PayPal payments in-store with the new LikePOS
Erste Bank Digital BankingErst Bank offers NetBanking and mBanking services. The mBanking service works across mobile operators.
eSewa Online Payment GatewayThe eSewa account can be topped up and used to pay online or using a mobile phone.
Eska WalletEska Wallet from Eskadenia vendor in Jordan.
Estonian Bank NFC PilotEstonia NFC EMT Appiled Research by Estonian banks with operator EMT
Ether for EthereumEther is the internal currency that powers Ethereum applications and acts as a token of exchange on the decentralized network.
Etisalat FlousEtisalat launched the Flous service to transfer money from a mobile to any other Etisalat mobile and withdraw cash instantly.
Etisalat Group Payments InitiativesEtisalat Group and the Maroc Telecom Group offer a range of mobile money and payments initiatives across MEA. Mobile money initiatives are starting to be inter-connected across the region.
eTransferseTransfers are one of the most popular services of online payment offered by eCard S.A. eCard offers merchants the ability to easily accept instant online payment from the customers of 17 of the largest Polish banks.
Eurasian Bank MBEurasian Bank has launched a mobile banking service in Kazakhstan offering basic services to Kazakh, Russian and English-speaking customers.
Euro 6000Euro 6000 is a national card scheme in Spain.
Euro Alliance of Payment Schemes (EAPS)EAPS, the Euro Alliance of Payment Systems offers a European alternative to global card schemes. It unites the networks of independent European card schemes.
EurochequeType of cheque used in Europe that was accepted across national borders and which could be written in a variety of currencies.
Eurogiro International Remittance servicesEurogiro Cash International and other remittance services provided to banks and the postal community
Euronet epayepay focuses on the top-up or recharge market for processing electronic purchases of prepaid mobile airtime and transaction processing for other prepayment services.
Euronet Ria RemittancesEuronet Ria Rialink Visa Prepaid Card for general use and targeted towards remittance
EutellerEuteller is a wire transfer system based in Finland that provides instant online banking services for Finnish players.
Everest Bank Financial ServicesThis is a branchless banking service that aims to provide rural consumers access through point of transaction (POT) machines using smart cards.
Everything Everywhere and MasterCard PaymentsEverything Everywhere and MasterCard entered into a 5-year agreement in August 2012 to deliver mobile and digital payments solutions.
eWAY Australian payment gatewayeWay is an Australian payment gateway. It allows merchants to accept credit cards on their websites, connecting the website directly to their bank to process online credit card payments from customers.
EwireEwire is your digital wallet. You can send and receive money online by opening a free account. Deposit via online banking and payment cards and send money to anyone who has an email address. Withdraw money to your bank account in Denmark, Norway or S
Ewise PayoeWise Payo wallet is marketed as a simple way to pay online.
Express ELIXIRExpress ELIXIR is the instant bank-based money transfer service in Poland.
Express UnionExpress Union is a Cameroonian company that deals with money transfer as main service. It was created in 2002 . Leads the domestic money transfer market with around 240 POS across the country. Express Union covers all the 10 regions and presents i
Express Union Mobile Money TransferMobile Money transfer service. EXPRESS UNION is an approved financial company created in 2001, with the head office is in Yaounde. At the beginning the company was specialised in money transfer all over Cameroon a domain in which it is leader. Expres
Expressnet Payment Services
eZ Pay Sri LankaSri Lankan private sector bank NDB Bank and telco Dialog Telekom have launched mChek's mobile payment solution. The service allows payment of utility bills, prepaid top-ups, mobile commerce and banking. The solution is embedded on SIM cards, and mer
EZ-Link Mobile AppMy EZ-Link Mobile is a free mobile application developed for NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled mobile phones. The application allows you to transform your phone into a personal EZ-Link top up terminal for all EZ-Link issued CEPAS cards.
eZeClickezeClick provides American Express Card members with a method to complete their online purchase.
EzeemoneyEzeemoney is a provider in Uganda that offers the Ezeemoney Voucher, Bill payments, Airtime purchase and plans to offer the EzeeMoney card.
Ezetop International Airtime TransferService to Send airtime topup recharge to your friends and family abroad.
eZuzaEzuza is a mobile money service launched in Mexico.
F-Road SIM OverlayF-Road SIM Overlay solution is offered to smaller RCC banks in rural areas. This consists of a paper thin plastic sheet with an embedded chip that can be adhered to a SIM card.
F1 Soft products -fonebank, fonepay, Transborder and BankExF1 Soft fonebank service claims to provide integration with core banking systems, online banking software, payment networks and existing mobile banking modules of the bank.
Facebook CreditsFacebook Credits is a virtual currency, that works across different apps rather than being tied to one specific app or another. Virtual currencies are a promising way to sell because users buy them in prepaid chunks, rather than plunking down a cred
Facebook Operator BillingPartnership with mobile operators to improve both the user and the developer experience of buying apps via operator billing.
Facebook PaymentsFacebook has brought out various payment and financial services initiatives over the years in an attempt to capitalise on it's popularity as a social network.
Facebook Payvment- CLOSED 2013 Acquired by IntuitSince launch in 2011, Payvment claimed to be the number 1 social commerce platform on Facebook. It was acquired by Intuit in January 2013 and the platform was discontinued.
FacecashClaims to be only payment system built from the ground up to replace the plastic card network. Bar code scanned provides picture of your face to the merchant for verification. You can also store loyalty cards.
fairCash digital cash payment methodfairCASH claims to contribute a new technical way to pay for the community using a true Digital Cash indivisible token system feasible for global, cross-border and multi-currency payments
Falcon Fraud Manager, Risk Management and Credit ScoresFICO solutions include the FICO Falcon Fraud Manager and FICO Score, for measuring consumer credit risk.
FanaPayFanaPay is a digital wallet especially targeted towards Middle East markets to allow customers to buy online without credit cards or bank accounts, using their FanaPay accounts via the internet or mobile phones.
Far EasTone Pay-Buy Mobile Trial DelayedGemalto and Far EasTone partnered to implement Asia's first mobile contactless SIM based NFC trial in October 2007.
FasaPayFasaPay is an online payment service offered in Indonesia by PT Fasa Centra Artajaya (FCA).
FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers)FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) is a new electronic funds transfer service that enables customers of the participating banks to transfer Singapore Dollar funds from one bank to another in Singapore almost instantly.
FawryFawry is a bill payment network in Egypt that operates through retail agents, banks and post offices
FCMB Flash Money/ FlashmeCash and other servicesFlashmeCash or Flash Money is the FCMB service for paying bills, airtime purchase and money transfer. Conventional mobile banking is offered through FCMBMobile App.
FedGlobal ACHFedGlobal ACH Payments offer an efficient means for sending cross-border ACH credit payments to 35 countries around the world, plus debit payments to Canada only.
FedMobile Mobile BankingFedMobile from Federal Bank India, is a facility that enables customers to access banking services through mobile, enabled by the IMPS inter-bank remittance system.
FeliCa Contactless IC CardFeliCa is a contactless IC card technology and the world's first contactless smart card certified by ISO/IEC 15408 EAL4.
Fidor Smart Cash AccountFidor Bank was founded in 2009 as an innovative bank that leverages Web 2.0 consumer behavior and especially targets digital natives.
FilspayFilspay is a micropayments solution supported by prepaid cards. It is from FilsPay, a payment service provider specialising in internet payments.,png
FINO Agent NetworkFINO PayTech is the largest business correspondent in India. It is a business and banking technology platform combined with a services delivery channel for fulfilling financial service needs.
FinPay Finnet Payment Gateway and WalletFinPay is an online payment platform launched in Indonesia in June 2012 by Telkom Indonesia subsidiary PT. Finnet Indonesia.
First Caribbean Mobile BankingSAP (earlier Sybase365) announced a partnership with FirstCaribbean International Bank to provide customers with mobile banking services.
First Data Global GatewayThe First Data Global Gateway eCommerce Solution helps customers accept payments online.
First Independent and Shared Automated Deposit Terminal Networks in EuropeIndependent and Shared Automated Deposit Terminal (ADT) Networks in Europe
First MicroFinance Bank (FMFB) Kiosks at PPOThe First MicroFinance Bank developed a partnership model with Pakistan Post to augment its delivery channels. Under this model, more than 40,000 borrowers have been reached out through 68 offices of Pakistan Post.
First Security Islami Bank Digital Banking (FSIB)First Security Islami Bank Ltd. launched online banking and SMS banking services from December 2007 and is currently in the process of launching full Mobile Financial Services for which it has received permission.
FirstMonie Mobile Money - First BankFirstBank Nigeria launched a mobile money service in September 2012 accessible by its customers as well as anyone in Nigeria.
FIS Mobile WalletFidelity National Information Services Inc. (NYSE:FIS) recently collaborated with mobile payments technology provider, Paydiant, to launch a cloud-based mobile payment solution, namely FIS Mobile Wallet. The solution, which is currently being implem
FIS Xpress Deposit for RDC from homeA critical component of Xpress Deposit's ease of use is the single sign-on capability of First Command's Internet banking offering. Customers sign on to a standard Web banking session just once -- depositing a payment is simply an option during the s
Fiserv Electronic Commerce SystemsFiserv works with banks around US to create services to send money to mobile or Email
FLASHiZ universal mobile paymentsFlashiz claims to be one of the first mobile payment solutions in Europe using both NFC and QR codes, positioned as a universal payment solution that can be used to pay for goods and services in stores and online, transfer money and pay bills.
FlattrSwedish service enabling micro-transactions or social donations online; Micropayment/Microdonation; 201105: adding a feature which will enable Flattr users to send money via their Twitter name;
FlickPayFlickPay is a point-of-sale integrated method of payment offered in South Africa.
Flipkart Payment ServicesPopular method in India of purchasing online and paying when goods reach the home. Cash on delivery (COD) is growing in importance in emerging countries.
FMARD GESS E-wallet for agriculture inputsThe scheme involves participation of 48 million Nigerians in agriculture, connecting them in an agro-dealer network that effectively distributes agricultural inputs to make Nigeria a net producer.
FNB eWalletFNB already has a mobile phone based cross border product; this product allows an FNB customer to send airtime, using a mobile phone, to a recipient outside the South African borders. Nevertheless, following the growth in uptake of the FNB eWallet pr
FogottEwallet in Estonia -Website not available in English
FonbankUT Bank in partnership with Airtel Ghana is to launch a new savings account product known as the UT FONBank.
Fortis Mobile MoneyFortis Money holds a license for mobile money in Nigeria. It is the sister company of Fortis Microfinance Bank, the leading microfinance institution in Nigeria.
Fortumo Mobile PaymentsFortumo offers SMS connectivity, mobile billing to multiple countries worldwide and a mobile payments API that is open to all developers for free.
FranfinanceFranfinance is a national card scheme based in France, being a specialist consumer credit company that offers a range of consumer finance services.
Friendster WalletThe Friendster Wallet and payments platform enables micro-spending for over 115 million registered users on Friendster and is powered by MOL, Malaysia.
Ganart money everywhereProvide Last Mile Solutions. Me is a hardware agnostic Transaction as a Service software platform crafted to reach the under-banked and unbanked, while possessing features that even the banked will enjoy.
Garanti Bank Branchless Banking servicesGaranti is at the forefront in terms of innovative online and mobile financial services providing a number of Garanti Branchless Banking services.
Gate2PlayGate2Play is a Middle-East company specialized in e-payments and online consultancy.
GCASH Mobile MoneyGlobe Telecom's G-Cash service is an e-money account tied to a mobile phone subscriber information module (SIM card). The account can be loaded and unloaded by depositing or withdrawing cash at a wide range of retail agents and the mobile operator's
GCASH REMIT JapanGCASH REMIT is provided by SOFTBANK PAYMENT SERVICE CORP, in partnership with GXI, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom. It allows Filipinos in Japan to send some home direct to GCASH Mobile Money wallets.
GE Money ServicesGE Money offers a range of innovative mobile banking, contactless cards and other services.
Gemalto Mobile Payments ServicesGemalto mobile financial services solutions include Gemalto mobile payments platform (GMPP), TSM solutions, NFC services and the recently launched Trusted Services Hub.
Georgia Bank MasterCard Commercial NFC launchBanks in Georgia are to launch a commercial NFC Payments service in 2012
Getin Noble Bank Financial ServicesGetin Bank launched Getin Point, the first self-service branch in Poland, in February 2014. This is part of the Getin UP project launched in November 2012.
Giesecke Devrient Payment Solutions (formerly Venyon)One of the world's largest providers in the field of electronic payments, G&D offers its customers a comprehensive selection of products and services.
GirocardGirocard is an interbank network and debit card service connecting virtually all German ATMs and banks. It is based on standards and agreements developed by the German Banking Industry Committee.
girogo Contactless giro cards - GermanyContactless payment feature of the German banking industry included automatically on all newly issued giro cards by the local cooperative banks and savings banks within certain parts of Germany.
GiropayOnline payment through a bank transfer from online banking
Gittigidiyor Online Shopping Mall - Mobile siteGittigidiyor services
Global Gateway e4First Data Global Gateway eCommerce Solution helps customers to accept payments online.
Global Mobile Banking from Global IME BankThe bank upgraded Global SMS Banking to Global Mobile Banking so that customers use an application installed in their mobile phones to effect transactions.
GlobalcollectWorld's premier Payment Service Provider of local e-payment solutions for international Customer Not-Present channels such as internet, mail, and telephone orders.
GlobalWebPay Online Money TransferBank to bank transfer where a bank transfer is made on your instruction to the recipient using the most appropriate GlobalWebPay account.
Globul G-Wallet BulgariaGlobul G-Wallet Payment Service in Bulgaria
GoLloyds Oversease Remittance ServiceA way to send funds overseas from Japan by transferring money domestically to GoLloyds account using a bank ATM or internet banking in Japan. GoLloyds then completes the overseas remittance.
Good.beeBCR bank and Good.bee Mobile Transactions offer users access to mobile transactions, a current account and a Visa Electron debit card Using the debit card, users can make purchases in shops displaying the Visa logo, withdraw money from an ATM and che
Google Play (formerly Android Market)Google Play (formerly Android Market), is a digital distribution platform for applications for the Android operating system and an online electronics and digital media store operated by Google.
Google WalletGoogle wallet for retail mobile payment
Grand Bank Nepal Financial Services (GBNL)Grand Bank Nepal offers mobile banking, online banking, remittances and other services.
Grand Bank online and mobile bankingGrand Bank offers online and mobile banking. The application for mobile banking can be downloaded from the site for a variety of smart and feature phones.
Green Money Transfer'Green Money Transfer' is an industry-first and enables anyone using a cell phone to transfer money in a safe and flexible environment. This facility is being proposed as an additional service to the rural masses who can now receive remittance in the
Groupon PaymentsA payments service for the company's merchants to accept credit cards, built into the latest version of the Groupon Merchants app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
GTBank Innovative Financial servicesGTBank offers a number of services for mobile money and e-money. Consumers can send and receive funds to and from any of the bank subsidiaries in West Africa and without even being a GTBank customer.
Habib Bank Limited (HBL) FSHBL Express is a branchless banking initiative from HBL to allow money transfer, bill payment and other services within Pakistan.
Habibmetro PakistanHabibmetro and MoneyGram have partnered and signed an agreement to facilitate Pakistanis residing abroad in sending remittances back home. Habibmetro is one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Pakistan, with over 170 branches across the country.
Halcash instant cardless cash transfer and payout via ATMAllows one to send money to be withdrawn from an ATM without need for credit or debit card. Hal-Cash AMERICA, Inc. is a Delaware corporation formed by participating leading European banks. Currently, more than 20,000 ATMs are members of the Hal-Cash
Hamburger Volksbank NFCThe Hamburger Volksbank launched an NFC trial with micro SD card as secure element which holds credit card details on Android smartphones and iPhones.
Hana N WalletHana Bank South Korea launched a digital wallet service in February 2012, to allow customers to use the smartphone for P2P transfers, without revealing bank account number, and aided by SMS notitication.
Handpoint MPOSHandpoint has launched a mobile point of sale solution and mobile app with P2PE (Point-to-point encryption). They offer an API for developer use in merchant integration.
HandyPayHandyPay is a system of mobile payments that allows all mobile phone customers in Kazakhstan to make payments by sending simple SMS commands.
Hang Seng Financial ServicesHang Seng Bank has rolled out a number of innovative services including online and mobile banking and is to launch NFC services in the first half of 2013.
Happydigits/ Happy PointsHappydigits service
Harbin Bank MBHarbin Bank is a leading microfinance bank in China that has been developing mobile banking services in North East China for offer services to underserved farmers and small businesses.
Hassa- Zain, Bank of KhartoumHasa is a new mobile money service in Sudan launched through a collaboration between Zain and Bank of Khartoum.
Haypost Financial ServicesHaypost offers a range of financial services including remittance and payment services.
HDFC Quickremit - Through TOMLQuickremit is the online money transfer service from HDFC Bank to send foreign currency from a country outside India to an account in India after conversion into Indian Rupees
Heartland Mobuyle MPOSHeartland offers users a downloadable app which is paired with a Mobuyle encrypted reader inserted into an audio jack to convert an Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into a PoS terminal.
Hello (Bangladesh) - Bank Asia Agent BankingBank Asia has launched a unique Agent Banking model with technology based banking concept ensuring appropriate security with real-time banking for customers.
Hello PaisaHello Paisa is a mobile financial transactional service available to any person in Nepal with a valid mobile phone. Interoperable among banks and networks, Hello Paisa runs in partnership with participating financial institutions but maintains an ind
HID Global's ActivID Authentication
HiFX Money TransferHiFX Online claims to provide customers with the quickest and easiest way to convert £50 – £300,000 online at the touch of a button wherever you have access to the internet.
Himal RemitHimalRemit is a premium online Money Transfer service offered by Himalayan Bank Limited - the leading joint venture bank of Nepal. Himalayan Bank is a pioneer in the field of retail money transfer business with almost two decades in the field.
hipay walletThe HiPay wallet payment solution is produced by HPME, a Belgian company with capital of 3.2 Million Euro and head office located in Brussels.
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Cross Border Online PaymentHong Kong Monetary Authority Cross Border Online Payment system will allow customers to pay utility and online shopping bills directly from their bank account through the Internet.
HotRemit - DigitSecureDigitSecure has plans to issue a pre-paid payment instrument known as HotRemit. As of April 2014 this service does not appear to be launched but is gearing up for bill payments and bus ticket payment.
HOUSe ATM NetworkIn addition to the PLUS, Cirrus and Global ATM network, HSBC expanded the network of ATMs with HOUSe, a shared ATM network.
Housing Finance Bank (HFB) M-CashMobicash subsidiary M-Cash launched a mobile financial service in Uganda in May 2012 in partnership with Housing Finance Bank (HFB).
HSBC Mobile Financial ServicesHSBC Mobile Financial Services
HTC mobile walletIn September 2012 HTC launched the CMB wallet, which allows consumers to spend money by placing their phones near POS ( point-of-sale) terminals.
Huanxin Mobile BankingHuanxin Mobile Banking Nationwide
HyperremitCanada to Philippines A2A mobile remittance service
HyperwalletProvider of online and mobile payment, international payments, card products and financial technology solutions to enterprise-level customers in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Has an online and mobile commerce platform with integration to glob
Hyves AfrekenenFacebook's Dutch Peer; Payments service in partnership with Rabobank - allows users to instantly transfer amounts of up to Euro 150 to anyone on the network
I Cash Card (ICC)ICash Scholar Card is a customized card designed to suit the requirements of colleges, parents and students, to facilitate easy support payments for students.
I&M Bank Multi-Currency Prepaid MasterCardThe I&M Bank Multi-Currency Prepaid MasterCard enables cardholders to carry three currencies, namely, U.S. Dollars, Sterling Pounds and Euros on a single card, while at the same time offering users a secure and convenient mobile wallet.
i-Free NFC Walleti-Free has developed what they claim to be the first full-featured NFC wallet in Russia and CIS.
IBM NFCBM to develop NFC payments solutions in Moscow. The computer giant has partnered with Russia's Skolkovo Foundation to create a Science and Technology Center that will work on intelligent operations, technology for the oil and gas industry and on "th
iCache Geode Digital WalletClaims to be the world's first secure digital wallet for the iPhone, certified by Apple for launch in June 2012, it uses biometric technology.
ICBC Digital BankingICBC China supports a range of retail personal and corporate mobile and banking services. This includes Android Internet Banking, ICBC ePayment and Corporate Internet Banking.
ICICI Imobile Mobile BankingFunds transfer using web( or mobile(iMobile). Can make financial transactions of upto Rs.5,000 per day for funds transfer and Rs.10,000 per day for bill payment. Transfer to own linked ICICI accounts, other ICICI accounts anywhere in In
ICICI Money2indiaNetExpress (NetBanking Transfers) is a completely online money transfer service to India. With NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers), you can send money from the comfort of your home or office using your local internet banking account. Offeres payout to
Idea MoneyIdea Money allows consumers to conduct a variety of financial transactions, any-time and anywhere using their mobile phone.
iDEAL Online Payment via Online BankingJoint initiative of the Dutch banks that offers Online payment for purchases via credit transfer from a regular online banking application.
Idram E-money ServicesIdram Payment System operates in Armenia from 2004 offering a range of online and offline consumer payments.
IDT Remittance Clearing HouseIDT Remittance Clearing House - hub for foreign exchange and money transfer
iKaaz mPOSikaaz, an Indian software company has partnered with First City Monument Bank Plc to launch a mobile payment solution in Nigeria.
IKAS paymentIKAS is a method for payment at Biedronka, using mobile phone applications that allow for payment from bank account.
IKO - from PKO BPSix Polish banks (Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Bank Zachodni WBK, BRE Bank (mBank, MultiBank), ING Bank Śląski and PKO Bank Polski) have collaborated to create a common standard for mobile payments.
Ikobo Money TransferUPDATE 201201: Website invalid - check if this is still running! Ikobo Money Transfer service
iMoney Digital Payment platform and WalletThis is a digital payment platform for individuals and business. It allows money transfer and mobile payments with a single iMoney account.
ImpulsePayImpulsePay is the leading Payforit provider for mobile payments in the UK. Backed by all the UK operators, they claim that mobile billing can increase merchant revenues by 50%.
In2payIn2Pay system for iPhones of 3G and 3GS varieties. Built around an app ensconced on a MicroSD card inside iPhone case, this offers contactless payments anywhere that Visa's payWave is available, as well as secure access to buildings and computer netw
InapayInapay is an online payments gateway in Indonesia. It was launched at the end of 2011 by a startup, PT Indonesia Payment Solution.
Inbursa FSInbursa offers mobile banking services under the Banca Movil brand that include SMS and WAP based service.
IndiaplazaIndiaplaza is a large online portal in India supporting a variety of payments including Cash on Delivery(COD).
Indomog Multi Payment Online Gateway (INDOMOG)This is an online payment system which connects merchants to customers as is initially focussed on online games.
Indonesia Inter-Operator Electronic Money Transfer ServiceIn May 2013 the three largest operators in the country (Telkomsel, XL, and Indosat) launched their E-Money interoperability (P2P Transfer), also termed as "Inter-Operator Electronic Money Transfer Service".
Industrial Bank and UMPAY Mobile Wallet"Mobile Wallet" is a new mobile payment service launched by the Industrial Bank (IB) in conjunction with Beijing Union Mobile Pay
Industrial Bank China Digital BankingNew generation of iPhone and Android mobile banking clients, that claims to provide customers with mobile financial services which are more comprehensive, convenient, fashionable and considerate.
ING Direct Online and Mobile BankingING Direct offers web and mobile banking in the countries in which it operates. ING Smart Banking for smartphone is the latest version of ING mobile banking released by ING Belgium SA.
ING Electric Orange Account P2P ServicesAbout 20% of ING's 1 million Electric Orange account holders now use the P2P service on a regular basis - making an average of 2.5 to three payments per month. And the service is not just being used for minor transactions: the average amount handled
Ingenico Mobile Retail Platform iMRPMobile Retail Platform aims to facilitate targeted one-on-one customer interaction, add secure in-aisle and on-site mobile sales, Increase conversion rates and personalized customer experience, provide consumers with multiple choices of payment inclu
Ingo MoneyIngo Money is a provider of financial technology services in the US and owns and operates the Ingo Money Network and Ingo Enterprise.
Innovative Financial Services from La CaixaMobile Money Remittance service from La Caixa that allows mobile banking users to send money to others in the bank, based on name and phone number
InovapayInova Payment Systems provides a variety of electronic payments such as money transfers, bill payments and goods, recharge mobile phones.
InspirePay Payment PlatformInspirePay, a Boulder-based startup company funded in part by Boulder's newest venture capital firm Tiforp Business Ventures, launched what they claim to be the first universal payment platform that consolidates all online commercial transaction opti
InstabankInstabank is a new Russian online banking service that bills itself as a bank for those who appreciate the beauty of iPhone and the convenience of Facebook.
InstacashIt acts like a debit card, the funds are debited ffrom the bank account and credited to the NETeller account and this can be transfer to any Neteller merchant online.
Instadebit electronic walletInstaDebit is an electronic wallet that lets you securely transfer money directly to and from your bank account. Consumer facing brand. InstaDebit provides Fast Banking Transfers, real-time banking interfaces and foreign exchange services in countrie
Instant Cash - UAE IndiaInstant Cash service was launched between UAE and India in October 2013 by Wall Street Exchange, part of the Emirates Post Group of UAE.
Instant Cash Acceptance Network (iCAN)iCAN's target market is the banked and unbanked consumers in any local market around the world, where there is an opportunity to bring the convenience of iCAN's network to the underserved.
Instant MoneyStandard Bank deal with Spar will allow people to draw cash at a till after money transferred between users via SMS (Linked to mowaly).
Instant Payments platform for PSPsNets and Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane (ICBPI) have joined forces to launch an instant payments solution in Italy
Interac ServicesInterac provides various innovative payment services such as the e-Transfer Service, Interac Online and Cross Border Debit.
International Payments Framework Association (IPFA)The International Payments Framework approach is to enable locally originated non-urgent credit transfers to reach markets around the world
Internet Banking Payment System of PBC, ChinaThe Internet Banking Payment System is part of a newly established 2nd generation payment system developed by the People's Bank of China.
Interswitch Financial ServicesInterswitch is an integrated payment and transaction processing company that provides technology integration, advisory services, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to government, banks and corporate organizations in Nigeria.
Intuit GoPayment and GoPayment Prepaid CardAccept payment on your phone in seconds
Intuit MMV Mobile BankingIntuit bought MMV in June 2011. Buying MMV gives Intuit ownership of all the technology used in Intuit mobile banking software that it provides to about 320 U.S. banks and credit unions. After the acquisition, Intuit will be able to better manage custom
Intuit Payments ConnectIntuit Payments Connect enables software companies and developers to create, certify and deliver any kind of payment application rapidly through a proven life cycle management process with free development tools. The developer-focused portal provides
IP Commerce Payments Platform as a ServiceIP Commerce takes a white‐label approach to the OPP space. Their platform is leveraged by established payments processors, who brand it as their own. IP Commerce has five clients using its technology, including Chase Paymentech and First Data.
IPayOnline bill pay service
iPay.uaService is a Ukrainian online payment service supporting online money transfers and payments.
IPAYMU Payment GatewayiPayMu is an Indonesian Payment Gateway. Besides e-wallet and debit card services, iPayMu also offers escrow and money services.
IPS Payment PlatformMobile banking services nation-wide through a number of banks
Iran Mobile BankingIn Iran banks like Parsian, Tejarat, Mellat, Saderat, Sepah, edbi and bankmelli offer banking service to the unbanked/rural areas
iRemit Innovative Remittances ServicesThe iNotify remittance pick up is an alternative service method where beneficiaries in the Philippines can claim remittances from any of iRemit's more than 6,000 designated pay-out centres nationwide.
Isbank Mobile BankingAdvanced mobile banking services have been provided from 2007 with IsCep, followed by Mobile Key and other initiatives.
Isend Cross Border Payment and TransferExpanding its service into Canada and the UK to enable consumers to support family members internationally by topping-up mobile phones, paying recurring monthly bills and purchasing retailer gift cards for in-country pickup. Mobile Send via Aryty
Islami Bank mCashIslami Bank Bangladesh Limited to launch mobile banking service 'Islami Bank mCash' in partnership with Robi Axiata Limited, announced in August 2012.
itBititBit is a Singapore based company that operates as a Bitcoin exchange.
Ithmaar Financial Services BahrainMobiCash allows consumers to send cash using Ithmaar's online banking service to any Bahraini mobile number, and the receiver can get the cash from any Ithmaar Bank ATM with the MobiCash Code received via SMS.
iupay virtual walletiupay is a virtual wallet that has been launched in February 2014 in Spain. It is driven by the major banks in Spain.
Ixaris EntropayConsumer brand Entropay for online Gaming; Ixaris Opn is OPP; Ixaris PSP Enables MT and Payments globally. Use of card networks to transfer to DDA accounts.Virtual Visa and MasterCard product, which facilitate the issuance of one‐time use Visa or Mas
Ixe Net Movil Mobile BankingBank's new multi-channel mBanking service. Ixe customers with immediate on-the-go account access and multiple banking functions through all channels - Intelligent SMS, mobile browser and rich-client Mobile Banking. Ixe Bank customers now have the abi
iZettle for taking card paymentsiZettle is being called Europe's Square. They are also considering NFC support. iZettle is creating an innovative and compelling solution that can help cardholders pay anywhere anytime in a convenient and secure way. The first service has a free of c
J-DebitJ-Debit is a system for locally issued debit card payment in Japan.
Jaew Integrated Financial Service by dTACJaew Integrated Financial Service by dTAC allows consumers to transfer money, topup, pay bills and manage other financial services with just a mobile phone number and identification card.
Janata Bank Digital BankingThis state owned commercial bank caters to the needs of the mass business people. It provides Internet Banking and Remittances and has permission to launch full mobile financial services in the country.
Janata Bank Nepal Financial ServicesJanata Bank Nepal offers alternate financial services that include ATM services, remittance services and e-banking.
Japan Mobile NFC ConsortiumDecember 2011: NTT DOCOMO, INC., KDDI CORPORATION and SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. announced today their establishment of Japan Mobile NFC Consortium to coordinate the adoption of multiple international standards for near field communication (NFC) technolog
JazzcashJazzCash is the umbrella brand for Mobilink Mobile Financial Services that replaced Mobicash in May 2016.
JCB Holds Internal NFC TestJCB conducted a small internal trial of their contactless application J/Speedy, following on from the 2006 trial in Amsterdam.
JCB Trial Tests International Contactless AppIn 2006 JCB, a Japanese payments company conducted an NFC trial of J/Speedy in an office complex in Amsterdam. This was part of their efforts to spread their contactless payment application, J/Speedy.
JCC Payment SystemsJCC Payment Systems is the domestic card scheme in Cyprus.
JiffyJiffy is a person-to-person service that, via a smartphone app, allows money to be transferred simply by selecting the recipient from the mobile's address book.
JifiJifi is a new age digital account offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The main offer is that banking is now social as consumers receive banking account updates through Twitter and gain reward points for transacting online and adding friends to their network.
Jinshang Bank Mobile BankingJingshang Bank launched its first mobile banking service in September 2012.
Jio Money - RelianceReliance Payment Solutions, a subsidiary of Reliance, has obtained RBI authorisation for a PPI instrument known as Jio Money.
Jipange KuSaveJipange KuSave is an initiative of Mobile Ventures Kenya Ltd that aims to extend affordable micro-savings and micro-credit to the common man via mobile phone
JiringJiring is the first Mobile Payment company of Iran comes from MCI (Mobile Communication Company of Iran- Hamrah Avval Brand Name). Hamrah Avval is market leader of telecom operation if Iran with about 40 million subcribers around Iran. Jiring wants
JPMorgan Chase Mobile Financial ServicesThe Treasury Services business of global financial services firm JP Morgan has launched its JP Morgan Access mobile banking platform in Asia Pacific. The service is designed to allow customers to view balance and transaction information via smartphon
JUMBO Card AppThe Jumbo Card offers a means of payment at Jumbo stores and myOne acceptance locations across Switzerland. The JUMBO Card app allows mobile payments setting up payment arrangements.
JumioJumio offers FastFill, NetSwipe and NetVerify services that they claim can increase transaction completion rates by over 20%.
Jyske Digital BankingJyske offers a range of digital banking and payment services in Denmark including Swipp for money transfer (new in 2014), Jyske Bank Mobil and Jyske Netbank.
K-bankKTF has been working since 2000 to provide banking to the unbanked: rural, low income families and others using mobile banking services. K-Bank services include all mobile banking services, both basic (balance check, bank transfers, debit cards) and
K-CASHK-CASH is an electronic money system established by the Korea Financial Telecommunication and Clearings Institute. Consumers can obtain K-CASH cards from issuing banks.
K-Pay Kcell Mobile PaymentKcell JSC the leading mobile communication operator in Kazakhstan launched MFS initiatives for MSMEs offering mobile payment terminal market (mPOS) throughout Kazakhstan.
KabbageKabbage is a FinTech company that claims to be the No. 1 online provider of small business loans, having expanded their business from USA to the UK.
Kalixa Prepaid MastercardKalixa is a Contactless Prepaid Mastercard from Vincento Payment Solutions Ltd
Karma (Formerly Karmacoin)Karma (formerly Karmacoin) is a digital currency, like Bitcoin, that you share with the people and things you care about. Karma claims to act as a reward system for people and groups to do good things.
Karma KoinKarma Koin is a prepaid card solution that launched in more than 1,300 7-Eleven and Best Buy stores in Mexico. It is also available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
KasPay from KasKusThe largest online community forum in Indonesia, KasKus, introduced KasPay in 2009 in response to members dabbling in selling products including the latest smartphones.
Kazkommertsbank mobile payments HCEVisa and Kazkommertsbank launched a contactless payments service through Android-smartphones with NFC chip for the first time in Kazakhstan in February 2016.
Kbank Payment and Banking ServicesKASIKORNBANK or Kbank offers a variety of services including funds transfer, bill payment, mobile and online banking and more.
KCB Mobile BankingAllows customers to do Money Transfer, Foex Updates, Check Balance, Utility Payments, Salary Alerts, Transfer money from KCB to M-Pesa, and Airtime Topup
KcbconnectKenya Commercial Bank (KCB) announced plans to roll out its KCBconnect in Kigali in the third quarter of 2010. In Kenya, this service allows users of Safaricom's M-PESA mobile money service to transfer money between the mobile money account and the b
KDDIFullfledged mobile banking service. 2006 Mobile Net Bank Development Corporation established to launch a mobile 'New Bank'. Payments software from JCB card pre-installed.
KDDI multple application NFC trialKDDI launched an 8 month NFC trial with a range of services, some similar to services offered in Japan using FeliCa.
KDDI NFC Trial with PayPass ApplicationKDDI ran an NFC trial with the MasterCard PayPass on a SIM card using standard contactless technology.
KegowKegow is a mobile financial service that allows people in Nigeria to transfer money, topup phones and pay bills. No bank account is needed.
Keystone Bank Mobile Banking (KeystoneMobile)The Keystone Bank Mobile Banking platform enables customers of the bank to conduct banking transactions electronically via their mobile phones. It is another form of anywhere banking.
KFTC MicroSDKFTC has a key priority for 2013 of introducing a financial microSD (secure digital) card for payment and settlement services via smartphones.
Kipochi WalletKipochi is a free mobile web app for both smart and dumb phones. Kipochi is a Bitcoin wallet that allows users to send and receive Bitcoins via their phones.
Kist Bank Financial ServicesKist Bank offers a range of electronic services including mobile banking, e-banking and e-payments.
Klarna Online Payment (Earlier Kreditor)Klarna was founded in 2005 to make online shopping safer and simpler. Klarna's easy-to-use payment service replaces the need for a credit card and takes the risk out of purchasing online. They partner with more than 14 000 e-commerce sites across Europ
Klickex Currency ExchangeKlickEx is a currency exchange service, where you avoid paying bank fees by exchanging with other people, just like yourself.
Komercni Banka MFSThe bank has partnered with Visa Europe for a limited commercial NFC payments rollout, using iPhone 4 and 4S handsets equipped with Wireless Dynamics' iCarte accessory.
Kony Mobile banking and platformKony Mobile Banking optimizes the mobile banking experience on all devices and all channels. Customers can securely access account information, receive alerts and much more. Kony Mobile Banking is built on the KonyOne 4.0 platform. Developers can al
Kookmin Bank Mobile BankingTransfer funds between accounts
Kraken accountKraken is an exchange that allows users to open accounts with an email address and verification to tier 2 for bank deposits.
Kredit PilotLocal payment mainly developed for Russia. Supports payment to more than 800 service providers.
KT iPhone4 NFC enabled caseKT became one of the first to offer customers an NFC-enabled case that enables iPhone 4 users to take advantage of the carrier's commercially available Olleh Touch NFC payments and rewards service.
KT standard NFC commercial launchKTF commercially launched NFC services using standard NFC phones and high-capacity SIMs.
Kumari Bank Mobile CashKumari Mobile Cash claims to have pioneered the mobile wallet concept in Nepal by allowing users to store cash balances attached to their mobile phones.
Kwarta PadalaKwarta Padala is a domestic and international remittance service from M Lhuillier.
Kwixo Wallet and Payments ServiceEnables person-to-person (P2P), business-to-business (B2B) and person-to-business (P2B) payments via mobile handsets and the internet.
Kyivstar Mobile MoneyThe Kyivstar Mobile Money service is activated for all subscribers per default to allow them to pay for utilities, Internet and TV, penalties, loan repayment and more, direct from mobile phone.
LajancashLajancash offers mobile payment services that claim to work with any phone. With Lajancash, clients make purchases on the web or with participating merchants using their mobile phone.
Lakala Offline Payment TerminalsLakala is the largest offline payment company in China, offering a variety of self-service payment terminals.
Laku Banget Online Payment on FacebookOnline Social Payments startup in Indonesia provides an e-commerce platform hooking into Facebook. It promotes payment for goods and services such as Travel.
Land Bank of the Philippines ServicesThe Land Bank of the Philippines offers online banking and remittance services especially geared to agrarian customers and rural outreach, based on its mission.
Laxmi Bank Financial ServicesLaxmi Bank is a Category A Financial Institution operating in Nepal and offers a mobile money service, in addition to other innovative financial products.
Laxmi Bank Mobile MoneyLaxmi Bank Mobile Money primarily offers two major services through the mobile phone. These are transfer of funds to peer accounts and bill payment.
Lazada E-Commerce IndonesiaRocket Internet startup aspiring to be the Amazon of Asia
Leader Money Transfer servicesLeader System is a money transfer payment system network based in Russia, with strong presence in Russia, CIS and other countries.
Lebara UkThe model is a link between the customers existing bank account and the services: customer card is charged for any transaction (no incoming funds). Hosted in Lebara UK; Lebara operates in UK, FR, DE, SP, NL, DK, CH, AU
Lemon Mobile Wallet platformThe Smarter Wallet digitizes the contents of your wallet so you can access your loyalty and credit card balances any time, track every dollar, get help spending smarter, and keep your money safe.
LevelUpA way to pay using your mobile phone and a QR code that gets scanned at the merchants. When you register for LevelUp, you'll enter your favorite credit card and whenever you pay with LevelUp, we'll just pass the charge (minus your credit, of course)
LianlianThird party mobile payments. Lian Lian Tech. is leading alternative payment channel for mobile, telecom and value added service provider in China. Mobile payment services in China are generally in the initial phase, with usage limited to mobile phone
Lien Viet Post Bank ElectraSwitch based servicesElectraCard Services (ECS) has partnered with Lien Viet Post (LVP) Bank In September 2012 to enable the bank to add ATMs with multiple value added services and issue cards.
LimeLime C&W service
Linden DollarsLinden Dollars are the virtual currency used on Second Life. VirWoX and other such virtual currency exchanges trade Linden dollars for fiat currency.
LitecoinLitecoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is currently the second most valuable alternative currency.
Live Gamer Pay+Pay+™ breaks down the barriers and makes it easy to sell digital content on a global basis through the top performing and most relevant global, alternative and local payments in 180 countries.
Lloyds Bank Financial ServicesLloyds Bank provides a range of payment services for sending money abroad.
LoadCentralLoadCentral claims to be the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the Philippines.
London museum NFC trialMuseums in London ran an NFC trial where visitors could get information from objects and in lobby areas.
LoopPay Payment ServicesLoopPay is a US-based payments technology company that offers LoopWallet and the Loop FOB.
Lumbini Bank Financial ServicesLumbini bank offers a range of alternative channels including SMS banking with transactional services, remittance services and cards.
Luottokunta Visa Trial Tests PayWaveEmployees at Luottokunta, Visa and other companies involved in the trial allowed their employees to pay at cafetarias using NFC handsets.
LycamoneyThe Lycamoney Card is a Chip & PIN prepaid MasterCard.
m-banco Mobile Moneym-banco is a mobile money service that is supported through an e-money account and offers Mobile e-cash and Mobile e-insurances services.
M-banxafe/ Pay2MeSupports banking transactions: payments, check the account balance and check bank transactions. User signs up and can then initiate payment requests using mobile. Payee receives payment details by SMS and accepts using a PIN code. Activating service
M-BIRRM-BIRR is the first mobile money service in Ethiopia. M-BIRR allows consumers to do financial transactions from the convenience of their mobile phone.
M-keshoSafaricom and Equity Bank have launched an account that will allow M-PESA users to transfer funds directly into their Equity Bank accounts. The account will be available to M-PESA subscribers and Equity Bank's 4.5 million account holders, allowing us
M-moneyMay 2010: Maxis-PayPal Account enables Maxis customers to access their wallets through their phones. With this new service, Maxis customers are now able to live cashless and card-free culture with wallet living in the cloud Maxis M-money is a way to
M-paisa FijiPilot of M-PAiSA Mobile Money Transfer service.Whole solution was designed in-house. Vodafone clients able to deposit and withdraw cash with approved Vodafone agents in Fiji, send money directly onto other mobile phones, buy recharge or airtime and a
M-PAISA service of Bank of Kathmandu (BOK)M-PAISA is a service of BOK Lrd that offers customers a transactional account termed as a Mobile Wallet (MW), where the mobile number is itself the account number.
M-PawaTanzania’s leading cellular network, Vodacom and the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) launched the M-Pawa banking service in May 2014.
M-payment Start-up Moves to Contactless StickersM-payment Start-up Moves to Contactless Stickers. The first phase of the project issued contactless microSD cards with external antennas to 128 students and staff of Brigham Young University-Idaho. They inserted the cards into certain phone models
M-payment Visa Inc BrazilSo far POS based but mobile under consideration. Internet and mobile banking hindered by disagreement between MNOs and Banks on Technology and share. Visa's project intends to create single platform for mobile banking, allowing bank account holders t
M-pesaVodafone, the international mobile phone company, has launched M-Pesa ("mobile money" in Swahili) to reach the 30 million people without a connection to traditional banks
M-pocket and m-saku personal payment gatewayM-pocket payment is a mobile application for mobile payment by Visa cardholders in Indonesia. The m-pocket application on mobile phones allows consumers to reload, pay bills, buy goods and pay for services using VISA credit cards.
M-Tel Bulgaria NFCM-Tel to pilot NFC in May 2012, preparatory to commercial launch in 2012.
M-Wallet from Loop MobileLoop Mobile provides M-Commerce services for its subscribers presented as "Anytime, Anywhere" shopping, banking and payments using a mobile phone & VISA / Master Credit card.
M1 Axiata Singapore Financial ServicesAxiata services through Celcom Multimedia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd meant for wallet services for the group
m2cash global money transferWhitelabel online money transfer solution
M3 Jamaica (Mobile Money for Microfinance)M3 Jamaica (Mobile Money for Microfinance) is a Mobile Money service launched by Transcel and Alaric with MFI bank partners in February 2013.
M4Bank.MPOSM4Bank.MPOS is a mobile acquiring solution (MPOS) from Center of Corporate Technologies, Russia.
Macau Mobile BankingTransfer funds between accounts, bill payment, and settlement of credit card balances.
Macy Shopkick Omnichannel ShoppingMacy is expanding use of digital shopping. Instore they are deploying Shopkick ShopBeacon technology to all its locations in the US.
MagtiComNew service of MagtiCom, Mobile Banking, allows you to open a monetary account, which you can manage by means of you mobile. You can Load money on your account, Withdraw, Transfer money to the account of any of the customers of Magti/Bali, Pay utili
Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS)Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS) is wholly owned by the local financial institutions and is the only interbank payment network service provider in Malaysia that supports domestic, development, Islamic and foreign banks.
Manakamana Mobile MoneyThe Manakamana Mobile Money is the first mobile wallet from a development bank in Nepal and offers fund transfers between bank accounts, mobile wallets and bank account-mobile wallet.
Mango Mobile Money and YAPMango offers services for the unbanked that include a mobile money account, managed via a prepaid card and a mobile app. Mango lets you text money and check your balance with your mobile phone.
MangoPay from LeetchiMangoPay is a white-label service that supports merchants to accept and manage payments including an E-money wallet solution offered by Leetchi to other providers.
Manx Telefonica Isle of ManManx service
MAS Electronic Payment System (MEPS+)MEPS+ is the RTGS in Singapore. It began operating on 9 December 2006 and provides several improved features over its predecessor, MEPS.
MasaryMasary is the first branded payment service launched by "Payment Systems Development (PSD) - Egypt", a company established in 2008 focusing on providing e-Wallet business development as a Service Concept to the Middle East. Plan to launch number of s
Mashreq Qtel Online PaymentQtel customers can check their accounts and pay bills through Mashreq web and mobile banking services, following a partnership agreement between Qatar's leading telecommunication services provider and the bank.
MasterCard and Bank Tests PayPass Sticker on BlackBerrysMasterCard and Bank Tests PayPass Sticker on BlackBerrys. A couple hundred employees of Bank of Montreal, MasterCard and Research In Motion can tap their BlackBerrys to pay with a contactless PayPass sticker attached to the back of the smartphones.
MasterCard Deutsche Telekom Europe mobile cashless paymentMasterCard Deutsche Telekom (ClickandBuy) mobile-based cashless payment service in Europe starting with Poland and Germany.
MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES)MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) is a platform solution that supports the new digital ecosystem and helps transform any connected device into a commerce device to make and receive payments.
Mastercard Mobile HungaryIn October 2011 this claimed to be the first payment application in Hungary making it possible to pay only by one's MasterCard bankcard, irrespective of bank or mobile operator service in use.
MasterCard Mobile Money InitiativesMasterCard is involved in financial inclusion activities around the world including Kenya, Nigeria,Mexico, Egypt, Zimbabwe and India.
Mastercard Moneysend - Closed September 2012Originally launched as a test of person-to-person payments in the United States, the MasterCard MoneySend website closed on Sept. 1, 2012.
MasterCard Paypass Contactless CardsPaypass is a payment card innovation centred around contactless technology launched in 2009 by MasterCard.
MasterCard rePowerMasterCard supports prepaid card topup throught their rePower Network.
MasterCard SendMasterCard launched MasterCard Send in May 2015 as a digital platform that allows businesses and others to transfer funds quickly.
MasterCard Travel Services
MasterCoinThe Master Protocol is an open source project driven by the members of the Bitcoin community who work toward enabling advanced features for the blockchain.
MasterPass WalletMasterPass by MasterCard is the way to pay online with the multi-tiered security of the MasterCard network in partnership with a consumer bank.
MaxCoinMaxCoin is the first celebrity altcoin. It has been created by Max Keiser, a cryptocurrency financial journalist and host of the RT Keiser Report.
Maxis FastTap NFC Transit and PaymentPayment and Transit Featured In Small "Rollout" of NFC. Maxis billed its "FastTap" project as the first multiapp NFC project involving contactless credit. It's also Visa's first commercial launch for NFC, beyond the trial stage. Visa also launched
Maxis M-Money remittancesMaxis offers mobile international remittance to Indonesia and the Philippines, using the M-money wallet.
Maybank Remittance ServicesMaybank, the largest bank and financial group in Malaysia, launched Maybank2u Mobile, the mobile version of its online banking website. Limited beta version to be tested for 3 months. Offers Account summary, Transfer (to own account, favorite third p
MB Phone PortugalReplication of specific ATM functions on a mobile phone
mBank - PolandmBank has developed one of the most sophisticated mobile banking services by starting with a greenfield approach.
mBank - Smart and PlaNet Finance JVSmart has launched the first microfinance bank fully utilizing mobile technology in Philippines, which will deliver convenient services with little or no access to the formal banking system.
MBL Mobile Money (M3)MBL Mobile Money, also known as M3, is offered by Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited (Mach Bank).
mCardPayWith launched mCard, a mobile app for smartphones, to support mobile payments. It generates a one-time-use card number to pay the bill. As card details do not show up on the bill, this helps to mitigate card fraud.
mCash Norway Mobile PaymentsIphone app to pay to anyone anywhere.
MCB Mobile BankingUpdate: Nov 2011 transactions show steep increase since July 2011; MCB Bank has released a mobile banking solution that works over mobile GPRS. Provides both transactional and non-transactional services through mobile phones to its registered custom
mcoin Asia mobile money transfer - Indonesia -eServGlobal PayMobile201201: eServGlobal PayMobile solution was launched by financial service provider, mCoin Asia to facilitate money transfer in Indonesia. PayMobile is eServGlobal's unified mobile money and recharge solution, deployed in more than 30 countries, used e
Mdinar CreovaMdinar is a new mobile payment and m-wallet service that was launched in beta in Tunisia in June 2010 through a partnership between the BIAT Bank (Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie), Tunisiana (Mobile phone operator), ENDA (a microfinance instit
Me2u ModeMe2U Zain Wallet is a complete banking account that is powered by MODE Bahrain, BMI Bank and Nonoo Exchange, all of whom are licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The Me2U Zain Wallet provides you with banking facilities directly from your Mobile
MeditelMeditel services
Meezan BankPilot of Branchless Banking to start shortly after June 2012.
Mega Bank Nepal Branchless BankingMega Bank Nepal has introduced Branchless Banking in June 2012.
MegaFon Card linked to mobile balanceMegaFon launched contactless payments card linked to subscriber phone balance rather than bank account in August 2016.
MegaLink Payment ServicesMegaLink is one of the 3 largest interbank networks connecting the ATM networks of 15 member-banks in the Philippines. It offers ATM services, mobile banking, internet banking and POS services.
Mercantile Bank FSMercantile Bank has launched a number of e-Banking services that include online banking, mobile banking and SMS Banking. It has received permission for the launch of full Mobile Financial Services (MFS).
Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX)Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) was created by a group of leading merchants in the USA, with the purpose of creating an integrated mobile-commerce platform with a business model suited to merchants.
Merchantrade e-remit and DoowitMerchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd has launched online and mobile money transfer services in Malaysia, targeted to increase it's market share for migrant transfers from 10% as of September 2012 to 30% by 2015.
MESH Commerce from One IotaMESHCommerce is a patent pending and proprietary Commerce platform that is designed to extend retailers traditional eCommerce capabilities beyond the traditional desktop browser.
Metrobankdirect PersonalMetrobank has a range of innovative e-banking services under the brand Metrobankdirect Personal.
Meu DinheiroMeu Dinheiro is a mobile money initiative from Claro (América Móvil) & Bradesco in Brazil.
MFIC/TIGRA Remit4ChangeMFIC and TIGRA intend to jointly develop money transfer and telecommunications services, the two services that connect transnational families and foster family bonds across borders.
MfoneMfone services
mHITs RemitThe mHITs Remit micro-remittance service allows Australians to send money to partner mobile wallet operators in other countries by sending an SMS to mobile wallets of GLOBE GCASH and SMART Money in the Philippines.
Mi Billetera Movil (MBM or My Mobile Wallet)Mi Billetera Movil (MBM or My Mobile Wallet) is a mobile wallet that may be used to make payments at shops attached to MBM.
Mi Billetera Movil (My Mobile Wallet/ MBM)Mi Billetera Movil (My Mobile Wallet/ MBM) is a mobile wallet that can be used at MBM merchants to make payments.
Mi-payMi-Pay global airtime topup
MiCash from Nationwide MicrobankMiCash is a bank account that is operated through a mobile phone attached to the Digicel network.
Microsoft PointsMicrosoft Points are a digital currency issued by Microsoft for use on its Xbox and Zune product lines. Points could be used to purchase video games and downloadable content.
Microsoft WalletWindows Phone 8 introduces the Wallet to collect coupons, credit cards, memberships, loyalty cards in one place, manage the payment instruments used in the app and music store, link items in the Wallet to apps on phone and make contactless transactions.
Mikemusa mkesh Remittancemkesh, is a prepaid account associated with the consumer's mobile phone number. It may be loaded through and then used to transfer money.
Millenium BankWith near 2.5 million Customers and a market share of approximately 20%, Millennium bcp has been, since its incorporation, synonym of innovation, dynamism and financial strength. These values have been ingrained in the Bank's strategy as key differen
mimoneyMethod of payment for people who want to shop online but do not have a credit card or do not want to use it online.
Minibancomat Italy/ PagoBancomatContactless card for low-value high-frequency payments, issued by the national debit card scheme.
Mint Mobile Financial Information ServiceMint pulls all your financial accounts into one place: on the web or on your phone. Set a budget, track your goals and do more with your money, for free. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information into one place, so you can finally get t
MintChipMintChip is based on two technical propositions: the creation of secure integrated circuit chips to hold electronic value and a secure protocol that allows the transfer of value.
Mir Payment SystemMir is the national payment card for Russia and was first issued in December 2015 by NSPK (National System of Payment Cards), the operator of the Mir National Payment System.
Miroglio NFC TrialTapping To Spend Points At Outlet Stores. The three-month trial is designed to test a loyalty application for a clothing retailer in its outlet stores. Users earn points with purchases and reward vouchers get sent to their SIMs via text messaging.
Misys Mobile BankingMisys Mobile is a mobile banking solution that is provided to banks to manage customer interaction and alerts.
Mitek Mobile Photo Bill Pay(MPBP) and ImageNet Mobile Deposit (RDC)Mobile Photo Bill Pay (MPBP) is an image-based mobile banking application that offers consumers greater simplicity and choice in paying bills and enrolling a new payee. With MPBP, consumers with a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet simply take a pi
mKeshMozambican financial institution Carteira Movel has launched the country's first phone-banking service known as mKesh. It allows customers to send, deposit and receive money via their mobile phones and is expected to increase financial activity in th
MMIT M-Content and M-DiasporaM-Content is a virtual wallet that enables Nigerians to utilize a cash voucher that allows them to make purchases on social networking, gaming and communication websites. from PayPal (mobile built-in payments) is a mobile plug-in solution developed for merchants using shopping carts on their platforms.
MobangoMobango is a portal for digital content with over 3 million registered online members.
MobankMoBank is a mobile banking service, which allows users to pay for purchases, check balances. The user can register one debit or credit card (Maestro, MasterCard, Visa or Visa Debit) to the MoBank account. The user needs to install a free application
Mobi-dinar Tunisie Telecom Mobile BankingAllows users to transfer via their mobile phone funds from their e-Dinar Smart postal service bank account up to three TND 200 transactions per day.
Mobi.moneyRussian electronic payments system announced that the number of its users for its service exceeds 1 million, after tripling within the last two months. The reason for the growth was the offer of mobile remittance services for subscribers A
MobiBank mobile banking for Attijari Bank Tunisia using TrituxAn in-house solution for mobile banking that is currently used by Attijari Bank. Solution requires customers to be banked. Funds transferred to non-banked person can be withdrawn from ATM or POS. Bank gets all the revenue.
Mobibucks/ Mobi Payment SystemMOBIbucks is a free secure, virtual gift card account utilizing a mobile phone number as an account number.
MobiCart M-Commerce SolutionsMobiCart is a fully managed SaaS solution for web and mobile payment.
Mobicash BurundiMobicash mobile money banking product launched by BANCOBU and ONATEL in August 2012
Mobicash DjiboutiMobile money service in Djibouti started in December 2010.
Mobicash from AmwalMobiCash, is a service provided by Amwal to all of its banks, in which the bank can offer the service in turn to all of the bank customers who have ASIACELL or KOREK mobiles.
MobiCash Grameenphone (Earlier Billpay)Grameenphone launched a bill-payment service called BillPay in 2006. Over time, Grameenphone expanded its line of payment products with railway and cricket ticketing and lottery e-vouchers.
Mobicash India Pvt LtdMobicash India Pvt ltd was started in 2010. It provides mobile based payment services to any individual with any mobile handset and using any network, without any requirement of download app or sms.
Mobicash mobile banking from SBI Oxigen JVState Bank of India (SBI) has rolled out a mobile banking trial in March 2012 with Oxigen in New Delhi and Mumbai. This is dubbed 'Mobicash' and aims to target the unbanked segment of the market.
Mobicash MoroccoAlthough non-banks allowed, regulator has preferred bank account rather than Pooled e-money account
MobiCash South Africa- NSDTMobicash NSDT based mobile payments from a South African company.
Mobicom Mobile Financial ServicesMobicom, the largest mobile network operator in Mongolia, chose Gemalto as its technology partner to establish a PSP
MobiFinMobiFin is a Mobile based Service Distribution platform that enables service providers to diversify their business by provisioning core services such as airtime recharge, banking, MLM, agency banking, lottery, loyalty and rewards.
MobifloussMobiflouss is a mobile banking service provided by Tunisiana mobile operator along with La Poste Tunisienne. This is powered by the e-DINAR SMART card
MobikashMobiKash is an independent mobile commerce and payment ecosystem. MobiKash Afrika Limited is sponsored by Mobicom Africa Limited, the holding company with its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.
MobiKwikOne Mobikwik Systems Private Ltd is a Haryana based company that has launched the MobiKwik wallet in India. This allows consumers to pay for services and recharge from a stored value account.
Mobil OdemeMost Turkish banks have issued cards that can only be used for payments through the net. They do not have magstripe or chips and limits can be changed by customer online. Yapi Kredi Bankasi (Lead) together with Turkcell provide mobile payment service
Mobile Axept SMS P2PmobileAxept is a technological platform that allows user to pay with their credit cards using your mobile phone. Users can register their credit card (number, expiry date and CVC2 security code) and connect it to their MobileAxept account. Currently
Mobile Banking Phone PortugalMB Phone allows users to make online payments via WAP websites using their mobile phones. Clients have to choose the TeleMultibanco checkout option when paying for a product and only provide their mobile phone number as a form of identification, rath
Mobile BuyMobile phone payment solution linked to a user's credit card. The user can pay by dialling a toll-free number or by sending an SMS with a defined keyword along with a PIN.
Mobile Card CTBCVirtual credit card wallets and e-money issue.
Mobile ConnectMobile Connect is a secure universal log-in solution. Simply by matching the user to their mobile phone, Mobile Connect allows them to log-in to websites and applications quickly without the need to remember passwords and usernames.
Mobile Money by T-MobileMobile Money by T-Mobile is a combination of a smartphone money management application and a re-loadable T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card that claims to offer reduced fee or $0 cost services for registered T-Mobile wireless customers.
Mobile Money MalaysiaMobile Money focuses on innovative mobile centric payment systems under the supervision of Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia)
Mobile MoolaThis service is based on ZimSwitch and allows money transfer to anyone.
Mobile PaisaMobile Paisa is a mobile financial service launched in January 2014 in Pakistan by Warid Telecom and Bank Alfalah Limited.
Mobile Transactions MtzlMobile Transactions provide financial services and market information for the unbanked but income earning Zambians in a sustainable manner that promotes a competitive environment and an expanding range of services and allows banked institutions to tr
Mobile Wallet Citi IsraelCellcom Israel seeks to extend its service offering to financial service sector with an innovative service solution, called, "mobile wallet". This money-remittance solution is to work through Citibank's worldwide distribution channels. For this, Cell
Mobile Wallet Initiative AustriaThe Mobile Wallet Initiative Austria was launched in September 2013 in order to create an open, nationwide standard for contactless payment by mobile wallet in Austria.
Mobile Wallet Sdn BhdMobile Wallet services
MobileP@yMobileP@y is a new innovative service that allows you to make payments or purchases via your mobile phone. It is convenient, easy to use and secure. And it saves you time - no more queueing to pay or going all the way out just to make a simple paymen
MobileSMKmobileSMK Money transfer from PNG Post. You can send money to anyone with a Digicel mobile phone, however, if the recipient does not have a registered mobileSMK account they must go to their nearest Post Office or mobileSMK Agent and complete the mob
MobilfizetésWith the help of OTPdirect and Elsı Mobilfizetés Elszámolo Zrt. (EME Zrt.) consumers can pay for their parking, can buy motorbike and highway stickers and buy subscription to a journal directly from their bank account or from preloaded wallet. The pr
Mobilis Wallet with NFC Biometrics for RemittancesMobilis Wallet with NFC Biometrics for Remittances
MobilpengeMobilpenge is a mobile payment solution that can be used to buy mobile tickets for bus, train and metro journeys in the Copenhagen area through a joint initiative of the Danish banks and Nets.
Mobiltárca Szövetség (Hungarian Mobile Wallet)Cross-industry association formed in June 2011 with the aim of developing a technical and operational infrastructure for NFC services in Hungary.
Mobinil MobiCashBNP has preliminary approval for a mobile money transfer licence via local operator Mobinil. The licence will, for the first time in Egypt, allow a registered user to transfer money to another user via mobile phone. Aiming for mid-year launch, subjec
MobipawaThe first solution that was developed on EFMTS was an M-Banking solution which has been branded as MOBIPAWA. MOBIPAWA is operator independent and allows users to receive, save and transfer money as well as make payment and purchases for services and
MobiPay Namibia Mobile PaymentMobicash Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd, trading as MobiPay, is Namibia's first mobile payment solution, licensed and authorised by Bank of Namibia in terms of section 5 (4) of the Payment System Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 18 of 2003) to provide the
Mobipay Spain - CLOSED 2009Mobipay is a system that activates existing payment means (normal or virtual credit, debit or prepaid cards) and that allows to carry out a variety of transactions transforming the mobile phone. Mobipay can e.g. be used for purchases on the internet
Mobipay UkraineMobipay is a mobile payments service which manages card payments for a site or mobile app, to accept payments from around the world. It also offers a white label mobile wallet.
Mobitel Sri Lanka FSPay your Mobitel Bill or Reload your Mobitel SMART connection via a simple SMS. You can also pay the bills of your friends & family, anytime anywhere. HSBC launched a bill payment facility with Mobitel for HSBC credit cardholders to pay their Mobitel
MobitoMOBITO is a free service available to all mobile users across the Czech Republic regardless of who they bank with.
MoboMoney from CanvasMMoboMoney is a prepaid payment instrument from CanvasM Technologies.
MobuyleHeartland mobile-payment device for Android Network. It is for merchants and is called "Mobuyle". It works with any Android phone or tablet to handle customer card payments.
MocapayMocapay is an integrated mobile payment and marketing platform allowing: "any consumer to link, any payment account to any mobile handset to transact at any point of sale system." Mocapay users have to subscribe to Mocapay prior to being able to use
MoKash by MTNMoKash is a service that provides customers the ability to save and borrow using their phones.
Mokipay Mobile PocketMokipay Europe has partnered withmobile network operator Omnite to launch a multi-platform system called Mokipay mobile pocket.
MOLPoints and the MOL AccessPortalMOLPoints is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL AccessPortal Berhad.
MoMo Momo is a mobile wallet offered in partnership with Vinaphone. Unlike our traditional e-top service which is focused on the agents, this line of business is focused on the end user. Using the e-Wallet, agents were able to purchase airtime for top up
MondexThe Mondex Card was invented at National Westminster Bank (NatWest) in 1990 by Tim Jones and Graham Higgins. In December 1993, (NatWest) launched Mondex, then called a "smartcard" as a form of electronic cash based the technology they developed. The
Monem Mobile - Crédit AgricoleMonem Mobile is a solution for accepting payments using a smartphone as an electronic payment terminal (EPT).
Moneo Payment SolutionsMoneo, the leading e-wallet solution in France was acquired by BlackFin and transformed into a multi-service payment solution tailored to individual needs and deployed across a variety of channels including mobile phones.
Moneris PAYD Mobile Payment Processing Service MPOSCanada's largest credit and debit card processor, announced today the launch of PAYD offering Canadian small business owners-who have not historically accepted credit card payments-the ability to do so using their smartphone or tablet devices. there
Moneta Online Payments - SloveniaAll purchases are charged with the next-month bill or via your bank account
Moneta, T Cash and T Smart Pay201109: SKT First to develop NFC-Enabled USIM Card; 2010: Launched T Smart Pay targeted at retail stores in Korea. Smart Payment is an integrated payment solution, which works just like a mobile wallet by enabling membership/mileage point/coupon issu is a Russian Internet payment system, established in 2005. For our users we provide deposits and withdrawals (pay-outs) on merchant websites of numerous industries like airline and other transport e-tickets, e-tickets for various events (ci
Money On Mobile (MOM)Launched in June 2012 by My Mobile Payments Ltd, this is a mobile wallet that lets you carry all your credit/debit cards and bank accounts on your mobile phone.
Money.mail.ruFrom Group Ltd. a Russian investor in Facebook Inc. Group Ltd. offers Internet access services in Russia. The Company also operates social networking websites, instant messaging networks, an email service, and an online games company.
Money2Go (formerly Voicecash)VoiceCash offers a cross-border money share service which requires no financial license for Mobile Operators. They issue twin prepaid Master Cards to allow anyone anywhere to pay money onto the card and the other card holder can then access that mone
Moneybox AfricaA savings and payment system based on a scratch card and enabled by any mobile phone. Provides individuals a cash-like way to remotely save, spend, and transfer money. Anyone can open-up an account on the street, save money into the account, topup
MoneyGram Financial ServicesGlobal partnership of MoneyGram with Gemalto for Gemalto customer base of 450 mobile operator and 3,000 financial institutions to send international transfers from a mobile to any of MoneyGram's 284,000 locations and receive into mobile wallet.
MoneymailOpen electronic cash payment system, which provides the possibility of online-bank. Remote management tools in the system MoneyMail is a "Megawatt-Bank. Credit card transaction is carried out by Impexbank. A company Cyberplat "allows participants Mon
moneyMeCom2U has brought out a mobile wallet service called moneyMe, where monetary value can be saved against a mobile phone and used for payment and money transfer. This service was brought out by obtaining an e-money license.
MoneyMobileEmirates NBD partnered with Etisalat, Visa and Gemalto in March 2012 to introduce NFC payments in UAE.
Monitise Africa Mobile Financial ServicesMonitise and its partners in Nigeria are operating a mobile payments system in the country.
Monitise Asia InitiativesMonitise Asia Pacific was formed in April 2010 through a joint venture between Monitise Plc and First Eastern, a leading Hong Kong-based investment group, pioneering in the field of direct investments in China and across Asia Pacific.
Monitise Mobile Banking UKMonilink is UK's mobile banking network, providing banking customers with access to their financial information directly from their mobile handsets. With Monilink, customers can see their account balance in real time, view a mini statement detailing
Monitise USATechnology working in UK since 2007 taken to America. Partnership with Visa announced in 201105.
Monitise Visa InitiativesMonetise connects into the country bank ATM hub and offers services across all operators. Only a registered mobile phone linked to an account can be used to access account details, which are protected by the customer's personal PIN code. In order to
MooncoinMooncoin launched in February 2014 and faced a difficult time leading to a decision to dramatically reduce the number of coins being rewarded per block.
MopayMoPay, an independent mobile services provider for the banking, telecoms and technology industries, to enable diverse communities in South Africa to access mobile commerce services. The initial service provides real-time electricity pre-pay meter rec
More Magic International TopupMobile airtime topup
Movida Mobile PaymentMobile payment service. Currently has an agreement with HDFC that allows HDFC Bank customers to pay bills, top up prepaid airtime and buy tickets from their mobile phone and is designed to operate across all mobile networks using any Visa and non-Vis
MóvilCash (Movil Cash)MóvilCash is a mobile money service that allows customers to transfer money and pay bills using their mobile phones.
Movilway e-walletSpanish prepaid mobile top-up platform provider e-wallet service. Movilway SL offers a technology platform that enables electronic transactions of any kind through the use of a cell phone. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Madrid, Spain
MovistarMovistar service
Movistar RemesasThis is a mobile money service launched in December 2012 by MoneyGram and a Movistar Remesas. It allows Movistar mobile subscribers in Spain to use their mobiles to send money from Spain to MoneyGram locations around the world.
MowalyMowaly, targeted at the youth, is a mobile wallet using the mobile as a debit card powered by Standard Bank's MiMoney. Dematerialised cash can be stored and used as a vehicle for making payments. Mimoney consists of a voucher number delivered to the
Mozido Cloud Payment Network and Genius WalletMozido's mFS platform is provided to clients exclusively on a white-labeled basis
Mozilla WalletThe free software community is currently working on a new online wallet feature, Mozilla Wallet, that will be released on Firefox OS that aims to make paying for goods and services online easier, more streamlined and secure.
Mpamba - TNM Mobile Money
Mpass for Online PaymentOnline payments authorised by entering the mobile phone number and a PIN and verified via SMS. There are plans to extend the service to POS using NFC.
mPay - DubaiDubai Smart Government has designed this service with the aim of bringing more ease and convenience to users, particularly in situations where users have to make emergency payment of fines or fees for a continued service or charges to avoid a new fine.
mPay AIS ThailandmPAY is a mobile payment system that enables you to pay your bills, buy movie tickets, or on-line music and games. Payment can be made through M-Cash, Direct Debit, or Credit Card. In cooperation with 200 alliances including banks and shops, the 500
MPAY ECPOS EMVMPAY ECPOS EMV is a mobile acquiring (MPOS) solution offered by ManagePay Services Sdn Bhd.
Mpay GermanyMobile payment service for online purchases as an alternative to online payment services like PayPal or Firstgate's Click&Buy. The service is based on automatic withdrawals from bank accounts and SMS payments. The customer buys something online or vi
Mpay Wallet PolandMobile wallet application that can be accessed via USSDmessages. The user can fund his wallet via a bank transfer (no fees charged). At the point of sale of participating merchants, end users can pay via their MPay wallet dialing *145*Merchant_ID#. A
MpesoMpeso claims to be the first organization to launch a mobile solution focused on the market of unbanked users in Nicaragua.
Mpowa payments for the unbanked - PNG through mHITSmHITS mobile payments for the unbanked in PNG, in conjunction with DataNets Ltd.
Mruncit Portal and Mcash servicesMRuncit is a portal to promote Mobile Commerce services and supports Mcash, a virtual wallet only available on Mruncit, for use to purchase products and earn loyalty points.
mRupeemRupee is a service from MMPL that allows consumers to manage payment transactions on their mobile phone.
MTC Zain LebanonMTC Zain service
MTIXMobiPay has partnered with MMIT Nigeria for the launch of MTIX, a MobiPay service offering smart phone users in Kenya a way to pay for mobile content and initiate and receive cross border payments via their mobile phone number.
MTN Mobile MoneyMobile Money has been implemented in 12 countries. Nigeria is expected to introduce this utilising a partnership model. At 30 June 2011, there were 5.1 million registered mobile money subscribers, with Uganda and Ghana, each accounting for 37% of the mobilemoney.png
MTN online money transfer service MTNMMO.COMOnline money transfer service launched by MTN Group with MFS Africa in June 2012.
MTS UtibaTied up with Utiba for electronic top-ups and m -commerce services. The etop-up is aimed at prepaid users who can avail of flexible recharge denominations and avoid stock out situations. According to the release, Utiba's platform can also be used to
Mtxpress for remittance from UKWeb/mobile based remittance service from UK to Bangladesh. Launched by Mobile Union a UK based international remittance company,in association with Brac Bank of Bangladesh. It is co-branded "Brac Bank mtxpress". mtxpress focuses on P2P IMT via the we
Mukuru.comUK based online remittance company (Since May 2007). In April 2010 won South African approval for remittances from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Mukuru specialises in providing mobile and SMS remittance to various countries across Africa and South East A
Multi-Purpose Smart Card Project (MPSC) or MyKadMyKad is a multi-purpose smart card that may be used as an electronic purse (e-cash) and on public transport for Touch 'n Go.
Multibanco Domestic Payment SchemeMultibanco is an interbank network in Portugal owned and operated by Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços S.A. (SIBS).
Multiply Marketplace - Closed May 2013Multiply Marketplace is an e-commerce site in Indonesia and the Philippines. It initially discontinued the blog services to focus only on e-commerce, but announced this year that it will close in May 2013.
mVisa RwandaVisa launched a mobile service mVisa, to meet basic banking needs in Rwanda. The service is provided with technology from Fundamo.
Mvola Telma MadagascarFirst mobile money service in Madagascar. Enables transfer of money using Telma mobile. Open to all Telma's users.
mVoucherMarch 2011: Payment processor First Data Corporation announced a new prepaid product called mVoucher that allows merchants to offer their customers a payment method using mobile devices. The mVoucher programs delivers mobile coupons to customers via
mVoy Connect and Zaypay from MIGMain technologies: mVoy Connect platform and Zaypay International Micropayments.
Mxit MoolaMoola is Mxit's virtual currency that is currently available in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, UK, Indonesia and Lesotho.
My EZ-Link MobileMy EZ-Link Mobile
My Money Afghanistan (AWCC)My Money is the brand for mobile financial services provided by Afghan Wireless.
My Virgin Money Credit Cards from VirginVirgin Money was launched to give customers a better deal. They aim to offer a wide range of great value financial products that are easy to understand and sort out. As of 1 January 2012 Northern Rock has become part of Virgin Money. In 2010 Virgin
Myanmar Mobile MoneyMyanmar Mobile Money is a service through which customers can perform financial functions through a mobile phone without having to handle cash. It is a service enabling purchases of goods or services to be processed via mobile phone.
MyBank EBA pan European OBeP solutionA solution providing a simple and secure customer experience throughout Europe for online paying online purchases.
mycash from Idea CellularTelecom operator Idea Cellular in partnership with Axis Bank, has formally launched Idea MyCash, its financial inclusion platform offering banking facilities including money transfer on mobile. Under the arrangement, Idea retail outlets will act as C
MyClear Payment SystemsMyMobile is a mobile-to-mobile payment service that does not require smartphones or mobile applications, launched by MEPS (part of Bank Negara Malaysia) in March 2013.
myKyatmyKyat is a mobile money service in Myanmar. Consumers can send money to anyone using their mobile phone. They can pay bills and merchants, withdraw cash and get other services at myKyat agents.
MyMoney CameroonMyMoney is the term used to denote the electronic payment services offered by 2M. This prepaid payment system enables users to perform financial transactions with the use of the internet, a telephone or a smartcard. Mobile Money Cameroon SA (2M) is
MyntraMyntra claims to be India's largest online fashion shoppint portal.
MyPayMYPAY is a mobile money service launched in Myanmar. It provides Social Media payments and helps consumers pay via smartphone.
MyRapid CardMyRapid was introduced in Malaysia in 2012 for payment for transit, as an alternative to the Touch n' Go (TnG) card.
MyWalletMyWallet is an NFC-based mobile wallet service provided by Deutsche Telekom, based on MasterCard PayPass technology.
Mzansi AccountThe Mzansi account is an entry-level bank account, based on a magnetic stripe debit card platform, developed by the South African banking industry and launched collaboratively by the four largest commercial banks and state-owned Postbank in October 2004.
M_serviceConsidered to be biggest mcommerce service in Vietnam. Third party service based on an STK SIM application, M_Service is turning customer's mobile phone into multi-function E-wallet: Selling top-up for prepaid mobile/game subscribers, E-wallet for on
Nabil Bank InitiativesNabil Bank was the pioneer of Cards in Nepal and provides a number of new payment methods and alternate chanels.
NADRA National Cash RemittanceNADRA centres process inward remittance from abroad to facilitate overseas Pakistanis in disbursing foreign remittances/cash to their loved ones back home.
namecoinNamecoin is an open source decentralized key/value registration and transfer system based on Bitcoin technology (a decentralized cryptocurrency).
Nanaco e-moneynanaco is a prepaid and rechargeable contactless electronic money card used in 7 Eleven convenience stores in Japan.
NaNakupySIA and Czech bank ČSOB claim to have launched the first NFC mobile wallet for NFC payments in the Czech Republic. The new app, NaNákupy (literally “go shopping”) supports MasterCard and Visa and enables ČSOB's customers to make payments.
NaranjamoLaunched by Argentina's biggest credit-card issuer, Tarjeta Naranja (Orange Card). Mobile payments with electronic cash account associated with the Orange Card, a consumer finance card with a long history in the country. Lets subscribers make purchas
National Bank of Egypt FSThe National Bank of Egypt has launced a number of innovative financial services including electronic banking and electronic payment services.
National Central Switch (NCS)The National Central Swtich (NCS) operated by NIBSS aims to provide interconnectivity and interoperability in retail electronic payment system in Nigeria.
National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)/ More CardThe National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), branded as More Card (after the Indian national bird, the peacock) was launched in December 2011.
National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB)The NPSB facilitates interbank electronic payments originating from different channels: automated teller machines, point-of-sales machines, internet banking and mobile financial services.
National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSEMEP)domestic banking multi-issuing mass electronic payment system, in which all payments for goods and services, receiving cash and other transactions are carried out by means of smart cards
NationHela IMT ServiceNationHela Prepaid card for Kenyans to send money home.
NBA Banking (BBVA Compass)BBVA compass has launched an NBA-branded online account called NBA Banking, as part of a strategy to expand beyond the Sunbelt region, and also promote its new integrated online banking system.
NBAD Arrow ServiceSMS Mobile Banking. Luup has a successful partnership in place across the UAE with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). Recently a tie-up between NBAD and MoneyGram was added, enabling mobile phone international remittances to more than 200,000 loc
NCC Bank Financial ServicesNepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd has recently introduced Mobile Banking and other innovative financial services.
NEC Integrated Electronic Money SolutionNEC Corporation offers a prepaid electronic money (e-money) system that includes system servers, media (cards, smartphones, etc.) and payment terminals available both inside and outside of Japan.
NeosurfCustomer exchanges funds for a scratch card (of various amounts) which gives a code to pay on the internet
Nepal Bangladesh Bank financial servicesNepal Bangladesh (NB) Bank has introduced branchless banking services in Kushadevi of Kavre district, with an aim to provide standard banking services to people in rural areas who lack such services.
Nepal Bank Ltd (NBL) FSNepal Bank Ltd is the oldest bank and the second largest in Nepal. It has a range of digital banking initiatives.
Nepal Industrial & Commercial Bank FSNIC Bank offers consumers internet banking and SMS banking. Relatively it has a greater focus on remittances, being an agent or sub-agent for most of the leading money transfer companies.
Nepal SBI Mobile WalletNepal SBI Bank Limited is to shortly launch a premium stored value mobile wallet service for it's customers.
NetbankThe portal is based on Sevenval Mobile Platform and offers a simple interface plus online banking features for all web-enabled mobile devices. At, users can view their account turnover, transfer money, set up standing orders and much
Neteller Online PaymentsOnline movement of money. Free instant payments to merchants; Send money around the world. App and Net+ Prepaid and Virtual Prepaid card; Neteller online app to let you spend online anywhere Mastercard accepted. Net+ Prepaid Mastercard
NETS EFTPOSNETS EFTPOS in Singapore: is a pin-based system for debit cards.
NETS Singapore NFC ServicesSingTel Trial Enables OTA Reloads of NETS Purse. The six-month payment and couponing trial enabled subscribers to tap to pay with a contactless e-purse from bank-owned payment company Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore, or NETS. They could
NettcashNettcash was launched in Zimbabwe in February 2014 as a mobile money and mobile payment solution that works across all handsets and operators.
Network InternationalA principal member of both Visa International and MasterCard International for the UAE, Network International provides POS and Topup and other payment solutions in the Middle East.
New Zealand NFC Mobile Wallet TrialNew Zealand mobile wallet trial for NFC and Mcommerce.
Newham College College NFC TrialNewham College tested NFC by providing NFC phones to a few teachers, who used them to capture data from the ID cards of 120 students in place of roll call.
Nextel Chile Online Payment GatewayNextel service
Nextel MexicoNextel has not launched important services as of February 2013. Apart from mobile payments through fortumo, which works with all the operators in Mexico, there is no significant news yet.
NFC Trial Bankinter Madrid - ServiceBankinter enabled NFC payments using Samsung S5230 phones at about 10 restaurants and small storesin Madrid.
NFC Trial Dual-Interface SIMs for Fares - ServiceDual-Interface SIMs Enable Fare Payment in Chongqing. Unicom and Chongqing Yucheng Transportation Card, along with partners, introduced the "cqpass" to enable subscribers to put the Chongqing transit card onto mobile phones. Besides bus and other t
NFC Trial TFL OysterConsumers Take to 'Oyster Phone'. O2 led the six-month trial that included service-provider heavyweights Transport for London and Barclaycard. The trial enabled all 500 participants to pay fares on the London Underground, buses and trams using a pr
NFC Trial with Stadium TicketingKPN and the Roda JC football club provided fans access to the stadium using season passes stored on the handsets. They could also buy food at stands in the stadium using a stored value account.
NIBSS Instant Payments (NIP)NIBSS Instant Payments (NIP) is the online real-time, account number based credit transfer payment system supported in Nigeria by the NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc).
Nipper FIMPE platformFimpe has created a platform for mobile banking to serve any bank. Not so far attracted many providers. Fimpe is a trust formed by Mexican Banks in 2004 when there were tax incentives for electronic payments.
NMB Nepal FSNMB Bank Nepal offers a range of e-banking, mobile banking, e-payment and prepaid card services in the country.
NoChex Online Payment ServicesIndependent UK based online payment company, specialising in providing smaller online businesses with simple, accessible, easy to use, online payment services
Nokia MoneyNokia has so far, and a guaranteed 70% cut of the gross selling price to the developer.
Nokia SIM-Based Phillipines TrialNokia Modifies 6131 To Handle SIM-Based Payment for Trial
Nol CardNol card for Public Transport in Dubai. There are different types of cards; each has been designed for a specific type of public transport user. Nol Silver Card is an ideal starter card that has been designed for use by the occasional traveller.
Noor Islamic Bank FSNoor Islamic bank features •Instant mobile to mobile payments between Noor Islamic Bank clients through QR code (currently only available for iPhone), as well as ways to transfer money locally or internationally.
Nordea Bank ServicesNordea Bank has put a lot of focus on mobile banking and seen good uptake of their mobile app.
NovopaymentMiami-based prepaid card issuer and program manager NovoPayment has projected that the prepaid card market in Latin America will be worth over US$200bn in transactions by 2015. The company has expanded into Mexico to use mobile banking as an effectiv
NPCI Payment SystemsNational Payments Corp. of India (NPCI) operates a number of payment systems in India including NFS, IMPS, RuPay, ACH, AEPS and Cheque Truncation System.
NRB National Payment SystemIFC support to NRB for National Payment System
NTC IBS Online Bank PaymentNTC IBS Online Bank Payment launched in coordination with several banks within the country, to allow convenient payments from Nepal Telecom Internet Subscribers for timely renewal of corresponding services.
NTT DOCOMO and MasterCard NFC paymentsThrough joint collaboration between DOCOMO and MasterCard, DOCOMO customers will be able to make iD-brand payments at MasterCard PayPass merchant locations in 41 countries.
NumbrsNumbrs offers a single mobile banking app that a consumer can use to access all their different bank accounts.
NZ Mobile Operator MPNew Zealand's three mobile operators Vodafone, 2degrees and Telecom New Zealand are to form a joint venture with local payments provider Paymark that will enable users to make payments via their mobile phones.
O2 Czech RepublicCzech operator Telefonica O2 and the transport service provider from the Czech city Pilsen participate in an NFC mobile payments trial, running from March – December 2009. On top of being able to pay for transport rides, trial participants in Pilsen
O2 Financial Services UKO2 money was implemented as a prepaid card with controls on the mobile. Consumers loaded money onto the card, to use for money transfer and payments.
O2 Trial with banks and hypermarketO2 to Launch Trial with Two Banks, Hypermarket. The six-month trial will enable 400 O2 Czech Republic subscribers to tap their 2G Samsung NFC phones with a preinstalled O2 Wallet to pay at four hypermarkets in Prague and Pilsen. For purchases over
O2 UK fashion designer NFC TrialO2 organised a trial in UK where fashion designers trialled NFC to get buyer feedback
Oberthur Multi-Brand NFC WalletOberthur Technologies offers a Multi-brand NFC Payment Wallet that can integrate up to 10 banking card.
Obopay MoneysendObopay is a service that lets consumers and businesses purchase, pay, and transfer money through any mobile phone using Obopay's mobile application, text message, mobile Web, widget, or It lets people use their phones to send money to and
Octopus CardOctopus cards were first developed for use in Hong Kong for transport but have been extended for use in online payment.
OgoneOgone service
Oi Financial ServicesPaggo is a relatively simple mobile credit card SMS based payment service supported by a OTA downloadable SIM application. Oi Paggo is a unit of Brazil-based telecommunication firm Oi that provides mobile-payment service. May 2010: Extending to NFC
Oman EpurseThe ePurse solution allows both citizens and residents to store and load money in their National Identity and Resident Cards issued by the Royal Oman Police and use them as a mode of payment besides credit and debit cards. This not only helps governm
Omnibus GatewayOmnibus Gateway is a shared ATM and POS network and an independent association jointly established by BRAC Bank Ltd and IT consultants Ltd (Q-Cash).
One Bank Ltd BBONE Bank Limited will introduce branchless mobile banking in 156 unions in Rangamati, Khagrachhori and Rajshahi district as a pilot project to provide banking facilities to rural communities.
One Network Agent Command and Control CentreOne Network is an industry-focused organisation, recognised by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as agent manager, providing agent locations for mobile money operators across the country.
onebip Mobile Payment (neomobile)Onebip (Now part of Neomobile) is a leading global mobile payments provider for game publishers, social networks and other online media and digital companies.
OneCardOneCard is a prepaid card that can be used for online payment and topped up in a variety of ways and at outlets in the different countries.
OnePay/ OnePoint from MobilityOneMobilityOne provides technology to accept transactions via multiple channels either via mobile phones, Internet, electronic data capture terminals and banking channels such as Internet banking portals, automated teller machines (ATM) and mobile banking.
OneWallet from NetOneNetOne will be the first network to launch mobile financial services in Zimbabwe called One Wallet, answering to the call of many subscribers for a facility that will effect money transfer. The product is now at the tail end of testing. Money transfe
Ooredoo Mobile Money (formerly Qtel Mobile Money)Qtel Mobile Money is available to everyone regardless of their income, nationality or occupation. It is a new way to send money home, send money to friends and colleagues in Qatar, send Mobile Airtime to Friends and Family over the world, Top-up Hala
OP-mobile Mobile Banking from OP-PohjolaOP-mobile enables users to monitor their accounts, track prices of stocks of major Finnish corporations, search for nearest bank branches and Otto ATMs, and pay bills using the phone's camera that reads the barcode.
opentabsWith opentabs consumers can skip the line at a coffee place, restaurant or take away and pick up an order without lining up at the register.
Opera Payment Exchange (OPX)The Opera Payment Exchange will enable consumer payment transactions for more than 160 million Opera Mini users by acting as glue between content providers, publishers and mobile billing systems and digital payment gateways.
Opportunidades TransfersOportunidades is a government social assistance program in Mexico founded in 2002. It is a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program that is being moved to electronic transfer as per Ministry of Finance ruling.
Optimus Portugal Mobile PaymentsZong has connections with all 3 carriers in Portugal – tnm, Vodafone, and Optimus
Optus AustraliaZong offer mobile payments for Telstra, Optus, H3G, Virgin, and Vodafone.
Orange CashThe Orange cash service is a prepaid mobile payments service launched by Orange, in partnership with MasterCard. Users with NFC-based handsets make payments with prepaid wallets linked to their mobile phone to pay at point-of-sale locations.
Orange m-pesoMobile operator Orange and Banco Popular Dominicano launched the first prepaid mobile banking service in the Dominican Republic branded Orange m-peso in February 2014.
Orange mBank mobile banking Orange and mBank announced in March 2014 that they intend to create a mobile retail bank for smartphone and tablet users under the Orange brand in the second half of 2014.
Orange Money201111: Orange Money signed deal with Western Union for IMT; Orange money available in 8 african markets with 3m subscribers. 201201: Orange Money has 3m users; Orange Money is targeted at unbanked customers in eight countries across Africa and the
Orange NFC Trial with Bank ZachodniOrange Launches NFC Trial with Bank. About 500 customers of Bank Zachodni WBK and mobile operator Polkomtel will be able to make low-value purchases in three cities by tapping their Samsung NFC phones with a Visa payWave debit application stored in
Orange NFC TrialsOrange has completed Multiapplication Trials that enable users to tap their phones to make both low and higher-value payments at stores, enter parking garages and get data by tapping RFID tags.
Orange PolandOrange Money wallet service
Orange Polska/ mBank mobile bankingOrange Polska is to launch mobile money services for individual consumers and SMEs. This will include mobile payments, current accounts, loan, deposits and cards through a co-operation with mBank.
Orange Spain NFC Transit Ticketing TrialOrange Trials NFC Transit Ticketing in Malaga. Small trial tested fare collection on buses in the Andalucian city. Orange used a noncommercial version of a Sony Ericsson model that could run the application on the SIM card. It was believed to b
Orange specific Cityzi Payez NFCCityzi mobile contactless payments service was launched in May 2010 in the Côte d'Azur. Cityzi is a collaborative initiative of banks, retailers and mobile operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. The Cityzi service currently uses just one handse
Orascom Mobile WalletOrascom Mobile Financial Services
OrbitRemitOrbitRemit supports International Money Transfer through Payment Instructions received online.
OTPayMasterCard and OTP Bank Hungary announced OTPay in February 2014, as the first digital wallet in Europe to leverage the MasterPass API.
Ouroboros PencepayOuroboros Pencepay service. PencePay is a mobile payments service that enables you to accept mobile payments on your website or a blog with minimum of paperwork and technical effort. In fact, you can start selling in the same day after you signup. Al
Oxigen Wallet/ OxicashOxigen Wallet claims to offer a one stop shop for any payments consumers would like to make. This includes recharging mobile or DTH TV, paying electricity bills, buying movie tickets, rail, air or bus tickets, booking hotels and holidays and more.
Oxygen8 MoneyOxygen8 Money announced in November 2012 that they have been granted an Authorised e-Money Licence by the FSA. The licence makes Oxygen8 Money an approved issuer of electronic money.
P2P CashP2P Cash guarantees transfer of cash to any cellphone worldwide using a Secure Open Standard (SOS). The P2P Cash Secure Open Standard guarantees the transfer of cash between any two cellphones worldwide regardless of the carrier or communication netw
PacNet Worldwide Payments ProcessingServices for International payment processing needs of large blue-chip companies as well as small and medium sized businesses.
PagaPaga is a service offered by Pagatech. Paga, an innovative financial services company has been selected by Diamond Bank to deliver branchless financial services to their customers. Through the partnership Diamond Bank customers will be able to l
PageonceA wide variety of mobile banking options exist for AT&T users.
PagSeguro Peer-to-Peer NFCPagSeguro to launch P2P NFC service with Nokia in May 2012
Paii Mobile Money4T Mobile Payments joint venture with TDC, Telenor and Hi3G (3) have developed the Paii application for iOS and Android devices to enable users to shop online, transfer funds to other Paii users or pay via SMS without it showing up on their phone bill.
Pakistan Post Electronic Money Order (EMO)Pakistan Post has launched Electronic Money Order (EMO) Service for domestic money transfer in September 2012.
Parkmobile USA Citi Cashless Parking201109 Parkmobile customers in cities like Washington DC, Grand Rapids, Santa Cruz, Montclair and at MBTA and MTA will be able to use the New Mobile Payment Services Provided by Citi Smart parking is part of a broader Citi for Cities strategy that a
Pay Pointz/ Pay Point ServicesPay Point India has obtained RBI authorisation for pre-paid instruments under the brand Pay Pointz.
Pay-eCashPay-e Network says it has a universal cash in-cash out EFT solution that bridges the divide between digital payment channels and bricks-and-mortar payment systems.
Pay4me/ m.pay4me e-wallet and Pay@Bank Servicepay4me is a Pay4Me is an Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) service that enables companies and institutions to present bills to their customers in simplified and transparent manner and offers an e-wallet service.
Payair Mobile WalletA solution which handles the payment process with support for NFC and QR-codes
Paybox AustriaPaybox offers mobile parking (via SMS), ticketing for public transport (via WAP or SMS), online shoppin, tickets for (music events), mobile POS (e.g. vending machines, gas station), toll ticketing, remittance (money transfer). Austrian mobile operato
PaybycashPaybycash service
Paycash Card - Smart PaymentPaycash is a prepaid card which can be used for making online payments, sending money, paying bills, recharging a mobile and for other payments.
Paycash Tavrichesky BankBank partnered with mobile operator to offer payments, with limited agents. PayCash eWallet has 6.5m users - Kiosk and PayCash Mobile also available. Partnered with Western Union and MoneyGram ExpressPayment. It is not a bank account but an electroni
PayCash WalletConsumers can use PayCash with any Android or Apple smartphone, regardless of their bank or mobile network provider.
PayclickFamily to pay for online purchases; small value digital; Manage account funding; See every txn; Fund by visa/mastercard/bank acount. The new digital way to pay. Open a payclick account registering your details like name, address; Create pwd - to use
PayDollarPaydollar eCommerce service is an integrated payment transaction-processing service that allows your business of any size to securely accept credit card and debit payments anytime through eCommerce, mCommerce, mail order and call centre payment chann
PayeasePayease service
Payex AccountPayex Account service
Payez MobileTFrance is set for a nationwide commercial rollout of NFC services to begin in the spring of 2012
Payfair servicespayfair Mycard is the single card to access services across Europe and the world. Account can be opened at banks and stores shortly. With payfair@mobile anyone with a cell phone can conveniently send and receive remitted funds. Typically funds can
PayforitPayforit is the UK mobile micropayment scheme, created and supported by all of the UK mobile network operators (MNOs), enabling consumers to use their mobile phone account or prepaid balance to purchase content and services on the internet.
PayFort Online PaymentPayFort is an online payment gateway offering businesses, governments, SMEs, startups and institutions payment options for both banked and non-banked online shoppers.
PayGate Online GatewayPayGate, a South African based credit card payment gateway company, launched its range of products to a number of African banks.
PayGolPayGol offers micropayments via mobile phones and carrier partnerships around the world.
PaylevenThis Europe-based startup provides a hardware add-on for Apple and Android smartphones, for point-of-sale payment card capture.
PaylibIn September 2013, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and La Banque Postale joined forces to launch a PayPal-style online payment system called Paylib.
paymThe UK banking industry new mobile phone payments system will be launched later in 2014 called Paym (Pay Em) to make it easier for people to transfer money to other bank accounts using mobile phone apps.
PaymatePaymate mobile payments service
PaymenexPaymenex offers a range of electronic payment products and solutions designed for consumers & businesses around the world, offered through franchises.
Payment systems by Atos WorldlineAtos Worldline brings together Atos Origin expertise in high-tech transactional services and is active in Payment processing in Europe.
PaymentezFounded as a payment gateway for online games in Latin America solutions now include a variety of alternative payment methods, with a focus on financial inclusion.
Paymill applicationPaymill is a technical service provider in the field of electronic processing of cashless payments via credit card on the Internet.
PaymitPaymit app powered by SIX allows consumers to transfer money to friends and family across Switzerland using smartphones.
Paymo MobillcashBoku has announced its payments service for global consumers wishing to make online purchases of digital and virtual goods with their mobile phones. The company claims it is creating a new standard for the mobile, by bringing bank-grade mobile paymen
PayoneerPayoneer service
PayPak Domestic Payment SchemePayPak is a new domestic payment scheme in Pakistan from 1Link and competes in the domestic card market with other international payment schemes.
PayPalPayment across borders, from account or associated. Cannot do offline merchant payment and now with NFC on way may be too late.
PaypointCash network
PayQuikPayQuik is the e-payment platform and service from Paylink Global which offers e-payment services for utility companies, Telcos, Municipal Councils, Transport companies, Government agents and others.
Paysafecard/ my paysafecardAn electronic payment method for predominantly online shopping and is based on a pre-pay system. Exchanging cash for Electronic Money (for use online) is facilitated through paysafecard in many countries worldwide. In order to purchase a Paysafecard
PaysecurePaySecure is a convenient, secure and easy way to pay with PIN debit on the Internet. When you use your debit card at participating online merchants, the PaySecure graphical PIN-pad will appear at checkout for the secure entry of your PIN. Enter your
PaystarPayStar is a mobile payment platform that supports sending and receiving of money.
PayStore AppPayStore is a personal financial and payment environment offered through a mobile app. It is operated by LLC, Russia.
Payter Shutting Down Service Following Large TrialPayter Shutting Down Service Following Large Trial. The largest NFC trial in Europe based on number of handsets, privately held Payter BV had big plans for the technology in 2008 and 2009. It had hoped to roll out multiapplication NFC service to si
paythrupaythru is a specialist mobile payments provider that enables merchants to start to accept mobile payments. It claims to be available for a wide range of products and services.
Paytm One97 Payment ServicesPaytm is India's largest digital goods marketplace run by One97. Paytm Payments claim to integrate seamlessly into merchant's existing systems. It provides the flexibility to customize based on needs.
Paytm PaymentsPaytm is India's largest digital goods marketplace run by One97. Paytm Payments claim to integrate seamlessly into merchant's existing systems. It provides the flexibility to customize based on needs.
PaytooFirst universal mobile wallet that brings together telecom and mobile payment solutions while making use of a single balance. By using your current cell phone provider or our telecom service via Paytoo Mobile SIM card, you can make calls, transfer cr
Payvment- CLOSED 2013 Acquired by IntuitSince launch in 2011, Payvment claimed to be the number 1 social commerce platform on Facebook. It was acquired by Intuit in January 2013 and the platform was discontinued.
Payware MobileThis free application, when paired with the hardware, allows you to use your iPhone to easily accept credit card payments, just as Square does. hardware is clearly better designed for use with the actual iPhone, Square's method of using the headphone
PAYware Ocius PaaS - VerifonePAYware Ocius is a payments as a service (PaaS) offering that bundles hardware, software, gateway and professional services, encryption, estate management and value-adds to offer card acceptance to multi-channel merchants of all sizes.
PayWay Merchant Payment Gateway NepalPayWay is an online payment gateway service which allows people to pay and get paid online.
PayXpertInternational Payment Service Provider supplying PCI level-1 payment gateways and banking intermediation to low and high risk e-commerce merchants. The company helps merchants to open merchant accounts in its partner banks, and transfers payments fro
Payza Account and Online Payment ServiceSend money for free to family and friends around the world. With your Payza e-wallet, international payments are deposited directly into your account, instantly.
PayzoneCash network that facilitates topup of vouchers, prepaid cards and digital wallets at convenience stores and retail outlets. It provides mobile phone top-ups, bill-paying services and runs a network of ATM cash machines in UK and Ireland.
PCCW At AppMay 2011: PCCW mobile customers in Hong Kong will soon be able to top-up their mobile account directly and securely via a new app from their smartphone following a collaboration with Monitise, the leading enabler of Mobile Money solutions, and its lo
Peercoin (PPC)Peercoin is the first cryptocurrency based on an implementation of a combined proof-of-stake (PoS)/proof-of-work system (POW).
PeerTransferThis service aims to offer a secure, seamless, and easy-to-navigate system for students that enables them to pay in their home currency, and saves money when doing so.
PEO PayBank Pekao mobile payment wallet.
PeppercoinCryptographic system for processing micropayments. Core idea is to bill one randomly selected transaction a lump sum of money rather than bill each transaction a small amount. It uses "universal aggregation", which means that it aggregates transacti
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money is a financial service that claims to allow users to make instant payments and money transfers across the Internet, from balance stored in an account with them.
Permata Bank ServicesDigital banking services include PermataNet (Online banking), PermataMobile (Mobile Banking), PermataBank ATM (Cash services), PermataTel (Telephone Banking) and MobileCash (Cardless ATM).
Peso Padala from LBC
pesopay from AsiaPayPesoPay aims to promote the growth of e-Commerce in the Philippines by offering integrated payment solutions to meet the needs of the Philippines market.
Philippine National Bank FSPhilippine National Bank offers a range of innovative services including remittances.
PhilPaSS REMIT The PhilPaSS REMIT System is a system developed by the Information Technology Sub-Sector of BSP that will allow the use of PhilPaSS as a settlement arm for overseas Filipino (OF) remittances.
Phone Cash Mobile WalletNBE claims to be the first bank in Egypt and the Middle East to provide a unique mobile payments product branded "Phone cash", which works across multiple mobile networks and handsets.
PiDo (PayCom Nigeria)PiDo is a moble money service offered by PayCom Nigeria Ltd.
Ping Pay - Axis BankPing Pay is a multi-social payment app from Axis Bank that lets you send or ask for money and mobile recharge across Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS or e-mail.
Pingping Mobisud to Mobicash International Money TransferMobiSud, the MVNO for the Maghreban community in Belgium and PingPing, Belgacom's mobile payment platform have announced the launch of an international mobile money transfer service in collaboration with Maroc Telecom's MobiCash. Belgian MNO Belgacom
Pioneering NFC Transit Ticketing Project ExpandedPioneering NFC Transit Ticketing Project Expanded. Six-month trial allowed preregistered users to tap NFC tags encased in plastic "ConTag" disks at 59 transit stops and stations in the city of Frankfurt and the nearby airport. Tapping automatically
PlataMovil from MiPlataPlataMovil is a savings account to manage money through a cell phone and Platamóvil agents located close to customers.
Platimo SerbiaMobile network operator, Telenor, has introduced a new payment service called PlatiMo, which for the first time allows customers in Serbia to pay their bills and perform other financial services via their mobile phones directly from their bank accoun
PocitPocit is a cellphone payment stored value system with "Pocit Money", that allows individuals and merchants to make and receive payments, knowing only the other party's cellphone number. Customers use credit card, a bank account or Pocit Money to pay
PocketbookPocketbook is a personal finance app that connects to consumer banks to help them manage personal finances.
PocketMoni from eTranzact (previously M-Teller)PocketMoni is a mobile payment solution designed to allow users conduct financial transactions anytime, anywhere, from your phone.
PocketsPockets is provided by ICICI bank to customers of any bank to allow them to shop, recharge, send money and more.
POLi Australia Online PaymentA retail payment system for debit payments over the internet.
Ponselpay Mobile BankingJust by simple Text messages, individuals can receive loans and payments from customers, pay suppliers to their bank accounts in any bank, pay installments, bills and purchase airtime and eTickets, pay other PonselPay users even though they are using
PopmoneyCashEdge POPmoney is the first email and mobile P2P electronic payments service for FIs that allows bank customers to send an electronic payment directly from their online or mobile banking service, by simply using the recipient's email address, mobi
Portugal Telecom TMN WalletLarge Pilot has been started to test the TMN Wallet.
POS Malaysia Financial ServicesPOS Malaysia offers a variety of money transfer, bill payment and other financial services through an extensive network of 700 outlets, as well as through its online portal.
Posopay Botswana Post e-shopping portalPostal services provider Botswana Post launched an e-shopping portal dubbed Posopay to speed up the adoption of Internet-based services.
Postal Savings Bank of China Financial ServicesPostal Savings Bank of China is an important provider of remittance services in China and has recently launched microfinance, online banking and mobile banking promotions.
Postbank mTANPostbank has been providing the mTAN service to customers across Germany since August 2005, having pioneered this technique of mobile authorisation of online banking in Germany.
Poste ItalianeMoneyGram is bringing mobile money transfers to Italy. The company is partnering with Poste Italiane, an Italian postal service operator to allow the postal company's customers to transfer money globally from their mobile phones without having to go
PostemobilePosteMobile is the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Italy, with a software solution that allows customers of Italian bank BancoPosta to carry out payment transactions with their mobile phone. Both PosteMobile and BancoPosta are part of
PostFinance Mobile e-finance appsThe apps from PostFinance make it easy and convenient for you to manage your finances
Postfinance Sms BankingSwiss bank PostFinance offers a free SMS transfer service to its Postkonto customers. After registering, customers can use the service to transfer up to CHF 100 (approximately EUR 66) per day between Postkonto account holders. Besides remittances, cu
POWAPOS (formerly mPowa MPOS)This is meant to allow small businesses to be able to accept card payments using their mobile phones.
Pppay.comYou can send and receive payments from anyone with a valid email address and debit/credit card in British Pounds and Euro's or a bank account in these currencies with online banking facilities. is an online payment service that is available
PreCash FlipMoney Digital WalletPreCash announced that it's field-testing FlipMoney, a digital wallet app linked to a prepaid debit card.
Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) initiativesPrepaid Financial Services Ltd. (PFS) provides prepaid card solutions to consumers and businesses. FSA holds an ELMI (e-money) license since July 2012 and has launched new services in UK, France and elsewhere in Europe.
PrepaidatmPrePaidATM is the only ATM Card that is not tied to a bank account. You can use your card wherever debit cards are accepted and you can also receive funds at thousands of ATM machines worldwide.
Presto transit cardCard for paying bus and train fare in Canada - Consumers pay easily by tapping their plastic card on an electronic reader.
Prime Bank Digital BankingPrime Bank has launched Internet Banking under the brand "Altitude Internet Banking". This offers a number fo online banking services. It has also received permission to launch full mobile financial services in the country.
Prime Bank Nepal Financial ServicesPrime Bank offers SMS banking with only non-transactional services. There is more focus on E-Banking and Bill Payment, as well as Money transfer via Western Union. They offer an SCT Debit Card.
PrimecoinPrimecoin is is a peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency. With primecoin, new blocks are generated every minute claimed to result in smoother difficulty adjustments and faster transaction times.
PrivatBank Digital Banking and liqpayLiqPay is web-interface of PrivatBank with which card holders of VISA/ MasterCard from around the world can pay for goods and services on merchant websites and transfer money from card to card.
Prostir Payment SystemThe National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) launched the Ukrainian payment system Prostir with a view to support transport projects, cashless tickets, combined devices to pay in retail trade and other cashless payments.
ProtosharesProtoshares has created a new type of community that they call a DAC. DAC stands for distributed, autonomous and community. DACs are service-based entities. Funded by people, they generate profits for their backers from the services they provide.
Proxama PPS Mobile PaymentProxama PLC, the global mobile marketing, loyalty and payments company has partnered with PrePay Solutions (PPS), to provide mobile contactless payment solutions to the PPS customer base.
Proximus M-pay Sms-payProximus M-Pay is a mobile payment system in Belgium for buying digital products online - via mobile and internet. SMS-Pay is SMS ticketing for the public transport system De Lijn in Antwerp and Ghent. Payment is via the phone bill/prepaid account or
PSA mBSM/ Austria Card Wallet InitiativePSA mBSM (Mobile Business Service Manager) couples the Austrian debit card with the MNO infrastructure, usine SIM secure element and NFC as enabling technology for mobile payments.
Public Cash ServicesPublic Cash Services was the financial services brand for Public Mobile, offered in Canada in partnership with MasterCard. It offered prepaid cards and mobey transfers but the service closed down in December 2013.
PuncheyAll-in-one platform for small businesses to use to get paid more easily, more often. Allows for acceptance of credit cards on the go, at the counter or on the web.
Pyro Group mCommerce ServicesThe Pyro Group has RBI authorisation for pre-paid payment instruments. They also offer a range of mCommerce services.
Q-Cash Prepaid Card ServicesQ-Cash is an electronic prepaid card system that has a mobile payment option, approved by Bangladesh Bank in October 2009. It is a multiple bank, multiple channel platform, where Trust Bank acts as the settlement bank.
Qash ServicesQash Services is a mobile money service launched in Cote d'Ivoire by Mobile Banking in November 2013.
Qi CardThe Qi Card is an Iraqi debit card and is the national credit card of Iraq. It is pronounced as 'key', and it is the reversed form of iq, the code for Iraq.
QikQik Mobile Money from EartholeumEartholeum website was unavailable as of April 2013 and there is no information about the mobile money service called Qik Qik that it is said to have developed.
QIWI Instant PaymentsQiwi, quickly growing in popularity, combines the cash payment terminal function with an internet payment account. Consumers can use OSMP terminals to make electronic payments as well as reload an online Qiwi payment account with cash. Through Qiwi,
Qtel Oman Mobile MoneyQtel Oman Mobile Money service
Quick - Austria electronic purseQuick is the electronic purse in use in Austia and claims to be the simplest and most convenient way of paying without cash.
Quick Codes Mobile WalletQwick Codes are dynamic, one-time use tokens. Payment card information is replaced by a token that is accepted for payment.
Quick Pass Contactless Payment from China Union PayUnionPay has begun plans to deploy mobile payment and related services in about a dozen Chinese cities with local banks.
Quick Western Union Vodacom MMTWestern Union and Vodacom Tanzania have partnered to launch mobile money transfer service Quick. The service is designed to enable customers in Tanzania to receive money from abroad. This service allows friends and family members to visit one of more
Qwarta PadalaThe Cebu based Money transfer website launched its online remittance services in May 2013 to enable Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in different parts of the world to send money online to the Philippines.
QwikCilver PrepaidQwikCilver Solutions has been granted authorisation by the RBI to issue and operate semi-closed prepaid payment instruments.
Rabo SMS BetalenRabo SMS betalen is a wallet and subscription based mobile payment method. For using Rabo SMS betalen (SMS payment), a customer sends an SMS to a short code to the mobile phone number of the intended recipient of the money and the amount. After that
Rabobank Financial ServicesRabobank has become the first bank in Europe to introduce mobile banking and a mobile service in one with Rabo Mobiel. Rabobank/Rabo Mobiel also participates in NFC trails. NFC payments using mobile phones are tested at (among others) the fast food c
Rabobank Minitix walletMiniTix is an online wallet, conceived by the Rabobank in 2003, and built by Chess. Initially MiniTix was marketed by Rabobank as a payment method for micro-payments, an online wallet for consumers. MiniTix offers consumers and merchants a fast, reli
Raiffeisen Bank CardMobileCardMobile is a service for contactles payment via mobile phone. CardMobile combines VPAY by Visa with the low value payment plug-in from Cardis. RBI is first issuer of VPAY in Austria. Roll-out is planned for second quater of 2012.
Raiffeisen Bank Romania Prepaid CardRaiffeisen Bank and RevEurope are breaking new ground in Romania's emerging prepaid card market with the launch of the Raiffeisen Bank visa Prepaid Card, the only prepaid card to allow Romanians to send money domestically from their mobile phones and
Raiffeisen VPOSRaiffeisen Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) is a secure way for the merchants to receive card payments via their internet sites.
Rakuten EdyRakuten Edy is a prepaid form of money (e-money) that can be topped up easily, even at convenience stores.
Rapida SystemsE-wallet mainly developed for Russia
RapidremitPNB uses Earthport to facilitate transfers from Filipinos working in UK to relatives back home. Users in the U.K. can transfer funds by phone and over the Internet. Filipinos living in the U.K. must have a local bank account. Users pre-register with
RateSetterRateSetter is a P2P Lender in the UK authorised by the FCA. Launched in 2010, in Feb 2015 the company claimed to have lent £500m over 5 years.
RationalFX Online Money TransferRaionalFX offer foreign exhange services and convenient money transfers that may be initiated by phone or online.
RBC MobexAn RBC Mobex account is a stored value account that allows users to load funds from their bank account or from a credit card. Users can use it to send and receive money by mobile phone or via the internet and there are no minimum balances required. T
RBC WalletRoyal Bank of Canada is to launch an NFC Mobile Wallet in November 2012.
RBKMoneyRBKMoney service
RBS Digital BankingProvides a range of online money transfer options to suit how much is sent, where it is sent to and when it needs to get there.
Reach Money Transfers NetworkReach Money Transfers Network, a joint venture by Al Fardan Exchange, ITSC-Egypt, and SygmaTel introduced a new mobile money transfer platform under the brand name "REACH".
ReadyCash Mobile MoneyReadyCash is a secure mobile payment service designed to comply with the Central Bank of Nigeria regulatory framework on mobile payment services in Nigeria under the non-bank led model.
ReCashReCash will become the single-largest retail network of 'branches-and-tellers' for the unbanked consumer market
Recaudo Bogota SITP
Recurlya software as a service company that provides recurring billing management as an outsourced service
ReD Payment SolutionsReD is a world leader in fraud prevention and payment services. Their solutions are present at every stage of the payments value chain, supporting merchants and PSPs, issuers and acquirers, processors and switch networks in the fight against fraud.
Redeban Multicolor Mobile BankingCommercial launch of mobile banking services with all Colombian GSM operators and Colombia's largest banking network, Redeban Multicolor. This solution from Gemalto allows the mobile subscribers to perform secure transactions on the move and access
RedfácilRedFácil is leading airtime distributor in Chile providing various services for processing prepaid airtime top-up and card payments. RedFácil has an electronic airtime distribution relationship with all three GSM operators in Chile (Entel PCS, Telefo
ReliaCard Visa Prepaid Card from U.S. BankThe U.S. Bank ReliaCard is a Visa branded reloadable prepaid debit card.
remit2india - TimesOfMoneyRemit2India facilitates money transfers to India for Non-Resident Indians from around the world.
RemitlyRemitly is a remittance transfer platform for sending money from USA to the Philippines.
RemitoneRemitONE has recently launched its Mobile Remittance Module (MRM) which allows banks, MTOs, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to offer their customers mobile based money transfer services. An established pla
Remittance in a Box - Times of MoneyTimes of Money proprietary platform provides banks with a plug-and-play solution to power their online remittance service.
Renren DaiRenRen Dai is a Chinese online P2P lending mutual fund start-up that is part of RenRen Inc. Renren Inc operates a leading real-name social networking internet platform in China.
Retail Teller Machine (RTM) from KALKAL's RTM – a machine that provides all ATM transactions including cash-out and cash-in - but has no cash inside the machine.
RHB Now Financial ServicesRHB Bank Berhad offers a range of mobile banking, internet banking, remittance and payment services.
Ria Branded PINless Calling ProductUnlike traditional prepaid phone cards, with Ria PINless the prepaid account is automatically detected when calling from a registered telephone number, enabling customers to make international calls without the need to enter a PIN
RightcliqRightcliq is a browser add-on aimed to enhance and speed up your online shopping experience, by letting you auto-fill personal address and payment card information stored on its servers on merchant checkout forms. Create "Wishspace"; Keep track of al
RioCardThe RioCard is a smartcard system used in the transport system of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. There is a trial on to replace the existing card with an NFC-enabled mobile phone app.
RippleRipple is a cryptocurrency that was invented and developed by a group of programmers at Ripple Labs, Inc. A beta version was released in 2013 and made open source.
rixty (MOL)Rixty, a MOL Company, is the global leading cash-based alternative payment platform for online games, virtual goods, and digital content.
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) Financial ServicesRizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) offers various ways of sending money from key cities and countries abroad to the Philippines, under the brand name, RCBC TeleMoney.
ROAMpay, ROAMwallet and ROAMoffersTurns merchants' mobile devices into secure point of sale (POS) terminals and turns the mobile marketing channel into a mobile sales channel by enabling secure commerce in mobile apps and offers with ROAMwallet 1-Tap checkout.
Roshan M-paisaM-Paisa product reaches nationwide to facilitate access to financial services in remote areas of the country. With M-Paisa, users can transfer money with their mobile phones nationwide without opening bank accounts, buy airtime, disburse salaries and
RuRu Payment SystemDigital Wallet from VimpelCom, a major Russian mobile operator working under the Beeline brand, working with Alfa Bank.
Russia Post NFCRussian Post is working with MasterCard to develop a range of innovative financial services. To start with 2,000 of the 42,000 post offices will be equipped to accept PayPass contactless payments.
Rwandatel Mobile MoneyUPDATE 201201: License Revoked; 201003: Rwanda's mobile money transfer services are set for further expansion following Rwandatel's intention to offer the service to their clientele; Jan/09: Libyan-owned telco Rwandatel plans to introduce mobile bank
SABB Financial ServicesSABB offers a wide range of services designed to improve banking efficiency.
Safello AccountSafello is a European Union based bitcoin retailer.
Sage PaySage Pay service
Sahal ServiceSahal Service is a money transfer service launched in Somalia by Golis Telecom Somalia.
SAMA Payment SystemsSAMA, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia has launched a number of key payment systems including SARIE the RTGS, SADAD for bill payments and SPAN the switch for the ATM and POS networks.
Samba FSSamba has been first with many innovative services such as ATM, phone banking, SpeedCash remittance and various card services including Samba Alkhair Ladies Credit Card.
Samsung PaySamsung Pay is the mobile payments service to be launched by Samsung in the summer of 2015.
Samsung Wallet - Closed June 30, 2015Samsung Wallet is a one-stop digital destination for your tickets, membership cards and vouchers. Consumer wallets can be managed according to their interests and personal preferences.
Santander Financial ServicesSantander focussed on launching mobile banking services in UK, Mexico and elsewhere around the world in 2012. They already have a substantial base using their online banking services.
SAP mWallet (earlier Sybase 365)SAP offers a mobile wallet platform with key implementations in mBanking in Canada, Barbados, Mexico, Nepal, Qatar, Singapore, USA and mPayments in Albania, Austria, Canada, Germany, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore.
Saraf-mobileCompletely managed, customer ready operator-independent service offered to financial institutions. All that's required to make a transfer is the recipient's mobile phone number. Targeted at FIs. Financial transactions from your mobile phone, by using
SARIE Domestic TransferSARIE (the Saudi Arabian Riyal Interbank Express) is a service that operates within the Kingdom to allow consumers to transfer money between local banks.
SBI Freedom Mobile BankingMobile banking service
SBI MMT For UnbankedSBI has tied up with telcos Airtel and BSNL to launch a mobile money transfer service. These announcements have come close on the heels of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increasing the transaction limit for mobile transactions to Rs. 50,000. SBI's m
SCT-Network from SmartChoice Technologies (SCT)The company has deployed a first-of-its-kind initiative in Nepal creating an integrated shared services network (SCT-Network) for Automated Teller machines (ATMs) and Point-of-sale (POS) Terminals, managed through a national switch.
Seamless solutions for mobile payment and topupSEQR technology is a mobile phone payment and transaction service using QR codes on the front end to initiate traditional credit transfers that are cleared in the Swedish ACH
SEB FSSEB offers full services to private individuals in Sweden and the Baltics and offers a range of innovative digital banking services.
Secure vault paymentsSecure vault payments service
SEMOPS Secure Mobile Payment SystemSEMOPS is a whitelabel service provided to banks and mobile operators, and aims to be a general purpose electronic payment service.
ServiRedThe ServiRed Payments Network is a payments scheme in Spain. It is a 100% Spanish-owned limited liability Company.
Seylan eZ PayeZ Pay is an mCommerce service which allows for users to make a variety of financial transactions using their mobile phone instead of carrying cash or Credit Cards.
Shake n Save from NBDShake n' Save Account for the Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App is a way by which NBD is promoting savings. Small amounts of money can be instantly saved with a shake of the mobile device.
Shinginko Jibun Bank Mobile BankingShinginko (formerly known under the name of the pilot Jibun) offers banking services through three channels: mobile (through KDDI's au, NTT DoCoMo, and Softbank), internet, and phone (IVR/operator) banking. Users will be able to make payments to the
SIBS PaymentsMultibanco is an interbank network in Portugal owned and operated by Sociedade Interbancaria de Servicos S.A., or SIBS. It links the ATM networks of banks in Portugal.
SICAP Remittance and Pay4Me servicesAny mobile subscriber wishing to send money can directly proceed to a Cash Remittance ATM and make a cash deposit. Alternatively, a deposit can be made by charging a prepaid or postpaid account or by debiting an m-wallet using a variety of channels s
Siddhartha Bank Financial ServicesSidhhartha Bank provides conventional bank account users with online and mobile banking services and seeks to reach out to the unbanked through branchless banking services.
Simba CashInstant money transfer under Simba Forex Bureau; uses Simba Telecom large retail outlets - 17 shops so far; CICO? Works with MTN Uganda, Nokia Uganda (D565 p 251)
Simpass NFC add-on from WatchdataSimpass is an NFC add-on from Watchdata.
Simplify CommerceMasterCard Simplify Commerce is offered to merchants as a hosted payments service. With just a few lines of HTML it is claimed they can use Simplify's secure hosted payment form for their payments.
Simply Tap from Mobile Money NetworkSimply Tap is to let users order any item direct through handset, via app or text message entering a product code - in short shopping by text. The platform is the first product from Mobile Money Network, a joint venture between mobile payments firm M
simplysendBD - Payza, CasadaSimplysendBD is an online remittance verification portal which enables Payza account holders to remit money through at any time and instantly.
Sinar SipSinar Sip is a branchless banking service from Bank Sinar with AXIS and launched in Bali in November 2011, to be extended to other regions later.
Singapore Automated Clearing House (SACH) GiroSingapore Dollar cheque clearing and USD cheque clearing and interbank GIRO clearing services are provided by the Singapore Clearing House Association (SCHA).
Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)SEPA is a European Union (EU) integration initiative pursued by the EU institutions.
Single Postal Remittances System (SPRS)Single Postal Remittances System (SPRS)
Single-Click Checkout from Billing RevolutionBilling Revolution's Single-Click Checkout eliminates clicks from mobile transactions allowing you to convert more users to buyers and keep more money than other mobile alternatives. Single-Click Checkout is a global solution with the ability to pro
Singpost Visa CashomeThe SingPost Visa Money Transfer service is convenient, secure and inexpensive and enables money to be sent to Visa cardholders in nine countries in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United Kingdom
SingTel Mobile Financial Servicesmremit from SingTel, is Singapore's first mobile-to-mobile remittance service.
SiPay Italy from Buongiorno and CartaSiSiPay is a online payment e-wallet, open to everyone, also to those who do not have a CartaSi card. It allows consumers to make and receive payments in real time.
Sistem Kliring Kini Lebih Cepat (Si Kilat)Bank Indonesia increased clearing transfers to four times a day, resulting in a close-to-real-time fund transfer system known as Si Kilat standing for Sistem Kliring Kini Lebih Cepat.
Sistema 4BSistema 4B, S.A. is a means of payment system whose shareholders are Spanish banks. Its mission is to ensure the operability of the network in Spain
SIX Paynet E-billWith e-bill, you can receive, check and pay your bills directly in your e-banking system.
SizzlemoneySizzleMoney is a mobile stored value product that enables mobile (cellular telephone) money access, payments and sharing. SizzleMoneyTM employs an SMS-based mobile technology that works on any cell phone and on most cellular networks. The product pac
SK Telecom Flex-Antenna NFC TrialSK Telecom Holds Small Flex-Antenna NFC Trial. SK Telecom launched the small NFC trial using a bridge technology–a flexible antenna connected to a SIM overlay chip, enabling users to tap their Samsung Galaxy A Android smartphones on NFC tags embedd
SK Telecom Follows Infrared Payment With ContactlessSK Telecom Follows Infrared Payment With Contactless
Skrill digital wallet and 1-Tap mobile payment201201: Launch of Skrill 1-Tap new product connected to Skrill's digital wallet. Aims to provide merchants and customers with mobile payment capabilities to pay for goods in 'one tap' on any device, rather than having to re-enter login details or c
SkyCashSkyCash allows consumers to make transfers to any phone number, buy tickets for public transport, rail, theater tickets throughout the country, recharge mobile phones, pay for parking under the mobiParking and make cash withdrawals at Euronet ATMs.
Skye Mobile MoneySkye Mobile Money is a mobile application that serves as a digital wallet with e-money that can be used to make purchases and payments. PT Skye Sab Indonesia operates Skye Mobile Money through an e-money license from Bank Indonesia.
Skype Wallet - so far just an account for holding Skype creditSkype provides a way to topup the account using a variety of payment methods including Paypal, cards, Skrill and more. This differs from country to country.
SlimPaySlimPay is a pan-European payments service where customers don't need to create an account.
Smart DompetSMART Money is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a MasterCard powered card, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherev
Smart EPT - Crédit Agricole Smart EPT is a solution for accepting payments using a smartphone as an electronic payment terminal (EPT).
Smart m-POS from BusinesswiseBusinesswise S.A. offers various solutions including an MPOS product branded as Smart m-POS.
Smart M-wallet BangladeshSMART Money is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a MasterCard powered card, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherev
Smart Money from CBZ BankSmart Money is an innovative mobile banking application from CBZ Bank that offers a range of banking and payments services accessible via mobile phone.
Smart Money Mobile Financial ServicesSMART Money is a re-loadable payment card that may either be accessed through a Smart mobile phone or a MasterCard powered card, similar to a debit/cash card. Smart Money enables Smart subscribers to manage their money from their mobile phones wherev
Smart2payAlso a PSP offering alternative, non-reversible online payment methods (online bank transfer, wallets, vouchers)
SmartPay Jeiyin Payment ServiceThird party mobile payments. Mainly for topup.
SmartTrade AppThe SmartTrade App is a way for tradespeople to get paid in the UK through a mobile application that works on iPhones and Androids.
smile Digital Bankingsmile is part of The Co-operative Bank and when launched in 1999 was the UK's first full Internet Bank.
Sms BankingFormerly Aktel, now Robi. Limited - not discussed on web site. This is basically a mobile banking service for inquiry and topup. Aktel is a Bangladesh-based mobile operator and member of the Telekom Malaysia communications group
SmspaySMSpay, a third-party led service was launched in 2010 as a pilot and is in the process of signing partnerships with various merchants and operators in the country.
SnapcashSnapcash, created in partnership with Square, is a fast and easy way for Snapchatters to exchange money within the Chat feature.
SnapScanSnapScan is a smartphone app that lets you use your phone to pay for things in shops. It is provided by Standard Bank.
Sofinco (Formerly Finaref)Sofinco is a national card scheme operating in the Euro area.
sofortbanking / sofortüberweisung Online Paymentsofortbanking is the direct payment method of Payment Network AG. sofortbanking allows you to directly and automatically trigger a credit transfer during your online purchase with your online banking information. A transfer order is instantly confirm
Softbank Mobile JapanEstablished Mobile wallet
Softcard Mobile Wallet (Formerly ISIS)AT&T Mobile, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless JV for mobile payment that will allow consumers to make purchases at retail stores with just a wave of a mobile phone at the checkout counter.
Sonali Bank Digital Financial ServicesSonali Bank has full permission to start Mobile Financial Services in the country and these are expected shortly.
SongcoinPimovi launched an alternative currency designed for the music industry. They position it as a way for fans to tip individual songs or artists.
Southeast Bank FSSoutheast Bank has a strong presence in the remittances market. It has received permission to start full Mobile Financial Services.
Splash CashThird party led. Interesting & to be watched. Mobile payment, allows to send money. Clients using Zain, Africell and Comium networks can be registered on the Splash system. You do not need a bank account to register, and registration is free. The flo
SpreedlySpreedly claims to enable marketplaces and platforms to create a universal credit card token that works across a broad range of payment endpoints.
Sprint Touch Mobile WalletSprint's own mobile wallet Touch is likely to support both NFC and cloud-based applications. It aims to be an easy, secure way to buy physical and digital products using a Sprint phone.
SpyderLynk Snap-To-BuySnap-to-Buy claims to be the first integrated solution that combines social media, print media and mobile allowing consumers to complete a purchase from a single mobile based technology platform.
Square Payment ServicesMPOS: Square lets you accept credit cards quickly and easily, using what you already have in your pocket: your phone. When you want to know how much money you've made, you no longer have to wade through a complex maze of hidden costs and fees. Just s
St George Digital BankingSt.George has streamlined it's online banking and provided a mobile banking app for the iPhone.
St. Petersburg Metro to Trial Contactless-Mobile TicketingTravellers on the St. Petersburg Metro in Moscow were involved in a trial where they paid fares using their mobile phones. This trial utilised a a Mifare application on a SIM conntected to a flexible antenna.
Stanbic IBTC Mobile MoneyMobile Money from Stanbic IBTC Bank is a mobile payment account for the customer's convenience.
Standaard Digitale NotaThe Standard Digitale Nota is a Dutch initiative of ABN AMRO, Postbank and Rabobank for development of an standard for the presentation of electronic invoices in the banks internet banking
Standard Bank Mobile Financial ServicesStandard Bank is driving various services for the use of mobile in delivering financial services including its community banking project started in 2009, its NFC pilots and Mobile Money.
Standard Bank MobileMoney (Earlier MTN)MTN MobileMoney card has been rebranded to Standard Bank following purchase of the MTN Banking business in South Africa.
Standard Chartered BreezeThe Bank's first mobile banking application to view, move and manage finances anytime, anywhere. India's largest international bank, today announced the launch of an innovative mobile banking application in India, called Standard Chartered Breeze.
Standard Chartered Mobile BankingLaunched by Standard Chartered Bank, enables customers to use mobile to view account balances and previous transactions.
Starbucks Card Mobile Touch To PayThe Starbucks Card can hold value and you auto reload when it goes below minimum balance. Just enter your Starbucks Card number and your iPhone becomes your Starbucks Card. You can register your card, check your balance and track the Stars you earn t
StarHub SmartWalletStarhub launched a digital wallet NFC service SmartWallet in August 2012.
STCSTC's Viva will launch a mobile commerce solution in Kuwait the operator announced today, using a platform provided by Irish firm Macalla. The third mobile operator, which only launched services in December last year, will provide payment service
Steward Bank AllSave Bank AccountSteward Bank, a wholly owned entity of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, introduced its new Agent Banking model in November 2014.
Straight2Bank Mobile WalletStandard Chartered has introduced “Straight2Bank Mobile Wallet”, which is its new mobile payment service for corporate clients in Nigeria, in partnership with eTranzact International Plc.
StripeStripe makes it easier to start accepting payments on the web. Their proposition is: You don’t need a merchant account or gateway.
Suica IC CardSuica is a rechargeable contactless smart card used as a fare card on train lines in Japan. The card is also increasingly being accepted as a form of electronic money for purchases at stores and kiosks, especially within train stations.
SumUp Mobile Business Payments AcceptanceDongle and application for smartphones to allow acceptance of cards by small businesses.
Sun On Hand Mobile BankingSun National Bank with partner mFoundry has launched Sun on Hand Mobile Banking service. Plan to work with Fidelity Information Services (FIS) to extend mobile banking delivery to SNB customers without online access
Sunrise Nepal FSFinancial services include Sunrise M-Banking, Internet Banking, Suryodaya Remit and Sunrise Visa Debit Card.
SuperWalletThe SuperWallet product has been implemented by eLeader in Poland with the BZ WBK bank at the end of 2013. Since then it is being used by 250,000 bank clients. It is to be deployed by 1-2 more banks over 2014.
SureCashSureCash is a Mobile Financial Services (MFS) iniative from SureCash Pte Ltd, a mobile banking and payment operator in Bangladesh which integrates multiple banks into one platform.
suretap walletThe suretap wallet is an innovative application from Rogers that enables customers to store payment cards and complete everyday point of sale transactions using their mobile device.
Swedbank Bart mobile paymentsBart is a mobile payment service that was launched by Swedbank. It allowed consumers to pay with their mobile phones at the Hemköp, Willys, Willys hemma, Tempo and Prisxtra.
Swedbank Digital BankingSwedbank offers online and mobile services as important channels for banking and payments.
Swiff Mobile Payment PlatformMobile payment platform Swiff allows merchants to accept credit card payments on their mobile devices.
SWIFTRemitSWIFTRemit is designed to support financial institutions' needs for low-value, cross-border person-to-person payments - otherwise known as remittances. More than 200 million migrants initiate between 1 and 1.5 billion remittances each year, and indus
SwippSwipp is a project between nearly all Danish banks and it allows its users to transfer as much as 1500 DKK (approximately 200 EUR) a day, purely by use of smartphones.
Swish Mobile PaymentsReal-time credit transfers between bank accounts initiated via mobile phones. The service will use the BIR real-time settlement and be available on a 24/7 basis.
Swiss Consortium and Visa Europe Mobile payWave - Internal TrialBanks Test Mobile payWave Among Employees, The three-month internal trial had employees of Credit Suisse, Swisscard and SIX Multipay tapping their Nokia mobile phones preloaded with Visa payWave applications to pay for meals at staff restaurants an
SwitchlessSwitchless enables financial institutions to bring Bitcoin to their customers.
SynovusSynovus customers will have the ability to check account balances, transfer funds and view and pay bills from one seamless platform via cell phones or other mobile devices. Initially, Synovus will offer the mobile banking service to a subset of its c
T-cash from TelkomselMobile wallet allowing customers to make retail payments. Expected to abandon this for a bank account-based application. Has remittance license from BI but does not offer P2P. Even if MNO holds remittance license, cannot leverage distribution network
T-Mobile NFC Trials with SWP-Enabled PhonesT-Mobile NFC Trials.
T-MoneyMobile T-money is an IC chip which works with cell phones serviced by SK Telecom and KTF. This chip can be used as a USIM chip
Tag Pay201110: Tagattitude launches "NFC 2.0". universal and easy-to-use technology that enables contactless mobile transactions across any network using any smartphone. This purely software-based alternative to classic Near Field Communication (NFC) allows
Taiwan Mobile BankingIn view of the growing prevalence of smart phones on the island Chinatrust Bank, Cathay United Bank, Taishin Bank and E. Sun Bank have announced plans to roll out mobile banking services. These are to be largely on the two platforms of iPhone and Goo
Takatak MoneyTakatak money is the new brand under which Fino will operate Nokia Money.
TangazaMoney transfer system which allows transactions across Safaricom, Yu, Orange and Zain. In future, Tangaza will allow dealers to convert into agent bankers once all statutory obligations are met for individual banks and after the Central Bank of Kenya
Tap n Pay - Alpha Bank and VodafoneAlpha Bank and Vodafone, in partnership with Visa Europe and First Data launched Tap n Pay in February 2014, claimed to be the first mobile phone application for contactless payments in the Greek market.
Tap-izzy Mobile Payment from TelkomselUses a SIM card equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, allowing people to tap their phones on devices available at cashiers when making payments.
Tape a l'oeil Retailer Contactless TrialTape à l'oeil in France offers a variety of online and in-store payment methods, and in 2009 did an early rollout of passive contactless stickers.
Target REDcardTD offers credit to qualified guests through Target-branded credit cards: the Target Credit Card and the Target Visa Credit Card. They also offer a branded proprietary Target Debit Card. Collectively, they refer to these products as REDcards.
Tata MchekMay 2010 Grantee of MMU Fund. TATA has initially launched MChek service only for mobile bill payments and prepaid mobile recharge but expected to support more services as Airtel does. Airtel lauched a year before in 2008. its a service that uses ei
Tcho Tcho Mobile from Digicel HaitiDigicel in Haiti has launched its TchoTcho Mobile service with Scotiabak. Offers consumers cash in, cash out and P2P transfer services as well as mobile airtime purchases. Expanding to include system payment functionality, and developing interfaces
TD Bank Online servicesTD Bank launched TD Mobile Payment in May 2014, claiming it to be the first within Canada to be supported across all three major mobile operators.
Telcel Financial ServicesTelcel has partnered with the large banks to provide mobile banking services to account holders, usually in high end segments. Dec 2 2009: Telcel teamed with Banamex, a unit of US Citigroup, for SMS-based mobile banking service. To avail this service
Telcell EmoneyTelcell received Central Bank permission for issue of E-money in February 2016.
Telcell Financial ServicesTelcell has received Central Bank permission for issue of E-money in February 2016 and plans to issue e-money from Q2 2016
Telco and Bank Beat Rivals to Launch Country's First NFC TrialTelco and Bank Beat Rivals to Launch Country's First NFC Trial. The four-month trial launched by mobile telco PTC and Internet bank Inteligo enables 100 customers and employees to tap their Samsung S5230 NFC phones to pay for retail purchases of up
Telco and Bank Launch Cobranded StickerTelco and Bank Launch Cobranded Sticker. Telco PTC and Polbank EFG expand their cobranded payment card offer with a passive contactless sticker, which the parties launched near the end of 2009. Customers can attach the sticker to most phones or oth
Telco Issues Contactless SIMs for e-Money and Other ServicesTelco Issues Contactless SIMs for e-Money and Other Services. True launched its "Touch SIM" as a trial in 2008, and later ordered 100,000 contactless SIMs, of which it had issued about 30,000 as of November 2009. The SIMs, supplied by smart card ve
Telco to Offer Passive Stickers - Land of the Wallet PhoneTelco to Offer Passive Stickers in Land of the Wallet Phone. Softbank, Japan's No. 3 mobile operator, plans to introduce passive stickers supporting any of three of Japan's prepaid payment schemes for use with Apple's iPhone 4. The iPhone is one th
Telecash from TelecelTelecash is the mobile money service launched by Telecel Zimbabwe.
Telecom Italia (TIM) payments servicesTIM And Transit Agency To Expand Trial in Milan. Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, ATM, Milan's bus and metro operator, along with TIM, held a small NFC trial late last year enabling riders to pay fares with their phone. The planned trial early in 2010 w
Telecomm Pagos Moviles SantiagoTelecomm pilot to test the potential adoption of mobile banking, rural mobile telephony and the viability of low-cost access points to connect a remote Mexican community in Santiago to its service network.
Telefonica mWalletIn February 2012 SAP (earlier Sybase365) was chosen by Telefonica to provide a mobile wallet that will be introduced in 26 countries in Europe and Latin America starting ealy 2012.
Telefonica NFC pilot in SpainTelefonica launched an employee pilot in Spain with 3 banks, La Caixa, BBVA and Bankinter. This allowed Telefonica employees to choose a debit or credit card account from one of the partner banks and use it through the NFC phone.
Telefonica O2 Mifare-Based TrialTelefonica O2 Tests Mifare-Based Transit. The first phase, which began in April 2009, enabled users to pay for bus tickets by tapping either of two Nokia NFC models. They could also view balance and transaction history using a Java application on t
TelemoneyTeleMoney is an electronic payment system that allows consumers to pay for goods and services online or at supported merchants.
Telenor Mobile Financial Services including easypaisaTelenor Group is one of the world's major mobile operators with 128 million mobile subscriptions. Telenor has mobile operations in 11 markets and in additionally 20 markets through 31.67 per cent ownership in VimpelCom Ltd. Telenor has brought out
Telepin Cayman Transaction Platform for Mobile MoneyTelepin supports mobile money implementations using it's Cayman Transaction Platform. It works with operators worldwide, with over 132 million subscribers and over a million merchants.
Teletik Safepay WalletTeletik Safepay claims to be a unique and completely safe way to pay, specifically designed for internet transactions
Telia Mobile Wallet SwedenTelia Mobile Wallet is based on Accumulates Mobile Everywhere mobile security platform. Using a standard mobile the service covers all types of payments: Point of Sales (POS), online, person-to-person money transfer and purchases at vending machin
TeliaSonera MobiPayMobiPay is a new and a flexible form of payment enabling you to make payment transactions from your e-wallet with the help of your mobile phone. You can pay for your bills, pay at merchant locations, pay for your loans, top up your mobile phone airti
TellCard MobileVisa Europe, Credito Valtellinese, and Key Client Cards & Solutions launched the first mobile payments trial in Europe using TELLCARD - Credito Valtellinese's contactless V PAY debit product.
TelrTelr is a Singapore based service that aims to be a payment gateway for the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It combines payment, logistics and debt financing. The need addressed is to offer a platform that makes it easy to transact in local currencies.
TelstraTelstra, NAB and Visa have trialed Australia's first cashless mobile payment service - allowing customers to pay for goods and services with a wave of their mobile phone.
Telstra and NAB Pay-Buy Mobile 3-month TrialTelstra and NAB Hold Pay-Buy Mobile Trial
Tencent Payment ServicesTencent a popular social networking site in China introduced Q-coin as a way for memebers of the platform to pay for virtual goods and services offered by Tencent.
Tesco Financial ServicesTesco, the second largest retailer in the UK, has a number of financial services, with specialist mobile and banking support.
Text2Pay Tap2Pay Mobile PaymentsText2Pay takes the pain out of online purchases. With no credit card and no signup forms necessary, Text2Pay customers can quickly, safely and easily pay for virtual goods and currency using their mobile phone.
The Advantage CardPrepaid card by Standard Chartered Bank Uganda for use at Total Uganda Ltd fuel stations was withdrawn from market
The Currency CloudThe Currency Cloud claims to be a cost-effective, transparent end-to-end Foreign Currency (FX) Payments Automation Service.
The WocketThe Wocket, anticipated to be coming to market in the first quarter of 2014, is a new biometrically secure device designed to replace the traditional wallet and the number of cards consumers carry.
ThewayipayJack Henry & Associates is entering the person-to-person payments fray with an offering from its latest acquisition, iPay Technologies. TheWayiPay service is a standalone version of the P2P solution that the iPay Technologies division now has in plac
Three Telcos Test Mobile Ticketing - LisbonA mobile ticketing pilot was conducted in Lisbon for payment for transit. This involved all the major mobile operators in the country.
Tigo Cash/ Tigo PesaNew mobile financial services product that allows you to use your mobile phone as a mobile account
TIM Cellcom IsraelTrivnet wallet services launched for Cellcom Israel
TIM Multibank Caixa
Timepey Mobile AccountAskari Bank has an array of Alternate Delivery Channels that lets the customer bank 24/7 and is trialling branchless banking.
Tinkoff Credit Systems FSTinkoff Credit Systems (TCS) is one of the first online banking systems in Russia.
Tinyview virtual shopping mallTinyview is a startup from Raj Lalwani that is a smartphone user interface that aggregates m-commerce sites. It is a mobile site and iPhone app that features 50 retailers under one mobile roof.
TIO WalletTIO MobilePay fulfills the need for on-the-go Americans to make fast and easy bill payments to all of the service providers right from their smartphone with any debit or credit card.
TippingCircle Social WalletInovaCode is a payments startup that offers TippingCircle, a software service that enables people around the globe to send and receive personal payments with their social connections.
Tokopedia MarketplaceTokopedia has launched a marketplace to offer a secure way for buyers and sellers to interact. It holds the payments made by buyers until the buyer receives the item.
Tonal BitcoinTonal Bitcoin is a representation of the Bitcoin network aimed toward providing a use-case for adoption of Bitcoin to people who prefer the Tonal number system.
TorFX Money TransferTorFX is a provider of foreign exchange services, offering currency exchange rates for international money transfersto private individuals and companies with a foreign currency exchange requirement.
TOT Just Pay WalletTOT Just Pay is a mobile payment innovation that consists of a Wallet, mPOS and CRM services.
Touch 'n Go MalaysiaMaxis and CIMB Bank Malaysia started an NFC transit payments service Touch 'n Go in July 2012.
TpagoMobile Payments Service Provider GSC Systems has launched tPago which means "I Pay You". The smaller countries benefit from less onerous and complex regulatory environments and can more easily form alliances, sometimes as a result of natural crises
TPayMobile on-device paymentTPAYmobile is an advanced solution for software license management and on-device payment for mobile software applications and content. It gives you a seamless integration of digital rights management, and on-device payment, which makes the content pu
TrangloMain service is international airtime transfer. goReload for international mobile reload. goTransfer: global airtime hub connecting to 25 operators worldwide, supporting different currencies. goRemit is remittance hub.
Transfer AvalTransfer Aval is a mobile money service launched in Colombia by Claro.
Transfer from Banamex and America MovilCitigroup has entered into a joint venture with telecommunications provider, America Movil to provide Latin Americans with mobile banking services. The alliance, named Transfer, involves an investment of over $50 million.
TransferTo International Top-UpThe Transfer To service enables customers to send small amounts of value to their home country directly into the prepaid airtime account of friends and family.
Transit Card Operator Trials Bridge TechnologyTransit Card Operator Trials Bridge Technology. The trial puts Taipei's popular EasyCard transit application on a SIM overlay chip connected to a flexible antenna. The film overlay makes contact with the user's SIM card chip to communicate with the
Transit Ticketing With EasyCard and Easy-Mo WalletTransit Ticketing With EasyCard. Trial enabled subscribers to load value via the mobile network to top up the transit-purse application stored on the SIM. They could then tap their phones to pay fares on Taipei's metro and buses, as well as parking
transpay Services
Transport for London (TFL) Uses NFC For Passenger InformationTransport for London held a trial with 19 smart posters at the Blackfriars transit hub. Passengers entered their final destinations into their phones and obtained information from the posters using their mobile phones.
Trevica Mobile Payments Collaboration - MasterCardMastercard partnered with three leading telecom providers in Germany - Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica Deutschland and Vodafone in February 2014 to create a new mobile payments platform reaching 85% of the German market.
TrialpayTrialPay claims to be the leader in transactional advertising. It works with leading companies across many industries, including software, social apps, retail and more, for offer base payments and Trial Commerce.
Trilogynuevatel / VivaTrilogy (branded NuevaTel / Viva) in Bolivia has a planned m-wallet with Utiba as vendor
True MoneyThailand's True Money is an example where core offering is bill payments for services provided by True Group. True Money consists of an e-wallet that can be loaded by cash card, bank account or credit card and a network of 8000 bill payment agents kn
Trust Bank Digital Financial ServicesTrust Bank has introduced Trust Mobile Banking service. Trust Mobile Money is a deposit prepaid account facilities for the Banked and unbanked citizens of Bangladesh.
TSYS NFC PaymentThe TSYS NFC payment solution enables real-time mobile account creation and mobile device ID, and supports EMV data generation to provision mobile devices with payment credentials.
Tu Cuentas BBVA Mobile BankingLets the bank's online banking customers see their account balances and transactions from different providers in one place, categorize their transactions, and benchmark themselves against their peers, and it makes personalized product offers.
Tu Dinero Movil (Your Wallet)Movistar, in alliance with MasterCard, announced the launch of “Your Mobile Money” (Tu Dinero Movil) in January 2015. Transfer Money WebshopOnline facility to topup mobiles in Kenya. Skrill Affiliated.
Tune BIG Prepaid CardBIG is a Malaysian loyalty programme from Tune Money that offers free flights on AirAsia.
Turkcell Cuzdan(Commercial Connect with 225 for trial) The Turkish mobile network operator's new Cep-T Cüzdan mobile wallet service lets subscribers make payments with an NFC phone or using SIM+antenna add-ons that enable transactions to be made with existing mobil
Turkey commercial NFC launch by Acea and Garanti BankIn February 2010 Avea and Garanti Bank became the first to launch a commercial NFC service in Turkey. This used a prepaid MasterCard PayPass service delivered via a Gemalto N-Flex solution.
Turkey Mobile BankingIn Turkey, some 2 million transactions(200902) most of them cash withdrawals from ATMs were made in 2008 using Turkcell's mobile service (Reuters: ). The mobile payment market in Turkey continues t
Turvalasku FinlandEscrow service that insures the DVP (delivery of goods versus payment) between the buyer and the seller.
TwitpayMethod to send money via Twitter using Paypal. Charities post — or "tweet" — a request for donations. To make a payment, the donor re-posts — or re-tweets — that message. Doing so authenticates a transfer of money from the donor's account to the nonp
U!Pay systemUccom and Idram jointly launched the U!Pay system in May 2015.The U!Pay system offers a range of payment and topup services.
UAE Banks Federation Mobile WalletThe UAE Banks Federation has unveiled the Mobile Wallet project that forms the main financial component of the Smart Government initiative. This is to provide a solution for those who live in the UAE as well as for visitors.
UAE Direct Debit System (UAEDDS)The Central Bank of UAE has decided to implement the Direct Debit System (UAEDDS) in the country effective of June 15, 2013 to improve the efficiency of the payment systems in the UAE.
UAPS Express PayExpress Pay Kiosks aim to providea modern, convenient and fast way to pay for the various types of services.
UBA Cellcom Liberia Mobile MoneyCellcom announced a partnership with UBA Bank in September 2011 , to bring MFS to the remotest parts of Liberia.
UBA Financial Services in NigeriaU-Direct is the upgraded internet banking solution of UBA Plc.
UBA Ghana Cardless ATM ServiceUBA Ghana has commenced Branchless Banking services including cardless ATM
UBB U-Code Online bankingU-code is an electronic device which generates passwords for single use for the purpose of enhancing security of access for Internet banking.
UBL New Financial ServicesUBL Omni is a new banking system that will enable a customer to open a new UBL account at "Dukaans" UBL retail locations across the country, as well as UBL branches. People with UBM Omni bank account have a few extra facilities but all can make utili
UBS Digital Banking servicesUBS offers a range of digital banking services and ways to make domestic payments in Switzerland. This includes UBS e-banking, UBS Multimat for bill payment via ATM, UBS easy, UBS standing order and Direct Debit LSV+.
Ucom MTUcom offers a money transfer service for consumers to transfer money from their mobile account to another Ucom subscriber’s number by sending an SMS to short code 122 or using their Ucom mobile app.
UCPB Financial ServicesUCPB in the Philippines offers a range of online banking and mobile phone banking services.
Ufone Rozgar Branchless BankingIn July 2012 Ufone acquired 100% shar of Rozgar Microfinance Bank and was awaiting SBP approval to roll out branchless banking across the country.
Ufone UpaymentsUfone launched this payments service with the support of HBL and Summit Bank. It allows consumers to make transactions directly over their Ufone mobiles.
UK Post Office PaymentsThe UK Post Office is to roll out contactless payment terminals across 30,000 counter positions in its national network of over 11,500 branches
Ukash - Merged into Skrill's paysafecardUkash is a prepaid voucher designed to enable you to use Cash to pay or send money on the internet.
Ulster Bank Digital BankingIn October 2013 Ulster Bank launched a smartphone mobile banking app that allows customers to perform a range of banking services including withdrawing cash from an ATM without a card.
UltimatepayThey provide a global payments solution through our UltimatePay product which enables users to make safe, convenient and friendly in-app purchases using over 85 global payment methods in 180 countries
Umeme TouchPay SolutionsEnergy bill payment via Mobile Money with instant update.
Unik online and mobile e-money payment gatewayUNIK is an online and mobile e-money payment gateway that allows users to shop online, pay bills, top up air time, buy game vouchers, and pay using an escrow service. Future products will be money remittance and withdrawal at our rapidly developing a
Union Mobile Pay Co. Ltd. (UMP) servicesUMPay was formed by CUP and China Mobile in 2003 in order to drive the CUP mobile payments. Initially this was offered via SMS across 21 provinces, with number of users in excess of 20 million at the end of 2010.
UnionBank e-WalletThe UnionBank E-Wallet is a Visa payment card and ATM card in one. It is issued to all UnionBank Premium Deposit, UnionBank Power Checking, UnionBank Regular Checking or UnionBank Savings (ATM Based) account holders.
United Commercial Bank MFSUnited Commercial Bank Ltd has received permission to start full Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh.
United India Insurance Mobile PaymentMobile payment facility launched by United India Insurance (UII), indicating intent to open more micro-offices and hire business correspondents in an attempt to gain access to every village in the country.
United Payments Interface (UPI)The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is an improved version of IMPS that allows payments to be initiated by the payer or payee using a mobile phone.
Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP)UATP is a travel payment platform, building custom payment solutions for airlines globally.
Universal Electronic Card Russia (UEC)The universal electronic card is supposed to serve as a combination electronic ID, driver's license, car insurance certificate, ATM card and migration document
Universidade De Sao Paulo BrazilCash can be recycled in bank agent networks through mobile accounts. Prepaid scheme.
UnocoinUnocoin is an Indian bitcoin exchange started in December 2013.
UOB Mobile Banking app with Cardless Cash WithdrawalsSingapore's first mobile banking application that enables cardless cash withdrawals. This Mobile Cash service is part of UOB's Mobile application, which can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store from 12 December 2011. UOB Mobile allows cus
Upaisa Mobile AccountUPaisa’s mobile account functions just like a normal bank account, however it has the added advantage that it can be used anytime anywhere.
UPASS CardUPASS is a prepaid Radio Frequency (RF) card used in public transport including bus, subway and taxi. It is a contactless card that can be recharged at bus stops through a manual charger, or at subway stations.
UPU .Post ServicesUPU has launched the .post technical platform in October 2012. This extends the physical postal network into cyberspace, enabling the community to offer trusted and secure postal e-services.
US Bank Financial ServicesUS Bank has a range of online banking, mobile banking, bill payment and other innovative financial services.
USAA Mobile BankingIn January 2015 USAA became the first in the U.S to use facial and voice recognition with its mobile-banking application. The app allows users to pay bills, make deposits and transfer money.
Utl M-senteM-sente is the mobile money transfer service from Uganda Telecom that enables subscribers to send, receive money and do financial transactions from mobile. Access to service is via USSD meaning it is network based as oppose to SIM based. Also, M-
Uzcard-ClickNationwide single processing center (NSPC) and CLICK launched UZCARD-CLICK for holders of all UZCARD online-cards of any bank of Uzbekistan to connect to UZCARD SMS notification using their mobile phone at any bank or self-service terminal.
Uzcard/ UzkartUzkart is an interbank payment system, a local system of payments based on microprocessor-based plastic cards.
Valyou Mobile WalletThe Valyou Mobile Wallet is a service delivered by by TSM Valyou, a venture between Telenor and DNB and powered by Toro.
Vantiv FSVantiv offers a range of digital payments, as the second largest merchant acquirer and the largest PIN debit acquirer in the US.
Vcash E-WalletVcash E-wallet is an electronic account where the account number is also your mobile number. Money in the e-wallet is called Vcash.
VCASH from VTNVirtual Terminal Network (VTN) is a hybrid Web/Mobile payment platform designed to aid the growth of ecommerce in Africa and first deployment is in Nigeria.
Ven digital currencyVen is a global digital currency traded in international financial markets and originally used by members of a social network service Hub Culture.
VenmoThree basic functions: Pay, Charge and Trust. Similar to Paypal, allows people to make cash transactions without the hassle of carrying cash. Does not involve mobile carriers. Does not charge fees to load on to account, send and receive money. Will c
Veolia Transport TreiZEN trial - MarseillesIn 2007 there was an eight-month trial in Marseilles that allowed consumers to buy tickets or monthly passes using their mobile phones. These passe were loaded on the phone and recognise by the payment terminals on Veolia buses.
Verifone SAIL MPOSThis is a way for merchants to accept payments by reading cards using their mobile phones - an MPOS solution from Verifone.
Verizon USAVerizon Wireless has hinted at cooperation with Vodafone on mobile payments, possibly for expatriate-oriented international remittances, or a service geared towards higher end users (Vodafone Watch 201004). Alltel merged into Verizon
VertcoinVertcoin is a cryptocurrency that launched in 2014. It claims to have an algorithm designed to resist the development of custom mining hardware, and multipool mining.
Verve CardInterswitch has introduced Verve Debit, Prepaid, MasterCard and My SmartCity Cards.
Vienna Train Tickets NFC Trial with Embedded ChipIn January 2009 Mobilkom held a trial in Austria to allow trialists to buy rail tickets and have them loaded onto a secure chip embedded in the phones. Conductors could check the tickets by tapping their NFC phones to those of the customers.
ViettelViettel service
Vingado Biometric PaymentBiometric authentication system that allows registered customers to pay by fingerprint in all stores linked up to the system.
Virtual dynamic e-Carte Bleue serviceOne time card number for paying online
Virtual Wallet by PNC Financial Services GroupBank offer of a Virtual Wallet to organise your finances, as it is made up of three accounts: for everyday spending and bills, short-term savings, and long-term growth.
Visa / BPCE MicroSD NFC trialVisa and the BPCE banking group held an NFC trial in Nice and Strasbourg for 500 users, who paid using microSD cards preloaded with a Visa payWave application.
Visa and ANZ Bank internal NFC trialVisa and ANZ Bank Launch Small Internal Trial of microSD Cards. Fifty employees of ANZ bank and the Visa Inc. Australia country office are conducting a one-month test of mobile payment using iPhones and microSD cards that carry a Visa payWave appli
Visa CheckoutVisa Checkout is the replacement for V.Me and is a convenient way to make payments online.
Visa Europe Mobile Financial ServicesVisa Europe developed and promoted mobile financial services, from their research and pilot studies aimed at determining consumer preferences.
Visa Europe/ Akbank contactless microSD TrialVisa and Akbank to Launch Trial of Contactless microSDs. Akbank customers will be able to insert the contactless microSDs into their BlackBerrys with appropriate slots to tap to pay at payWave terminals in Istanbul and beyond. The cards have tiny a
Visa Inc New Financial ServicesVisa's digital wallet is coming to the U.S. and Canada this fall with several more countries planned for 2012.
Visa Mobile MoneyVisa Inc. launched their new plug-and-play mobile money platform to offer bank-grade financial services with simplified transactions in February 2016, claimed to be more cost-efficient for financial institutions and mobile operators.
Visa MPOSVisa International Thailand has rolled out a Square-style mobile POS device in Thailand, which connects via a smartphone's headphone jack and allows merchants to process card transactions through a magstripe reader.
Visa payWaveVisa Wave is a form of contactless payment that removes the need to physically swipe the card into a reader.
Visa Peru and Telefonica m-payments serviceVisa has teamed with VisaNet Peru and Telefonica, with a global alliance with Neustar
Visa Digital is a digital wallet from Visa that allows consumers to pay online merchants with any debit or credit card using PC, smartphone or tablet.
Visa, Maxis NFC TrialsVisa and Maxis conducted the first payWave Trial in Malaysia, where Visa had first introduced Visa contactless cards.
Viva Bahrain International Credit TransferThis service launched in January 2012 allows VIVA Bahrain prepaid customers to transfer credit from their prepaid line to friends and family back home.
VivoMay 2010: Vivo to launch mobile wallet service with Brazilian credit card company Redecard and Spanish bank Santander in the third quarter of this year. Vivo has already established alliances with financial institutions. Vivo has launched a co-brande
Vivo PayPal Mobile PaymentsIn August 2012 PayPal and Vivo launched a mobile platform that eradicates the need for an internet connection to complete payments.
Vivotech and Payzy Bangkok NFC trialVivotech and Netherlands based Payzy conducted a closed loop payments trial in Bangkok where users could make payments using Payzy's contactless prepaid mobile wallet.
VocaLink Payments EnablersFunctionality required to enable banks to enhance existing mobile banking options and deliver a true real-time interbank account-to-account mobile payments service.
Vodacom DRCVodacom service
Vodacom LesothoVodacom service
Vodacom MozambiqueVodacom service
Vodafone mobile financial servicesVodafone mobile financial services include a variety of services for developed, emerging and developing countries.This includes M-PESA, a variety of mobile payment services and a mobile wallet for developed countries.
Vodafone WalletVodafone-branded proposition that will be offered to consumers across Vodafone's 398-million customer base in more than 30 countries across five continents, enabled by Visa's payment network, product suite and brand.
VoicePay voice authenticated payment from VoiceCommerceGroupAllows consumers to authorise financial transactions via a mobile phone using their unique biometric "Voice Signature". Consumers can open a VoicePay account in just a few minutes during which time the system calls back to ask to record their unique
Voila Comcel Haiti T-Cash2010: March 2009: MoreMagic solution for international recharge. DirekDirek: From hundreds of thousands of retail locations, using a phone, a POS terminal, or kiosk, or the web -, a person can send a gift of prepaid airtime to a
VOX Virtual Online Exchange from m-STARSVOX is a mobile micro-banking service that offers microlending services for the rural poor in Indonesia, utilising the mobile as the channel.
VpaymentsVPayments positions itself as the secure online payments gateway for Zimbabwe, signing up customers and merchants to facilitate online payments.
Wages Protection System (WPS)Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay wages to workers via banks, bureaux de change, and financial institutions approved and authorized to provide the service.
Wallet OneWallet 1 service
Walleto Online Payment GatewayWalleto offers an online payment gateway service and e-business solutions to websites, with real time credit card transaction validation.
walletXpresswalletXpress is offered by Siemens as a next generation recharging and mobile payment platform.
WallieWallie Card is now paysafecard
Walmart Financial ServicesFinancial products and services offered by Walmart include money orders, money transfers, credit card offerings, bill payment, and check cashing.
Wanda mobile walletWanda is a mobile payment service Launched in May 2012 in Argentina by Movistar and MasterCard.
WaneloWanelo is a social way for buying products on the web and mobile. It is a way for users to discover what they want in terms of trending items.
Waon CardThe AEon Credit Services Company issues the Waon Card as a form of prepaid e-money for retail payments.
Waon e-money from AeonWaon s a Japanese electronic money system introduced by Aeon from April 2007. It is a rechargeable contactless smart card and uses RFID technology developed by Sony known as FeliCa.
Warid Alfalah Branchless BankingThe Abu Dhabi Group (ADG) is to launch an independent mobile financial services company through a joint-venture of Bank Alfalah and Warid.
Warid MobicashWarid MobiCash solution offers an approach to mobile payment that overcomes the challenges of cashless payment by using multi-factor authentication mechanisms (NSDT, fingerprint, NFC and Voice biometric) technology. The resulting mobile payment platf
Warid Pesa UgandaWarid Pesa allows you to convert real money into electronic money (e-money) at any authorised Warid Pesa Outlet. You can then transfer this e-money to others, pay for goods and services as well as settle accounts. If you do not have a traditional
Waseela Microfinance Branchless BankingWaseela Microfinance Branchless Banking Trial launched in Pakistan
Watan CardThe Watan project is a cash disbursement program through a unique collaboration between the Government of Pakistan, UBL and Meda with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Watch2payWatch2pay was launched in July 2016 by MasterCard and JSC Halyk Bank as the first contactless watch payment solution in Georgia.
WavecrestThe Wave Crest eMoney platform provides configurable, integrated payment solutions that include applications for open and closed-loop prepaid cards and e-wallets, innovative loyalty and promotional programs, and the ability to execute programs.
Webcash from WOLWebcash is a Malaysian based online payment system and Webonline Dot Com Sdn Bhd is an authorized electronic money issuer.
WebmoneyWebMoney is an electronic money and online payment system (transactions are conducted through WebMoney Transfer). WM Transfer Ltd, the owner and administrator of WebMoney Transfer Online Payment System, was founded in 1998 and is a legal corporate en
WebMoney JapanWebMoney Japan can be used to pay at online stores in Japan. It is an online prepaid payment method.
Weibo Qianbao/ WeiboPay (formerly Sina Pay /Weibo Wallet)
Wells Fargo Online, Mobile and Text BankingSend & Receive Money is a new service that simplifies Wells Fargo customers' payments to other Wells Fargo and Bank of America customers through online and mobile banking using an email address or mobile phone number.
Wells Fargo payWave TrialWells Fargo conducted an internal payWave trial to test contactless payment, including payWave in the planned second phase. The employees could store and redeem mobile coupons and monitor credit and debit accounts.
Wema Financial ServicesWema Bank currently offers Wema Mobile for mobile banking.
Western Union Global Share platformThe Western Union Global Share platform launched in March 2013, enables the company to introduce new stored-value solutions in markets around the world by joining forces with local companies.
Western Union Money TransferWestern Union Money Transfer offers services to send and receive money, pay bills, transfer money direct to bank accounts, use prepaid cards and send money to mobile wallets.
Weve (formerly Oscar)Everything Everywhere, Telefonica UK and Vodafone UK today announce plans to create a standalone m-commerce joint venture (JV). The new entity, the first of its kind in the UK, will bring together the expertise and technology of the UK's leading mobi
WikiPay Payment NetworkWikiPay is a payment network that was built from the ground up, with the goal to be the most private and secure service. They claim to have a secure platform that allows anyone to send or receive money anytime, anywhere on any device.
WIND Mobile Money Transfer to Western Union agentsWIND Italy Mobile Money transfer from Italy to Western Union Agents worldwide.
Windows Phone 8 NFC Digital WalletThe Windows Phone 8 digital wallet feature keeps debit and credit cards, coupons, boarding passes and other important information. Coupled with a secure SIM from the carrier, it may be used for mobile payment in-store.
Wing MoneyWING is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) and launched Cambodia's first mobile phone payment service. The WING functionality allows customers to access their account from any mobile phone to send and rec
WIR currencyWIR money is an electronic money service first created in Switzerland in 1934 by Zimmermann and Enz to support community payments at a time when they were affected by currency shortage in the Great Depression.
Wirecard Internet Payment ServiceWirecard service
Wisepay Fully Hosted Payments for SchoolsWISeKey and eight members committed to bringing Mobile Banking to millions of people. WISeKey agreed to provide a platform to enable anyone with a mobile phone to make payments and transactions, and to develop or reinforce communities through communi
WizzitProvides unbanked and underbanked target market with convenient access to banking and transactional services. Unlike traditional bank offering to this segment which is an ATM card and savings account, WIZZIT provides full transactional capability; Mo
WongaWonga provides short term loans to customers in the UK, with new customers able to borrow up to £400 and existing customers £1000 depending on personal application limits (as of May 2015).
World First Foreign ExchangeUK-based provider of Foreign Exchange and FX provider
WorldpaySupports complex payment processing, risk management and reconciliation.
WorldRemit Online Money TransferWorldRemit is an online money transfer company supporting money send from 30 countries, including a number of European countries to 100 countries world-wide, and to send international airtime transfer as well.
WoW goldWorld of Warcraft (WoW) is the most popular multi-player role-playing game online. It has around 8 million gamers worldwide. Players can earn tokens and WoW gold for use online.
WyWallet Wallet from Swedish MNO JV 4T SverigeTelia, Tele2, Telenor and 3 have formed a equally owned joint company (4T) for mobile payment. Coming summer all Swedish mobile customers, with both subscription and prepaid, will be able to use the new company's payment services. Update 201201: To b
XalisXalis means money in various West-African languages. It consists of a mobile wallet software client leveraging the secure smart card chip component of an NFC handset. Consumers sign up by downloading the Xalis Mobile Wallet application into their NFC
Xapit Mobile Banking201201: Some allegations against this; Launched by Zanaco(Zambia National Commercial Bank), enables customers to transfer money, draw cash, buy airtime, pay bills from mobile. Has leveraged banks 48 branches across Zambia as agent network.
xapo Walletxapo is a Bitcoin based wallet that claims to offer a new way to bank. It offers a xapo account into which users can acquire bitcoin through wire transfer. They can transact directly from the Xapo platform using their mobile phones, a debit card and more.
Xendpay Money TransferXendpay is an online money transfer service owned and operated by a leading foreign exchange provider RationalFX and is authorised by the UK FSA as a payments Institution.
Xiaomi Mi PayXiaomi the Chinese mobile phone maker launched mobile payment service Mi Pay in China in September 2016.
XL TunaiXL Axiata, a leading mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia, has partnered with Tranglo to provide an innovative international airtime request service (gloRequest) to its prepaid subscribers. XL's prepaid customers can now request fixed amo
XoomXoom online money transfer. Supports send money to Philippines mobile wallets?
XPAY - UAE ExchangeXPAY is a virtual pre–paid account from the UAE Exchange India, through which consumers can load money and make payments via Internet or mobile.
Xpress MoneyGlobal instant money transfers Cash-to-Cash via agent network.
Xsolla Mobile PaymentsGlobal In-Game Payment Optimization claiming to support 350+ Localized Payment Options In 85+Countries. Xsolla Mobile Payments claims to allow acceptance of payment from accounts of the main mobile phone operators with 1 click.
Y-PayCash WalletYPAYCASH is a prepaid mobile wallet on the mobile phone in which consumers can load money and then use it to pay for a range of products and services.
YaapYaap is the brand for the digital services joint-venture between CaixaBank, Santander and Telefonica. Yaap Shopping and Yaap Money are to be launched this year.
Yandex.MoneyYandex.Money is from Yandex and is the leading online payment system in Russia. Yandex is the leading internet company in Russia, operating the most popular search engine and the most visited website. In 2010, they generated 64% of all search traffic
YAP financial servicesAccess to money with a YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card that claims to provide mobile payments, no activation charges, and no monthly service fees.
YapitalYapital is a cashless cross-channel payment solution. It is an online payment service from the Otto Group, a Germany based mail order company.
Yellow Pepper MoneyIn Feb 2010 Yellow Pepper Money Launch was announced. This is a mobile financial product for the unbanked created as part of a strategic alliance with Fundamo. YellowPepper provides mobile solutions, which enable monetary and informational transacti
Yes-wallet Limited launches Pouch, a smartphone mobile application, which is an electronic version of your physical wallet. As consumers you can download the Pouch App on to your smartphone for free and Pouch conveniently stores and manages your
Yobantel ServiceSocGen says the Yoban'tel service - which is based on technology from US outfit Obopay - is designed as a universal payment method open to the largest number of people possible, whether they have bank accounts or not. Any mobile phone can carry out
YocoYoco is an MPOS solution in South Africa that claims to make it easier for merchants to sell goods and services at the store or on the go.
Yoyo WalletYoyo is a marketing platform for modern retailers, powered by mobile payments.
Yucashyu a mobile network in Kenya in partnership with Obopayhas introduced a service for people and small businesses to transact using mobile. It aims to improve access to financial services through mobile banking and payments services. Announced in Feb
Zaad Based On M-pesaModelled on M-PESA, helped by Safaricom. Transfer cash, pay bills, receive dividends. Biggest operator in Somalia
Zaad Or ZadZAAD1 is a MOBILE MONEY service, allowing customers to use their money for transfers, purchases, payment of bills , and airtime recharge. ZAAD Service is designed to enable customers to do banking transaction without visiting a bank branch. Free Regi
ZainMe2U Zain Wallet is a complete banking account that is powered by MODE Bahrain, BMI Bank and Nonoo Exchange, all of whom are licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The Me2U Zain Wallet provides you with banking facilities directly from your Mobile